Dreams About Dying: An Interpretation of the Dying Dream

What Does the Dying Dream Mean?

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As long as mankind has been around, people have desired to know the meaning with their dreams.The Dying dream isn’t any different from other sorts of dreams.

A lot of people have the Dying dream and just want to know precisely just what it indicates.

Below you will discover the normal meaning of the Dying dream. Although this really is only one method to translate this type of dream, it should provide you with a great start to comprehending the reason you could possibly be dreaming about Dying.

Therefore with out further ado, this is the common Dying explanation:

*Please See Die.

It is crucial that you should bear in mind you are not the only human being who dreams about Dying. You can find some people just like you, so you just might locate folks using the web who write about comparable dreams. This could be particularly important when you dream about Dying frequently.

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We hope this was an enlightening interpretation of your Dying Dream

18 Responses to “Dreams About Dying: An Interpretation of the Dying Dream”

  • christian jones:

    i was in a place with a lot of my friends and we were talkin about how this girl was cheating on her boyfriend. then five peoples head had blew off and we didnt relize it until a head fell to the gorund out the sky. I then heard a voice that said kill them all!!!! and then i woke up

  • Jos:

    My dying dream: so, sinse I was born I had heart problems, I was born 4months premature and had a heart defect and gastrostisis, I actually did die twice but obviously was revived, anyway, in my dream, my heart slowed I cud feel it, the next thing I knew I was in a bed hooked up too a lot of shit, then I noticed my love was sleeping in a bed in the middle of the hospital room, she woke up and I told her I was dying, I got revived once more and I lived my life but what seemed like an hour later I was rushed back too the hospital for the same reason and i ended up dying, I felt every bit of it….. I’ve had a lot of “dying dreams” trust me A LOT, but this one scared me the most because I actually do have heart problems…… I need to know what this means…. I need someone too tell me what’s going on.,,,,, please help….

    Joslyn A. Martinez

  • Abby:

    I was on a plane with maybe 10 or 15 other people, some i felt i knew. Some I didn’t really know. We knew the plane was going to blow up for some reason. I think something had happened to another plane right before or something. So we were all in one spot on the plane. All the thoughts were running through my head that I feel would go through my head if I were really about to blow up. I told everybody that I loved them, they yelled it back. After a few more seconds of just waiting to die, being scared yet ready…i woke up.

  • anonymous:

    i keep having these dreams where im dying… but right before i die. i wake up drench in sweat and scared out of my mind.. im scared to sleep any more and i dont know what to do…. it seems like the same dream over and over again, but yet in the same sence different. i know it sounds awakard but i keep seeing the “light”. i dont understand what it means
    and i feel like if i dont contuine to try and figure out what it means.. the nightmares will not stop.

  • amy:

    die dream, i just had a bit of a falling out with my mum so i live with my dad now. and I’m not religious
    in my dream my mum needed this weird jelly stuff to stay alive so i asked her where you could get it from she said only god could give it to you. i was crying in the dream because my mum had given up all hope on surviving as walked through the house in the dream it looked a lot like the one we lived in before but darker and a lot of my family where there but just still in the background i fell asleep in the dream in a closet laying down next to what looked like nothing other then my friends pj’s and i prayed to god for my mum to get the stuff she needed to survive then in the morning i saw my mum so i started talking to her saying all the great stuff we used to do and what i miss and then after we talked she got a big deliver of the stuff she needed to survive but she still looked sad then i woke up
    it was a really strange dream

  • Samantha:

    My dream was about my nan, who passed away 3years ago and whom i was very close to. She was lying in my bed clearly dying. she was fighting for breath. I told her how much i loved her and she told me the same.. she also said she will never leave me and to ‘look out for the signs’. As i said she was having difficulty breathing and she kept sayin ‘just 1 last breath’ before finally pssing away.. Id love to find out what this means???

  • Olivia:

    It started out at my school… my mom said she was waiting outside to pick me up. but before me and my friend went to the bathroom.. she had this weird rash that was from the top of her neck to the bottom of her legs… and they wee all red and perfect little ovals. then all of a sudden we ended up in Alaska and we went up on this light house where there were many familiar people but i didn’t really know them to well. They were able to walk on the ice cold water but then they would fall and when they floated back up they were like stone figures. every one kept walking on the lake until i was the only one left.. I keep having similar dreams to this and it seems as if the rash is in everyone of them.. please help?

  • janice:

    i was dreaming about me being at a party with some girls on a T.V show and i got a job at the place where the party was ….cleaning the bathroom then i was alone cleaning the bathroom all dressed up i was cleaning the mirrors then i hear something outside the second door so i take off my heels and put them under the sink and when i look up i see the shadow of the grim reeper so i run out the doors. then the girls went in their so i went with them and somebody texted them say “8 floors” so we went running out of the bathroom terrified and when we got out like it couldnt get any worse a little girl from the party sitting on grass got pulled underneath and everyone wen crazy the party was canceled. that night everyone was looking for her the mom was terrified nd when everyone left i noticed i left my heels so i went back and when i did i saw the mom and the grim reeper talking and they had her daughter all twisted and bleeding and mest up.. dead!!and they told me of course we had to kill her she was special in very nice ways so they hid her and burried her in the back yard with only me knowing and i noticed something i pulled the grass and everybody from the party was dead even the birthday girl they had no heads then i woke up!!!!

  • Sammy:

    i had a dream that i was run over by a boat and died. i was still on the earth though able to see everyone, check my phone, check my facebook. two of my friends could see me and knew that i was dead. i didnt know i was dead for a while in my dream, it was very disturbing.

  • Jessica:

    I had a dream that I had committed suicide and was watching my funeral and seeing all my family and friends there crying. i have had this dream every night for the past 2 weeks

  • Ficus:

    I had a dream that I was at school with my girlfriend, and all of a sudden a guy with a gun appears and everyone else besides me and my girlfriend. He chases us and then corners us. He shoots at her and I jump between her and the bullet and her. Either I die or she does, but either way it scared me cause I’m afraid of failure and if I die, I fail to be there for her, but if she dies I fail to protect her and I can’t live with that.

  • Forest:

    i had a dream where my girlfriend and i were in school. suddenly everyone disappears and the only people left in the school are me, my girlfriend, and this guy standing in front of us with a gun. he chases us and we get cornered. he shoots at my girlfriend and i jump in between her and the bullet. i’ve had this dream many times in the past few weeks and the result is always either me or her dying, and it’s starting to scare me because if i die, then i fail to be the guy that will always be there for her, but if she dies, i fail at protecting her and then i lose the one person who i hold closes to my heart.i just can’t figure out why i keep having this dream, and what does it all mean?

  • adrianna:

    well my story was kind of like finl destanation, where people die in a certain order. well, it all started with a fwd message from my friend and it said “if you dot foward it to ten people then you die.” and i didnt believe it so i ignored it. and then all of a sudden me and a group of friends were and a club and this one lady who was a stripper and a banker died then we took 3 steps and ended up at my friends house and this one boy named logan died then we ran and ended up at the freeway and 2 of my friends were paniking so they starte to run toward the exit and then they got ran over and i was next and all of a sudden i was in a hospital lounge/lobby talking to my mom sitting next to my bestfriend and i was talking to my mom saying how i wanted my funerl and after that i woke up.

  • Kev:

    I was on a bus on my own except for the driver, on a road built in a cliff face with about a 3000 foot drop. There was a lorry/bus coming fast in the opposite direction, so the driver had to swerve out of the way and the front right wheel was off the cliff. Fear gripped me big time!! But before I knew it, the bus was rolling to the bottom. I was being thrown about in the bus until I died. On the moment of death I was back up the to looking down at the ruined bus talking to someone saying: km down there. This person was trying to tell me that I was dead, but all I could say was: no, you don’t understand. I’m down there!! Thats when I woke up, scared shitless, sweating bad. What does this mean?? Anyone??

  • Amber:

    There are four of us. In my dream I am not myself. I am a beautiful, black model. There are two white females. One is another model. The other is our coach and photographer. There is the male model we are working with. We are located in a big field. There is a single house. The male model and I are in the middle of a photo shoot. Our coach is displeased with our work and has become bored. So, she tells the male model to stay behind and for us two girls to jump inside this red convertible. Our coach then proceeds to drive like a maniac. As if she is getting sort of thrill from driving like a deranged NASCAR driver. We get to a bridge with no side railings. Below is a massive drop off with a large body of water. I noticed this look in her eye. Something tragic and demented is about to happen. She was going to send us off of the road; to plunge to a death below. I frantically jump out of the speeding car. I tumble and roll and watch as the two women eagerly fall to their death. I pass out. I wake up lying on a stretcher. Here I discover my name. I’ve been tagged. They must have thought that I was dead. It read, “Sara Bellium.” My nightmare I assume was set in the future. The nurse is preparing a shot. I glance at my bruised and cut body. Blood is everywhere. I start screaming at the top of my lungs, “No!” The nurse turns around with the shot. The needle is thick. I try to fight against her sticking it in my arm, but she succeeds. As she starts to inject the medication into my arm. I start to breath in real life. For some reason
    I had stopped. I don’t ever stop breathing in my sleep. It would be really nice if someone could tell me what is going on.

  • Colby G.:

    I was in a dark hallway with a few people that i knew crowded around me and all of the sudden every thing started to blur and i fell and landed flat on my back every one started to get frantic my heart beat started to slow, then an older man who’s hair was white and balding,wearing a uniform that resembled a paramedic ran towards me with a defibrillator unit. He charged the pads and as he stuck them to my chest he said ” It’s not you’re time ” and as it shocked me(it felt so real i could feel the electricity and buzzing the pads were cold to my chest)the place around me changed from the hallway, to a hospital bed ,and then for a split second everything went white and i immediately woke up .

  • Cher:

    I have had the same dream for a month and it has been the same exact dream of me passing away. Nothing in this dream changes and I wake up crying. It starts off very odd and I cant even explain it at all, but the next thing I know I am in the hospital and I see my ex husband standing there and then a doctor is talking to us but I cant hear anything thats being said. The next thing I no I hear the monitors sounding alarms and I feel a gush of blood and im hemmorging. The next thing I know im awake but im a spirit and I am going to my children and my mother, sister best friend and my ex husband trying to find a way of waking them. I start blowing in there faces and it doesnt work, then I blow as hard as I can into there ears and I do this because I so desperatly want them to know that I love them. However my ex husband is the hardest to wake no matter how many times I try and I just want to tell him I love him. I see his eyes open but then I wake up from the dream and start to cry and It just feels very real. Please help me understand this dream.