Dreams About Demons: An Interpretation of the Demons Dream

What Does the Demons Dream Mean?

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Since the begining of modern man, folks have wanted to comprehend the significance with their dreams.The Demons dream is no unique from other varieties of dreams.

Plenty of people have the Demons dream and desire to realize exactly what this means.

Beneath you will see the common meaning for this Demons dream. Despite the fact that this really is only one way to translate this specific dream, it should grant you a great start to understanding how come you could be dreaming about Demons.

Which means with no further ado, here’s more common Demons meaning:

To see demons in your dream, represents ignorance, negativity, distress or your shadow self. It also forewarns of overindulgence and letting lust give way to your better judgment. As a result, your physical and mental health may suffer.

To dream that you are possessed by demons, indicates ultimate helplessness.

It will be significant for you to remember you are not the only man or women who dreams about Demons. You will find others similar to you, so you might be able to find people using the web who reveal equivalent dreams. This can be particularly significant if you dream about Demons habitually.

We invite you to share your personal Demons dream account down the page inside the comments area. It will allow others to look over situation of your dream and see the way it pertain to their dream concerning Demons.

All you need to do is insert your first name or an anonymous name if you elect to and email in addition your memory below. Your individual contact data will not be posted unless you choose to share it inside your Demons dream story.

We hope this was an enlightening interpretation of your Demons Dream

20 Responses to “Dreams About Demons: An Interpretation of the Demons Dream”

  • Sage:

    I had a terrifying dream. I couldn’t even wake myself up. So please help me. In my dream I was sleeping. I was dreaming. Dreaming of my friend Ej taking something from someones grave. I don’t remember who the person was so I am just goin to make up a name. His name will be JASON. I opened my eyes and there Ej was exactly as I saw him in the dream. I screamed his name “Ej! Ej! Stop it what are you doing?! Ej!!!” he turned to me, grabbed an object from the grave and ran. I got out of bed and ran after him. I stopped him in the middle of the hallway. I looked at what he had in his hand and it looked like a little green head. Not a real one though. And it had a name for it but I dont remember so i will also make up a name for it; VLADEMIRE. I asked him why he took it. “They took Jasons from me, so I took Vlademire from them.” the celing was lined with hanging lights. As he said that each of the bulbs exploded coming from the far ends of both sides, coming inwards. The last one exploded above us and it was pitch black. I felt a rush of cold and I grabbed ejs arm and ran back into the room. I jumped on my bed screaming for Ej to come up with me. He ignored me and seemed to be struggling. I was laying down, covers UNDER ME. one side of the covers lifted up and went over my body. I tried to get out but I was trapped. I then heard Ej screaming and other chilling noises. I stopped struggling, knowing there was no chance I was getting out. I covered my ears. I didn’t want to hear my friend dieing. I was sure I was going to die to. But then the cocoon I was trapped in realeased itself. The wind had stopped, lights had turned back on. I cautiously lifted my head up. The room was destroyed. There stood Ej. He looked at me and silently left the room. I got up, terrified. I went to the hallway where my mom was. Ignored her and went to tell my brother Mj, and friend Antonio of what had happened to Ej. When I walked in, Mj, Antonio, and Ej were laughing playing video games together. I looked at Ej, his eyes.. His eyes are brown, but they were glowing an evil green. I went to my mother, that was not Ej. Everyone else may have been fooled but I wasn’t. I started to tell my mom but I looked at the room an Ej slowly looked up at me. I realized I couldn’t tell anyone. He couldn’t know I knew. Or I would be next. So I walked away from my mom and sat down next to Mj Antonio and Ej. I then woke up. I don’t know what to make of this. I’m just scared.

  • anthonyBase:

    i was in a field, the sky was red purple kind of colour and i saw demons flying landing on cows and killing them, i also saw human skulls on the floor. i walked further towards the field. then i saw sheep and animals with bit marks and some had there necks half cut of but there was no blood. i walked further until i saw a river, it was a river of blood with human faces fading. then i got i looked up to the sky and asked god why? suddenly all the demons ad devils started to attack me. about 25 of them and each had wings and they looked evil and red. they also were about 8 foot. then when they were attacking me i started glowing with. they all flew away but then the light was to fast and it got rid of them. the light was like an atomic bomb. then i looked at my hands and they had two holes on each hand. then i woke up and looked at the time. it was 3:00 in the morning

  • Dan:

    This past weekend my family and I were at our friends house after we just finished eatting dinner out. We left there at about 10:30 pm and headed back to our house. When we arrived, I felt really tired. But not sleepy. I took a pain pill for my shoulder hoping it would help me relax, so I could fall a sleep. I had 3 nightmares/dreams and all about demons or the Devil/Satan. In my first dream, I was sleeping in my bed next to my wife and I woke up from a strange sound in our room. I was very scared from the moment I heard it and it seemed to be coming from my wife. I sat up in bed and started to shake her and she shot up with the most horrifing demon passessed face I have ever seen. She grabed me around the neck and started to strangle me with her demonic powers. my childern walked into my room and they looked the same as her and asking me about my faith in God and telling me that Jesus does not care for me. They pinned me to the ceiling and was holding me there, but they did not touch me. (Mind power) Then my closet door flew open and I felt pure evil coming from there. This is not the first time I have felt Satan’s presents. All through my youth, I have had the same type of dream, but with other family/friends that were possessed my demons. Satan was dressed in a white and his face was the most horrifec thing I have even seen. He told me that he wanted my soul and I belong to him not Jesus. I could not move or speak while this attack was going on and I was scared out of my mind. All I could repeat was “Jesus save me” over and over again. I tried not to look, but he opened my eyes and made me look as he raped my wife and 12 year old daughter. He had my son doing sexual things with our animals, then with my wife and daughter. I screamed over and over till I guess I woke up. I was still stiff as a board as in my dream and was very afraid to even look at my wife, thinking that she was still possessed my a demon(s). I was able to move after 5 minutes and never looked at my wife as I left the bedroom. it took mr awhile to calm down, till I was able to go back into my bedroom. 2nd dream, I was possessed my the devil myself and I killed my family and then went on a killing spree in my neighborhood. I was there, but not there. My body was possessed, but not my mind. All I could do is cry out for Jesus and have him help me. At the end of this nightmare, the devil released me and the cops shot me in the head. I felt the bullet go in and the heat around the hole it made in my head. I felt my brains explode out the back and then my body hitting the ground. I was still alive, but could not move. I could hear the police say that I was dead, but I did not move on. I just stayed on the ground till they covered me up and that’s when I woke up. While I was possessed, my face and body was not my own and I was pure evil while I was killing, raping and touturing people around me. I woke up in the same position I was lying in, when the cops covered my dead body in the street. I do not remember my 3rd dream, but I was scared for my life and soul. I have always had these kinds of dreams sense I was a kid. I grew up in a some what religious family, but not Bible thumpers. My Uncle Bill always felt that the Lord has a plan for me and the devil will do anything to keep me from completing what the Lord wants me to do. He wants my soul, I know it. I’m 42 and afraid of the dark and my closet. That is where Satan comes from in my bedroom and I have lived here for 11 years. I have these kinds of nightmares every 2-3 months. I don’t drink or do drugs, but a little over weight. Can someone help me please. I can’t stand sleeping knowing that if I dream, Satan is coming for me and my family. God Bless you all and Jesus Christ is the Savior and saved us all from HELL.

  • valerie:

    Okay so my dream is a little fade for me but, this is what I can remember. My husband & I we’re in this maze but instead of trees they were building. We running from something or someone but then my X boyfriend was running with us & tell us to hold up well lays this blanket down with some stuff on it. Can’t tell what it is but I turn to only hear my husband screaming out for me to hurry & run. It’s coming he says, then we start to find dead animals flat as a pancake on the floor. My husband tell me to run in this room & when I did I notice it was really dark so I scream for my husband to not shut the door but b4 it was closed I turned to the left to c the figure of a demon or the devil in the same room with us. That’s when I woke up. What can this mean?

  • Hey My Name Is Mary Im 17 I Need Help or Advice i been dreaming about this same girl for three weeks going on four in my dreamm it always starts of with me sleeping and she comes out my closett and trys to hurt me she try to kill me but it never works and i pray and she said there is no god but When Shee Tourtures me in my dream it feels so real but its juss a dream this thing i dream about she gots Very Pail skin With Red Eyes And She Has On This White Dress She Wont Leave Me Alone i told my mom and my aunt but they dont understand so i stopp telling them and i juss keep it too myself but damn i need help

  • orty:

    I dreamt I was in a hospital. Me and a few other people were walking around the walls were broken down stripped of paint to the point where the concrete was visible. we walked down a corridor, there was hospital beds lining the side of the halls, doors were ajar. something was watching us from the very far end of the hall. it had yellowish orange cats eyes, a long toungue skinny hooved legs and redish blistery skin.
    we decided to follow what we saw, which later turned out to be a Big mistake. we thought we were following the creature but it was following us. it suddenly dissapeared behind the curtains of this one hospital room which looked to be untouched with a pregnant woman about to give birth. She was in Pain. we tended and nurtured this woman for most of the time in my dream and when her baby was born, my brother came out as a teenager. we walked to a store after seeing the woman who gave birth was dead. we were at a corner store and my brother and my girlfriends little brother were in line for some munchies. but my brother cory and robin had guns and tried to rob the store. they grabbed a bunch of twenties and i stopped them from leabing the store with it. i gave back the money to the cashier and he told us to leave before he called the cops. so we left. we walked to this apartment and it was run down with a hole in the side of one of the four corners. we went to see a friend who knew something about what was following us. he was sitting in a dark room with a little t.v turned on to the news channel, the tv was old with rabbit ears and he sat across in an old raggety rocking chair. he was very tall. he said what came out the pregnant woman was not human but an impersonation of something trying to come into our world.
    i looked at cory and he began to act skiddish and almost feel different.
    he said he had to use the bathroom and he left. a bit later i wondered where he went and decided to investigate and i opened the door and seen my brother being lifted off the ground into a dark corner of the room. his arms were stretched out and legs kicking. he raised his arms as he gasped for air but i couldnt see what was holding him there. I shouted ” HEY LET MY BROTHER GO!!” and he dropped to the floor lifelessly. i felt a huge hit to my chest and i felt very disturbed and almost violated. a gigantic rush of energy started at my feet and went straight to my head. my veins were rushing blood as i can see them popping out. there was a window and i looked at my brother on the ground, and before it could over take me i jumped out the 5th story window. as i was falling i pictured the times i had with my girlfriend and i felt love in my heart. i was suddenly stopped just a few feet off the ground. i laid there for what must have been a while because my friends and some family were standing around with this creature laying beside me. i looked to my left at it and seen it had, orange- yellowish skin redish cats eyes with skinny hooved legs. it stood about 4 or 5 feet high and had a thick head. i remember that it moved and stood up but i woke my self up. i was woken up by my alarm clock in a sweat and my heart was pounding.

  • Anastasia:

    My sister had a dream about the family.There’s my mom, dad, sister Ciara(the one who had the dream), my sister Izabella, and our dog named Rusty. My sister woke up at around three A.M. and said she had to try just to wake up. So she told me this dream and it was about our little sister Izabella who is six years old. Izabella was driving the car and I was sitting next to her while Ciara was sitting in the back. Looking through Ciara’s eyes she saw our parents get run over by Izabella(who was driving) laughing and saying” vroom vroom”. I was laughing with Izzy while my sister was disgusted. But that’s not the scary part. This is. The scene switched over to where I was taking care of Izzy and wrapping her up in blanket while Ciara was looking through a black fence. I treat my dog better than my sister and Ciara said that in her dream Izzy was laughing and playing with Rusty and i was very hurt. I was cradling Izzy in my arms like a little baby and I kept trying to get close to Rusty and i kept asking why Rusty wasn’t coming towards me. Rusty would growl and my sister would say dont get close to the dog, then when Ciara looked at Izzy, she had a scrunched up face where her eyebrows were arched high and she was looking up at me and smilling wickedly. I looked down and saw izzy. Me and ciara looked away just for a split second and turned around. izzy wasnt in my arms, instead i saw a deflated blanket and Izzy was ontop of the black fence. Then Ciara grabbed izzy by the hair and pulled her down off the fence. Izzy looked kinda dead, her body limp and the still wicked face was ther lokking up at ciara
    The End

  • ahsenaT:

    Last night I felt a presence in my bedroom, I put God in my heart and Ignored it, I then felt movement on my bed (that clearly wasnt me), again I put God into my heart and ignored it. I fell asleep and dreamed of Demons there pesence in my room was in my dream, I tried to pray but couldn’t speak, I was aware that I was thinking about God since I could speak I tried to physically pull the words out of my mouth and the Demons began holding my hands, I prayed in my mind and tried to say what ever I could, the end result sounded like me snorting purposely (because I dont snort in my sleep) Out loud, the sound woke me up but whil awake I continued the sound a bit.
    When I woke I could still feel the presence in the room, I prayed out loud this time, while praying the presence left, but shortly after it came back. This happened about four times before I finally said to myself God is with me, I;m not afraid and went back to sleep.

  • Yadira:

    Over a year ago, my mom’s brother who is a priest came to visit us. During his visit he slept in my room. Before this little weird things would happen here an there but nothing that serious. They morning after he left, around in the morning. For some odd reason I opened my eyes just barely, only to see a shadow like thing walk in front of my closet. But I didn’t pay much attention to it, I thought it was just me still half asleep. Then I heard a what sounded like a grown then started to feel something pushing me down on my bed. I couldn’t move, I was confused to what was going on so I just started to pray and the feeling went away. I had never experienced anything like it, but I just for got about it an moved on. It was not until one night a couple of months ago, my grandma, mom, and me started to talk about those kinds of things. My grandma said that when your dreaming you are at your weakest and should never let anything that wants to do you harm get the upper hand. That night, the black shadow that I had seen was in my dream it was as if I wasn’t dreaming. But it was on top of my on of its hands on my shoulder pining me down to my bed. It was a dark figure a man maybe about 20-30 some years old. It told me that I came to get me, but I then remembered what my grandma said an started to fight back. I told it that it can’t take me on I’m not going to let it. I then started to take control of my dream, but I could still feel the pressure and coldness of the figure. Once it saw that I wasn’t going to give up, it slowly started to let go but it said that it would be back for me and my friend. Who is sensitive when it comes to ghost or anything that has to do with spirits. The next morning I told her about my dream, an that night she told me that her bed had started to shake. I knew I would have another dream about that but I just did not know when, until last night. Only this time it took over my body, i had the same feeling the same pressure only the figure was white not black. I know its not a good thing, it wants something but I don’t know what it is. To cause me harm is something I know it wants to do. Because in my dream it destroyed my room, threw things at me and was physical as well. I really dont know but it is all just weird.

  • joe:

    I had a dream that I had a demon child of about 12 years old. A demon was trying to take my demon child away from me. The demon killed my friend to try to get to my child. I then called my dad and told him what happened. Then we were in a house and my dad was taking a shower and I could hear noises as if he had drowned so I figured the demon had gotten to him too. The demon then confronts me, takes the hand of my demon child and says “It’s mine” while walking past me. Then I wake up…Does anyone know what this means? Is there a religious connection to this?

  • william:

    when i waz int he dream it started normal note im 14. when i waz in the dream every buty started to dubbl one good one bad nd the bad ones demons where ataking me or something. nd then this littl girl came out nd her name waz words with one or one with words idk but i waz really scared of her cuz she waz very powerfull nd she controled the copycats. nd then i saw one outher demon that waz red nd black nd he never came in the path of light he staed in the shados nd dark then i skreemed my selfe out of sleep idk.

  • I had a dream that my friend’s mover was possessed by a demon and he was trying to kill me. Actually I’m not sure if he was trying to kill me but I think he was either trying to harm me or possess me. In my dream it all started as my friend moving out of his apartment. I think he was throwing a going-away party. The movers were also there earlier but it seemed that after they all left one either hid or left and came back. He made up some excuse to be there.. some job wasn’t finished. I was the first person to notice that something was wrong with him. He seemed to b focused on me instead of anyone else there. He would be staring at me, walking past me and I would instantly feel terrified. Eventually, I figured out what he was. I was trying to let other people in the party know what was going on but everyone thought i was crazy or maybe just drunk or something. I can’t remember exactly when in my dream he had started to show others that he was a demon but everyone was terrified, trying to get away. He wouldn’t let anyone leave. I finally realized that the mover wasn’t always possessed. It seemed like he was after me, he had been following me around trying to get me and this was a perfect opportunity to get close to me. He kept trying to coarse everyone at the party to give me to him. telling them he would leave everyone else alone if they let him have me and stopped trying to help me. There seemed to be a force-field of some kind that surrounded me that he couldn’t get past. And it seemed like as time wore on, the force-field was getting smaller and smaller. It started out being maybe 5-7 feet in diameter and as long as anyone stayed within those perimeters, they were safe. But it seemed as though the demon was never really concerned with anyone else he was mad at my friends that were trying to help me. He only threatened to kill them, but it seemed like he was lying.By the end of my dream, it was as if I was waking up from the dream, but when I opened my eyes I realized that I was sleeping on a fluffy blue comforter on the floor no more than 2 feet in diameter. I was still in my firend’s apartment, but this time i was all alone and I couldn’t leave the blue comforter because the demon was pacing around the room laughing, and he was eating a piece of pizza. He didn’t attack me while I was sleeping. It was like he was waiting for me to wake up.

  • Annabeth:

    That’s a terrile dream, Sage.

  • Annabeth:

    That’s a terrible dream, Sage.

  • Kaitlyn:

    Well, one night I remember I had one of those on and off nights where you wake up and fall asleep. Finally I had fallen asleep, and in my dream I was standing in a ball room. There was a big crowd of people wearing dresses and late century attire. They were all dancing and this handsome young man asked me to dance with him. So, we began to dance when he started to touch me in private areas. I dont recall backing away but just letting him touch. Then we were in my room with the lights off. We were both on the bed except i was naked and tied up. He then turned into an old friend that had betrayed me in the earlier years, Nathan. We sort of stared and he smiled, then we were in a bathroom of some sort. It was gory though. There were dead bodies and spattered blood strung across everywhere and Nathan came over and told me to close my eyes. I did and he started to blow something on me, i dont know what but it was some sort of powder. i opened my eyes and there was a fire in the room, and i was in the middle. i stayed silent but he somehow talked to me and told me: you never loved me. and i cant remember anything from there

  • Crystal Dudley:

    I was in a strange house. I thought I was looking to buy it. I was looking around and noticed the house was by a ocean. Inside the house there was frog statues everywhere. This women told me that I had to bring some type of frog statue to be able to look at the house. After looking around, noticed the women had went into another room. I followed her and when I looked at her, I noticed she was evil. I had a small golden cross in my hand. It seemed like I could’nt hold it in my hands. I was calling on the name of Jesus. It seemed really difficult to speak. As I tried to hold the cross up towards her I noticed she had sharp teeth. She bit me on the hand. As I struggled with this women, I felt like I was helping her in the name of Jesus. Then I woke up.

  • Crystal Dudley:

    I was walking in a strange place. I didn’t reconize anything there. I looked up and saw this women lying there with orange and red colored eyes. Her skin had rips and torn places on it. I wanted to get away from her as quickly as possible, so I ran. When I looked back I noticed her head was following me. Then I woke up.

  • Magic Panda:

    I was in my house. It was dark and gloomy,. I was sitting in the livingroom until I felt things poking at me, so I walked around for awhile. When my parents came home they told me to do my homework but it was in the bedroom where the demon slept in the daytime. Once nighttime came, my dog went into the bedrrom, where it was pitch black. All of a sudden, we heard my dog crying and a bunch of crashing noises. We ran to the bedroom and the light was on, the room was trashed and my dog was covered in blood. I carried him out and my sister and I slept on an airbed next to the kitchen because of the demon. The next day my parents told me to get out of the house for a bit because of how much stress the demon was putting on me, After I came back, I decided to check in my room to see if everything was okay, but the demon was in my bed, looking at me, telling me to come and lay down with it. I ran out of the room and a priest came over and told me that the necklace I was wearing (Gold camel or kangaroo shape) had the power to exorcise the demon. The demon appeared on the ceiling, and with one hand I held out the necklace in its direction and the other hand was doing the holy trinity. The demon screamed for awhile then exploded. Afterwards I woke up.

  • i get reccuring dreams… faces unhappy faces but asking me for help….for the first time the other night someone actually appeared in my room a green glow around them i felt them so strong… at first i couldn’t move or scream out…. this has been going on since i was a child…. please help…

  • monica love:

    about 4 days ago, i was laying in my bed wih my 2 year old neice. she had already went to sleep. so i was trying to fall asleep. so sudenly i had fallen asleep. so all of asudden, this person dressed in black with a white face and black eyes started to circle around me and my 2 year old neice in my dream. my baby neice was sitting in a chair with her underware and a white tshirt on. she was looking like she was lost and scared, but sort of lifeless. so while he was circling around me and her, he was babbling about something, i wasnt sure what it was. as he was babbling ,i was looking at him circle around us. he touched my neices face and said “darling”. so all of a suden i just started pleading the blood of jesus and praying and then i said,with power in my voice, pointing at him in a cross like motion “i rebuke you right now in the name of jesus, i plead the blood of jesus.dont you dare touch her, in jesus name i rebuke you in jesus name i pray! amen”. I had woken up to my little neice laying beside me just as i left her, thanking god,. i had waken up looking frightend thinkin about what had just happend. he went away and havent dreamed about him since. but now i have a feeling that since i am typing it and telling about that hes going to come back and it will be even worse.so i just pray to god and ask him to bined those demons out of this family and away from neice…..just pray