Dreams About Fall: An Interpretation of the Fall Dream

What Does the Fall Dream Mean?

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Since the start of life, folks have needed to comprehend the significance of their dreams.The Fall dream is no unique from many other forms of dreams.

Lots of people have the Fall dream and want to realize just what it indicates.

Down the page you will see the normal meaning of the Fall dream. Even though this is one approach to interpret this particular dream, it could give you a fantastic start to knowing the reason you might be dreaming about Fall.

Consequently with out further ado, this is a regular Fall significance:

To dream that you fall and are not frightened, signifies that you will overcome your adversities with ease.

To dream that you fall and are frightened, indicates a lack of control, insecurity, and/or lack of support in your waking life. You may be experiencing some major struggle and/or overwhelming problem. It may denote that you have failed to achieve a goal that you have set forth for yourself.

To dream that you are free-falling through water, indicates that you are feeling overwhelmed with emotions. You may feel that it is easier to give up then to try to stay afloat or prevent yourself from going under.

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It is important that you remember that you’re not the only individual who dreams about Fall. There are some people such as you, and you just might locate men and women via the internet who reveal comparable dreams. This could be especially important in the event you dream about Fall continually.

We request you to share your individual Fall dream account down below inside the comments area. This will allow people to go through the story of the dream and look at how it applies to their dream in relation to Fall.

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We hope this was an enlightening interpretation of your Fall Dream

5 Responses to “Dreams About Fall: An Interpretation of the Fall Dream”

  • Logan Presley:

    I had a dream that two close friends and i were in a room full of many things, like an attic or storage space. on one side of the room there was a hole in the wall covered by a grate (which was removable). the hole in the wall was just big enough for one of us to crawl through. the tunnel suddenly ends at the end, where there is a huge cavernous space. we can’t see the end of the space but it looks like the side of a buildin about a thousand feet up. just out of reach there is a vague item on a pedestal. we go back to the the room. talk. then we start to fight. at one point i try to punc one of them in the face repeatedly but it does nothing. after we fight for a while another kid from school, who is bot a close friend but he is still a friend, comes out of the tunnel with the item we all wanted. then i woke up. and at school today my friend who came out of the tunnel tells me he’s had friends who have had the same, or similar dreams.

  • Marie:

    Well Basically My dream is about me falling off this huge building Like I just keep falling and just before I hit the ground I wake up Iv’e never gotten past that part and Iv’e had this dream for 4 years now. What does it mean?

  • when i was sleeping i felt like i was falling and then woke up out of no where with a jump and fright

  • in my dream i see myself as a BIG fat ogre just like YOU anyways then i see myself eating alot including you thats how hungry i was i even ate my grandma and whole generation and i was proud of it willing it would had happened in real life… also Barack Obama told me that he was going to kill me for being SO FAT so i slapped him so hard that a fart came out of my butt and mouth. then dream ended Bye. hope you understand what what im dreaming because i dont understand at all

  • Judith Lopez:

    I dream that my little boy child fall from our terrace were we live. We live in a building, i saw my child climbing in our terrace and i told my husband and warn him to take my son but my son already fall down and i feel angry to my husband and feel worry for my son. I went down from the building and took my son and directly bring to Hospital.