Dreams About Break-Up: An Interpretation of the Break-Up Dream

What Does the Break-Up Dream Mean?

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As long as people has been around, individuals have desired to know the meaning of their dreams.The Break-Up dream isn’t unique from many other forms of dreams.

Most individuals have the Break-Up dream and just want to understand just what it indicates.

Down below you’ll find the most popular interpretation of the Break-Up dream. Despite the fact that it is only 1 approach to translate this sort of dream, it might give you a great start to learning precisely why you could possibly be dreaming about Break-Up.

So without further ado, this is a regular Break-Up psychological significance:

To dream that you break up with your significant other, indicates that there is something in your life that you need to let go no matter how hard it may be.

To dream that you did not break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend, suggests that you are still in denial about the break-up. Your mind many not have accepted the notion that the relationship is over.

It’s important for you to remember you are not the only man or women who dreams about Break-Up. You will find some people just like you, so you just might find individuals via the internet who write about comparable dreams. This could be especially important in the event you dream about Break-Up regularly.

We invite you to talk about your personal Break-Up dream tale below inside the comments field. This will allow people to read situation of the dream and discover the way it relates to their dream about Break-Up.

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We hope this was an enlightening interpretation of your Break-Up Dream

25 Responses to “Dreams About Break-Up: An Interpretation of the Break-Up Dream”

  • cindy:

    i was walking with my boyfriend to the park. then, i told him i loved him. he told me he loved me soo much. so i asked him to print it in a newspaper headline. he started laughing and said that i wasnt the only one he loved. then i woke up. ** my boyfriend has issues with cheating and not being trustworthy. what does this dream mean? should i break up with him?

  • yoselin:

    i had a dream tat i was being operated and i told my mom i was scared and she said i didnt have to worry because she had a dream about me and i was an angel.

  • cloud:

    i was with my boy and everything was prefect then out of no where this girl walked up he left me and kissed her. i was hurt i told her to stop kissing my boy and she just smiled i tried to pull him aside and tell that it hurt seeing him kiss her when we were dateing but he wouldnt listen he left me starnded there with a baby to go eat with his mom and that girl. so i started crying and begged that gir; to give me and my baby a ride to get something to eat and i would find a ride home but she desided to go out of her way to take me home and she really was sweet but that was my boyfriend and she showed me all the text he sent her saying how much he loved her and stuff the he texted me he said “i admitt i love you about 130% and us being so perfect made me love you 150% but the first time i shook her hand i loved her 9087566545612000% then i woke up it really hurt and i didnt know what to do. i told him about it and he said he would never do that to me so i just dont know why i am so worried…..thanks bye 🙂

  • Jackie:

    I had a dream that my ex boyfriend and I were back together. We were walking in the park and he tod me i was the best thing that ever happened to him. We haven’t talked for about two weeks because he left me for another girl, what does this mean?

  • pilly:

    I had a dream that my boyfriend was only going out with me because he loved my friend and then we broke up and they both fell in love with each other, what can I do, is it a sign??

  • Rachel:

    I have a recurring dream that my ex boyfriend who left me for another woman many years ago, came back into my life and we became an item again, not for long until he leaves me for Another woman again. I’m currently in a new relationship, in which I am happy, but I dream of my ex coming back and leaving me again at least once a week, a d I dont understand why, I never see my ex, or hear from him, we don’t have any links with other friends in our life anymore, but I never seem to shake the feeling of hurt and pain in my life. I wake up and my whole body has been under tremendous stress all night. Anyone have any ideas to analyse this or how to help feel free. – thanks.

  • lady:

    I had a dream that I was back together with my bf but in real life were broken up and I doubt we’ll ever get back again :'( what does that mean ?

  • I had a dream that me & my ex were walking in the park & he kisssed me on the cheek. Then this girl walked by & he was staring at her. So I turned his head towards me then he said “you needa chill, or imma leave with her” in a jokeingly way. And I said “fuck you, do whatever you want”. & I threw his backpack at him & left. What does this mean?
    We don’t have connections AT ALL. I deleted him from Facebook also because I would always look at his pictures. But I’m over him.

  • len:

    I dream that me and my crush are together now.. Then we watch tv, start realizing that im not his priority ever. Then I broke up with.. then I ran away,, he follow me, say sorry to me.. and hug each other??

    Here’s my question.. Should i let him go?

  • My dream was about my boy friend wanting me to go some where ,like a party.I told him he can go by him self but I didn’t mean it ,and he continued to ask me. I thinks it was werid cause my boy friend can never go any where ,I can only to his house. Well I really want to know what that means.

    Thank youh -zandra

  • Aliza:

    i had a dream that me and my boyfriend were back together, he said we wouldn’t ever get back together after we broke up because we planned to take a break for the summer. He told me he didnt love me anymore and that we shouldnt get back together, so i took a nap today and i had a dream that we were together in this unknown room but i figured that it was my room and i was with him we were talking and hugging and i went to his house and his mom always seemed to be angry at me the whole time i was there and his dogs kept biting me and usually his mom likes me , and he only has one dog but he bites me too. But i was with him and right now im txting him telling him about this, i hope we get back together but i have no idea what this dream means

  • Maite:

    I have a dream that Im with this guy I like and he likes me two. The thing is that this guy isnt my bf yet, he’s trying to get out of another realtionship to be with me, and In my dream he is my bf and I see us together and happy and then I tell him I love him, and I ask if he loves me. He just starts to laugh wildly and tells me that he never loved me he was just trying to see if he could get me to fall for him. that he hates me and that im stupid, I just end up crying and he keeps laughing and he breaks up with me. I wake up Crying and I cant go back to sleep. What does that mean?

  • Cody:

    I’ve had 4 dreams of my girlfriend and I breaking up,now we haven’t hung out for four weeks and have been fighting


    I keep having this recurring dream that me and my ex fiance were back together. We broke up a year ago, but we were together for 3.5 years and were planning on getting married. Well in this dream we were back together and he loved me again, but I had a baby from my current fiance which in the dream we were split up. In real life I dont have any kids and im not pregnant. This dream is confusing me. I know Im not over my ex. But Im trying. Is this a sign saying I shouldnt be marrying my current boyfriend and get back together with my ex

  • brenda:

    I was at party then all of a sudden I was at work but my ex boyfriend was there also.. then I went to my room because I didnt want to see him n there he was laying in my bed, he wanted to stay with me. The weird thing is that my mom said that he can stay with me, but I told her no cause he was not my husband. She said “No, u have to stay with him because I already know how ur husband is acting”. After that i walked around n there was my everywhere I went.
    What does this mean? Can someone help me figure this out? I dont want to dream this anymore…

  • Isaac:

    Last night I had a dream that my boyfriend wanted to break up with me, but he was really sad, and then I started crying and he was just standing there, the weird thing is that I rarely cry, like at least 4 times a year ( not lying) and that same day I cried by watching a really sad video about a dad and her daughter I had the dream, I’m not very used to have dreams as well so when I have one I get very alarmed, however, I do have trust issues, is kind of difficult to trust him even though I know he is totally honest with me and that he loves me, but why did I dream of he breaking up with me!? Please reply ASAP.

    Thank you!

  • Marisol:

    I had a dream dat i was calling my boyfrends cell nd he had anather line on the fone nd i heard a girls voice so all i did was hang up at him coz he sounded all flirty and stil tlkn to meh ,den he trys calling back md i dnt bother to answer nd so dats wen i wake up ? Wat does it mean ??

  • mini:

    me and my ex was in this room we was with my family like if it was a road trip. he layed right next to me and started telling me how much he loved me and how much he wanted to be with me then layed back down and held me what could this me because we have not been together for going on 4 years now and i am with someone else that i have been with for going on 3 years now??

  • Lilmonkey042782:

    I know the feeling about these dreams I keep having them and it seems like they wont stop and I feel like there is somethen wrong with him but I dont want to contact him because if he wanted to be with me then he would be here….I talk to a friend that knows how he is and she tells me he is hating life….I want to tell him to come home but at the same time I cant do it to myself anymore………how do I get over him its been 2 1/2 mos and it still the same feeling as if he just left today I am going crazy and I am sooo depressed…..I cry all the time because I need him but I dont want to get hurt again…….If anyine can help me please do…

    Tanks alot

  • Belinda Singh:

    I had a I had a dream that I was going to my bf’s for the weekend and he lite up a fag (I hate my bf smoking)and he oonly smokes at party’s so anyway I say fuck it if your not gonna stop smoking I’m going home so he just agrees like he don’t care and I get to the bus stop and rinng him saying come meet me and he does and I say I don’t think its working out, and leave him… Then this girl appears who likes him and I tell her nicely to not ever mess him about then I beat her up..
    But these dreams are really getting to me now! What does this mean? 🙁

  • Cassidy:

    I had a dream my boyfriend cheated on me and I was hurt rlly bad cuz he has cheated on me in the pass and I’m just worryed it’s a sign that he is or is gonna do it again. I have been dreaming about this stuff a lot lately and Mabey it’s cuz he has done it befor or idk I’m not sure. What do u think?

  • Cameron:

    I broke up with my girlfriend in my dream, I felt I had to do more things in my life before I settled down with her. She went back to her ex boyfriend, which would never happen. I tried getting back with her in the exact same dream and she blew me off and was a bitch to me. I woke up and felt I lost her, I don’t realize what I have until it’s gone. This dream felt so real that I felt I really did lose her. What does this mean?

  • kirstin:

    i was at a hotel party with people i didnt know having fun none the less. next door was my ex boyfriend his current girlfriend and his bestfriend. the party decided to be as loud as possible to get them to come over so we screamed. they poped their heads out the window smiled and screamed back. next thing i know my ex bf is sitting next to me and asked for one last kiss, then pushed his lips out to kiss me but there was a piece of glass in front of his lips. i said not here lets go outside so we did and when we walked out there was my ex bf his current gf and his bestfriend sittin jus down the hall so there was two of my ex bf’s we turned the corner and started making out. then we wanted to smoke so we went looking for his best friend who always has weed, my ex disappeared and i found his bestfriend sitting next to my ex’s current gf some other girl i didnt know and his best friends gf. my ex’s current gf asked if i had butter i said yes upstairs and i asked his bestfriend for a pipe. as i was holding onto the pipe my hands were really slippery so the pipe kept sliding around in my hands. then i woke up. what does my dream mean?!

  • Dee:

    I have been dreaming that my former girlfriend broke up with me and I am deeply hurt in my dream that when I woke up, I am really crying. The big question is, why am I dreaming that she broke up with me though we were already separated for almost 2 years?

  • Girl:

    i dreamt that me and my ex met up and everything was as how it was when we were together,perfect. He’s at uni and it’s not likely we’ll be together again. What does this mean?