Dreams About Cheating: An Interpretation of the Cheating Dream

What Does the Cheating Dream Mean?

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Since the start of life, humans have wanted to recognize the significance of their dreams.This dream is no different from other varieties of dreams.

A lot of us have the Cheating dream and just want to determine precisely what it means.

Down below you will see the most popular meaning for this Cheating dream. Whilst it is only one method to read this particular dream, it might ensure that you get a quality start to knowing for what reason you could be dreaming about Cheating.

Which means without further ado, this is a regular Cheating psychological significance:

To dream that you are cheating on your spouse, mate, fiancé, or significant other, suggests feelings of self-guilt and self-betrayal. You may have compromised your beliefs or integrity and/or wasting your energy and time on fruitless endeavors. Alternatively, it reflects the intensity of your sexual passion and exploring areas of your sexuality. It is actually a reaffirmation of your commitment. Furthermore, it is not uncommon for people approaching a wedding to have dreams about erotic experiences with partners other than their intended spouses. Most likely, such dreams represent the newness of your sexual passion. It may also signify anxieties of changing your identity – that of a spouse.

To dream that your mate, spouse, or significant other is cheating on you, indicates your fears of being abandoned. You may feel a lack of attention in the relationship. Alternatively, you may feel that you are not measuring up to the expectations of others. This notion may stem from issues of trust or self-esteem. The dream could also indicate that you are unconsciously picking up hints and cues that your significant other is not being completely truth or is not fully committed in the relationship.

To dream that you are cheating at a game, suggests that you are not being honest with yourself.

It is important that you can bear in mind that you’re not the only human being who dreams about Cheating. You will discover some people similar to you, so you might be able to locate individuals online who talk about the same dreams. This could be particularly important when you dream about Cheating regularly.

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20 Responses to “Dreams About Cheating: An Interpretation of the Cheating Dream”

  • Emma Hearron:

    I had a dream last night about a guy I met one time. I saw him at my old work place. That night I dreamt about this guy and he was so good looking. He looks nothing like my boyfriend. My boyfriend is dark hair, dark eyes and my dream man has blond hair with blue eyes. I feel kind of guilty about my dream but it was very exhilirating. And I felt so sexy!

  • rosie:

    I’ve been dreaming for the past few days that I’ve been getting caught cheating on my boyfriend and I’m wondering what does that mean.


    I had a dream that me n my husband sms our 10 month and one of my Friendster .When me amd my Friendster walk Put store my husband Is gone he esa at stop light n we call But How Is off and go walk to my mothers house and noe we at my mothers amd i der How car so I go outside and he kiss my other verga close friend n he told they Weren t doing anything amd I sal her amd She rellenos me geting some amd walks away and i fo arter her amd we start fighting.

    So should’ve believe my dream o should rey to understand It please tell me!!!!!!

  • Faith:

    i have had many dreams about my fiance cheating on me, i have some where he cheates on me with some of his ex girlfriends(who have in real life tried to ruin our realationship) i have had dreams where i find a buntch of text messages inhis phone from a lot of different girls with pictures and him saying he is going to meet up withthem etc. i have dreams where i catch him cheating on me with someone…i hate how i have all these dreams it sucks i hate it so bad because thenit gets me worried and thinking something could really be happening..i have been cheated on in all my past realationships so i know i do have a trust issue because of them, my fiance is far by the best looking man i have ever been with, but i do i trust him more than i trusted anybody, so i dont understand why i keep having these horrible dreams 🙁

  • Hmmm:

    The past few nights I’ve been dreaming about cheating on my boyfriend. The first few times in the dream I did it on accident, the next time I stopped myself, and the last time I had a dream like that I was fully aware that I was cheating on him and I didn’t care. I have to admit it was fun, but I’d never do that to my boyfriend! I love him very much and I would never cheat on anyone. What does this mean??

  • Jenny:

    I just had a dream of my boyfriend cheating on me in the room next door and when I caught him he didn’t care, and kept telling me he didn’t want to be with me anymore. I heat him and tried to talk some since into him but it didnt work, it was like the more i cried the more he wanted nothing to do with me. It still fills so real to me its unbelivable. I’m still devastated about the dream, that I’m still crying
    What does this mean? Can anyone help me?

  • Chase:

    I have been having a repeating dream of my girlfriend and I walking down the street and she stops and begins talking with another guy and then starts doing sexual things right infront of me.

    Please help. I need help finding out what is wrong…

  • koko:

    In my dream my daughters father was throwing my stuff out of my apartment and moving in one of his girlfriends it seemed as we were living together in the dream but we have not been together in over 6 years. In the dream im telling him he can just put me out and the girlfriend is looking confused and goes to run my daughter a bath. He is covering up my furniture so that it looks new for his girlfriend as she is running the bath I am getting more upset at this point I become more lucid I know it’s a dream but I can hear myself talking in my sleep I am cursing him out and telling her she is not his only girlfriend he has more and she is just stupid and she will never touch my daughter I am her only mother and after I have had my say out loud in my sleep I allow myself to wake up

  • Courtney:

    In my dream,I’m pregnant, and me and my boyfriend are fishing. We we’re at the lake for a very short time and then he tells me that he wants to go home. So we left. Then I noticed that he had started actin really weird and could barley look at me anymore. So I was watching him on the computer and a big oink heart I.M. box came up that said, “I miss you, baby” So I went off and found the girl, who was also pregnant and tried to run her over with a truck, then proceed to beat the two of them half to death. The dream ended with me alone in some type of attic screaming and crying, and going crazy… What does this mean?!

  • party hard::

    i dreamed that i was at a party talking to a chick and my girlfreind arived, when she caught the other female kissing me…. hmmmm

  • personal.:

    Hey. me and my boyfriend have been dating for 11 months. his name is jake. i do have trust issues with people i date, because of my pass. i have been dreaming that he is cheating on me, but hes cheating on me with his ex’s, or some random girls. recently i had a dream that i had sex, with my first love, but in that dream, i wasnt dating jake. what does this mean?

  • Anonymous:

    I moved in with my significant other 3 months ago, and I am positive he’s the one, but I keep having reoccurring dreams that he’s doing things with other women right in front of me like its no problem, and I get really upset, and then he gets mad at me and decides he hates me and I spend the entire dream trying to be with him and it just ruins my day when I wake up…Is there any way I can get rid of these dreams? I don’t want them to reflect on me when I’m awake, I don’t want to feel sad.

  • Jane:

    I Had A Dream Last Night That My Boyfriend Was Cheating On Me With This Really Uglee Gurl.. So Me And The Girl Was In Cheerleading Practice And Since I Was The Captin I Took Her Fone Away Because She Was Texting . About 5 Min. Later A Text Comes In . Not Tryingg To Be Sneaky I Read It Cause My Bf Name Came Up . The Text Said , “Babe You Know I Dont Want That Bitch Jane , I Love You” When I Read Dis I Ran Out Of Practice And Saw Him In The Hallway . I Kept Eye Contact With Him And Started Screaming And Crying. He Acted Like He Didnt Care At First But Then Started To Feel Guilty. And Thats When I Woke Up… Whatt Does This Mean.. ?

  • leianne byrne:

    I keep having the same dream that my partner is cheating on me an i no about it its reacuring an always seem to think about it although i think i trust him completly this dream is making me doubt myself an i dunno what to thinks its extremly vivid an feels so real…please give me an explanantion….

  • cat:

    i had a dream that i was sat at a table and my fella is sat on a sofa. This blonde woman came in and they started to flirt. They ghen started kisskng. I shouted to him, what you doing, then he just started laughing. I woke up at that point. Horrible

  • Briana:

    I keep having dreams about my husband cheating on me and leaving me for a female at work. Ive been having these dreams for a good two months. I want to know why i keep having these dreams about this same chick.

  • worried:

    I continue to have a similar dream that my sig. other is cheating w/ his female boss. This time I caght them kising and flipped out. It drives me crazy and I don’t understand why I continue to have these dreams about them. I have no reason to believe that something is really going on. She is married and I don’t feel is a threat, so why am I dreaming about this????

  • jj:

    i had a dream that my bf cheated on me with someone that i went to middle school with a long time ago.. and i keep thinking abt it now i dont know if he is cheating on me or not.. what does this mean?

  • Crystal:

    My guy proposed recently and ever since then i have had a countless number of dreams that he was cheating on me. We’ve had our arugments about it and now trust is starting to become major issue. To my knowledge he doesn’t do anything suspecious or secretive. We still do everything together. But, Emotionally, its starting to get the best of me. I really need to kno what this dream means before i end up losing love of my life.

  • Maddy Anon.:

    Last night I had a dream that I cheated on my boyfriend with 2 different guys.I feel so bad. I love him and I dreamnt about cheating?! Now it’s just making me question my relationship. Do I actually even love him like I say I do?… I honestly don’t even know anymore.