Dreams About Centipedes: An Interpretation of the Centipedes Dream

What Does the Centipedes Dream Mean?

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Since the starting of history, people have wished to comprehend the significance of their dreams.The Centipedes dream is not any different from other types of dreams.

A lot of people have the Centipedes dream and desire to know precisely just what exactly it means.

Beneath you will find the most popular interpretation belonging to the Centipedes dream. Even though this is just one method to translate this particular dream, it could offer you an excellent start to knowing the reason you might be dreaming about Centipedes.

So with out further ado, here is the normal Centipedes psychological significance:

To see a centipede in your dream, suggests that you are letting your fears and doubts hinder you from making progress and achieving your goals. You need to stop thinking negative thoughts.

It is vital for you to bear in mind you are not the only man or women who dreams about Centipedes. You will discover other people similar to you, and you may be able to discover people on the web who reveal similar dreams. This may be particularly significant for those who dream about Centipedes habitually.

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We hope this was an enlightening interpretation of your Centipedes Dream

14 Responses to “Dreams About Centipedes: An Interpretation of the Centipedes Dream”

  • Myrrh:

    I dreamed of a centipede that looks like it is trapped inside but the tail is still out and moving. Like a clear tube with a centipede inside. I have fears of centipede and in real life if ever i saw one i would rather leave or ask somebody to kill it but not me. In my dreams although I was afraid of the centipede I had the courage to pull the centipede from where it is trapped through its tail. And then I threw it away. I was halfway awake and I remember throwing it just somewhere near my pillow that is why when I woke up I instantly covered myself with a blanket because i was afraid it might crawl back to me. Can you please explain to me what it could mean?

  • T:

    i saw a 12 to 15ft centipede with a translucent body and a humanoid head crawling along the ground outside my grandmother’s old house. it was talking to itself and i could sense it felt absolutely unthreatened since it didn’t turn its head to either side. when it reached a wall it stopped. i felt that it was incredibly poisonous and evil and needed to be killed. i approached it with a long-handled fork that i had found and when i got level with where it’s head was, i stabbed it. lots of clear fluid came out, thicker than water but not much thicker and the centipede started screaming. i stabbed it a few more times in the head and then managed to separate the head and body with the fork. buckets of the fluid gushed out of it. and then i woke up. i had definitely NOT done any drugs or eaten any cheese before i went to sleep!

  • Michelle:

    I dreamt of a centipede but it was crawling all over the house i tried to flush it down the drain but even time i tried it just got bigger and bigger i was really stressing out and i woke from the dream feeling really odd

  • brittany:

    i cannot remember much but the part that i do remember is that there was a centipede in my room. when i saw it, i screamed for my mother. she came and tried to find it. i was freaking out so badly that my nose and ears had started to bleed.

  • Discovery12020:

    I had a dream where there was a centipede on the ground and someone tried to kill it under my chair and they asked me to hit it as they had a stick holding it from moving. I tried to hit it but i missed and it started to crawl up the wall. As it crawled up the wall it got larger and larger – it looked like it was about 3 feet tall and it was black. I started to hit it several times with my shoe; and as I hit it, it fell off the wall onto the floor. And little ball-like things came out of it each time I hit it. As I observed the little ball-like objects, I came to realize they were baby centipedes. I began hitting them with my shoes, but they kept multiplying…..and then I woke up. Please I’d appreciate any insight.

  • Kiara:

    I was lying in bed and my sister was sitting on the side of the bed on the floor. She was looking at my legs fun, as if she saw something. I said, “what is it”? She said, “Its a centipede”. And she was calm about it. I jumped up because I am terrified of spiders and bugs! Then, I went in the kitchen for something, and when I walked back in my room, I saw the longest centipede I ever saw in my life!

  • Jennifer Villarreal:

    Well, this dream was really weird I dreamed that my and my family were spring cleaning outside/garage..etc.. and someone said that there were alot of baby snakes of top of the garage, and i was freaked out, i have like snake phobia.. and so we were sweeping up alot of dead snakes live baby snakes, and then this HUGE snake look at like centipede falls out of the garage and starts chasing me and im trying to like sweep it away with the broom..lol and then some how we got it in the trashcan, and then i woke up, super shaken and scared..

  • Well long story short … there are two small house centipedes inside the freezer portion of a broken, powerless refrigerator. I feel compelled to kill them because I have a serious bug phobia. So using an empty paper towel roll, I attempt to squish them with it and miss. One of them slips out the side of the open fridge door and the other one attaches itself to the paper towel roll. I freak! Throw the thing behind me then turn to run away but I trip and end up landing on the paper towel roll, not knowing if the centipede is dead or not. I remember fearing it will bite me and then I wake up.

    I also have another dream where dozens of them are running across my girlfriend’s face while we sleep and I just feel so powerless to do anything about it. Then I wake up.

    I am a dark neo-pagan and have studied shaman beliefs and what the centipede can teach us. I think I already have these dreams figured out but I would like to have an outside opinion. PS. We do have a slight problem with house centipedes. We probably see them once every three months or so. Thanks.

  • Benny:

    I dreamed a centipede in my dad’s room while he was still asleep and i was sitting on the floor. Before i even had the chance to move away, was half way to squatting, the centipede rush at me at incredible speed. So i had no choice but to smash it with my butt and roll around with it for several time to confirm i kill it before it bites my butt…What does this really mean?

  • i dreamt of a bowl of centipedes in my house they tried to get away but i took insecticide and sprayed them… i think one got away

  • Blu:

    I always just dream of centipedes crawling on me. Than I wake up in fright thinking centipedes are crawling all over my bed & blankets.

  • Blu:

    Here in Hawaii centipedes represent jealousy so I’m assuming my dreams are perhaps because someone is jealous of me? I wouldn’t know why someone would be jealous of me though.

  • Nicole:

    Dreamt about a black scary looking centipede, I was at my friend’s house but this was at my old neighbourhood house when I was a kid and it was just crawling on over the walls. I was like freaked out in my dream and scared of it than for some reason I lived right across the road and I kept thinking I wanted to go home.

  • arielle:

    In my dream it was about a ball of centapedes in their home and I was explaining how their world was that ball. I then picked one up. It didn’t like that so I tore it off my finger. Then it went into an attack mode much like that of a snake raising its head. I moved out of the way and told me brother to move. Then all of a sudden the ball broke up and the rest of the centipedes moved away all in one direction, except for the one that was still in attack mode. Honestly that dream is kind of like what happened between me and my family. So for me my dream represents that.