Dreams About Fighting: An Interpretation of the Fighting Dream

What Does the Fighting Dream Mean?

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Since the beginning of time, individuals have wished to recognize the significance with their dreams.The Fighting dream is no different from several other forms of dreams.

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Lots of people have the Fighting dream and need to figure out just what it means.

Below you’ll find the regular interpretation of the Fighting dream. Despite the fact that this is one path to read this sort of dream, it ought to grant you a fantastic start to understanding how come you could be dreaming about Fighting.

Consequently with out further ado, the following is the common Fighting psychological significance:


To dream that you participate in a fight, indicates inner turmoil. Some aspect of yourself is in conflict with another aspect of yourself. Perhaps an unresolved or unacknowledged part is fighting for its right to be heard. It may also parallel a fight or struggle that you are going through in your waking life.

To see others fighting in your dream, suggests that you are unwilling to acknowledge your own problems and turmoil. You are not taking any responsibility or initiative in trying to resolve issues in your waking life.

To dream that you are fighting to the death, indicates that you are unwilling to acknowledge a waking conflict or your own inner turmoil. You are unwilling and refusing to change your old attitudes and habits.

It is vital for you to remember that you’re not the only person who dreams about Fighting. There are some people similar to you, and you just might find folks on-line who share equivalent dreams. This can be particularly important when you dream about Fighting repeatedly.

We invite you to talk about your unique Fighting dream account down the page inside the comments field. This could allow people to look over situation of your dream and observe how it correlates to their dream concerning Fighting.

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We hope this was an enlightening interpretation of your Fighting Dream

30 Responses to “Dreams About Fighting: An Interpretation of the Fighting Dream”

  • Hi, I had a dream that i was having a baby. The odd thing about this dream was I could not remember having had sex with anyone and was not showing a belly and i found out i was having the baby only a few days before having it. what does that mean????

  • JMR:

    Sorry to bother you…but my dream was really weird. I was walking in a field and went up a sort of hill before coming to a bunch of trees. I took a plum off it and looked behind me to see a beach. when i turned back around the trees were bigger so i no longer had to duck my head, but only i could reach the fruits. I kept walking to see my sister and helped her get a fruit, the same when i saw my other sister. The fruits got weirder for my second sister though. It was like a grape crossed with a plum. Soon my sisters strated argueing and I left. The fruit trees started showing oranges but i didnt eat them. I saw a house with a sort of overhang, and when i walked up to the deck I picked a melon off a tree. (i know, melons dont grow on trees) I walked back down and stared at the trees for a while before looking at some shelves under the overhang of the building. i picked up a few toys that i liked but ignored the bottles and other oddities. as i was getting to the last shelf i heard the first sister ask me to get something off it for her, but only found a small robotic dog. i asked if thats what she wanted but she said no.

    im really confused…what does this mean?

  • Renea:

    A good friend any myself recenly had a falling out. I dreamed she was after me trying to kill me by throwing knives at me. I dodged them for a while until I decided to fight back. We started wrestling, when I got her down I told my sister to call the police, but it took them forever to respond.

  • Abby:

    I had a long dream about fighting. Like I woke up one morning, and I walk into my kitten and there is bloody footprints on the ground. And in my living room, there were a bunch of blood on the walls and nobodies home. Then all of a sudden I pop up at school somehow at 8:30 and no one is in the classrooms. Then I figured out I could fly. So I flew to Universal and I walked up to Halloween Horror Nights, and I had to walk through all the tents, but the one second to the end I heard screaming. So I ran into the tent. Then samara swords flashed up on me. Then I looked and there is a giant cage with everyone I know in it. So I asked them how they got in there. But they didn’t know how. Then all of a sudden all the characters that Halloween Horror Nights had in the previous years came alive. So I asked them if they were real or fake. And they said real. So I had to fight all of them. When I came up to Chuckie, he grew six feet tall. And on him I was only using one sword. He was on top of me. So I took the other sword and cut right through his stomach. So then I took the sword and made a big X to let everyone out. But I was pointing the sword at them, but they weren’t scared of the sword, but the blood on it. Then I took both swords and liked the blood off it. All of a sudden everyone started hugging me. Then I pass out because I had like a three foot cut into my side. All of them took me to the hospital. I come back three months later, but it wasn’t me, it was Chuckie, and he came back alive. And he was impersonating me. I come back after a week. But everyone was confused. And I said “I’m the real one!” And I ripped of Chuckles mask. And his plan was that he was going to kill everyone. What does that mean???

  • Catia:

    I take a theatre arts class at my school and one day, i had a dream that my teacher had some kind of magical port in her class. The portal would take you to another dimension! The portal was shaped like a large triangle; wide enough to fit me in it, and tall enough for me to stand. My teacher only allowed a few students,(including myself), to use it. One time, we all took a journey to another dimension and got stuck. We were able to see everyone who entered the classroom, but they could not hear, speak, or even see us. Somehow we made it back and for some reason, our teacher took us off of a “list”. I still have no clue what this means and I would like to know!

  • Jennifer:

    Lately I’ve been having dreams in which I go shopping and the store is full of white shirts. Each shirt is different, but they’re all similar and they’re all white. Then something ends up being wrong with the store; it has some sort of daunting secret. What do you think that means?

  • Krystal Howard:

    I was mad @ the world in my dream!! I sometimes have dreams about fighting but this particular dream I fought 4 people, including my grandmother, weird..i one point it seemed as if I were on the show the bad girls club bcuz I remember living wit some girls and I fought 2 of them, later I went on to fighting a guy. Why was I so angry in my dreams? What does this signify?

  • jake:

    i was a little kid..with another little kid, dont know who though in a desert like small town..with chalk i wrote i hate, go to hell,, F*** you, all over a house and sidewalk in backyard. Then I ran With This kid and i jumped on a green school bus and jumped back off ,,then i saw 4 diffrent people,,all males even though i couldnt see their face. I died 4 times, was killed by each of the four men, in 4 different places, but i was killed the same way…My middle and ring finger was bitten off on my left hand and my neck was snapped but i didnt die right away lived long enough to see each one of them walk away.i tried to fight but couldnt,tried to speak but couldnt,,tried to do anything but couldnt…I have no idea what the heck this dream could’ve meant..help please

  • i dreamed that i was totally poor,with my former fiance,=

  • My dream was bout an x friend whom was getin beaten up by her partner, and I watched it,but couldn’t intervene,we not friends no more, but still y did I dream this? Please.

  • Was wrap up in a sheet by 2 people and they are draging me one poking at me while being drag I am screaming trying to get out.

  • Hi, My name is London

    I had a dream that I was fighting my grandmother, because I was in a gifted school for talented kids. Which she was jealous of. She came to my school pulled me out of class to argue. We began to fight and I beat her up really bad. And then my personal driver grabbed me and said she’s out to get you lets go. We then went to my home pick’d up my mother,brother and sister. My grandmother was out to kill us, my father was in on it. My family agreed with her to kill us. Luckily my driver had drove far away, when I opened my eyes it looked as if we were in London. Some how I could still hear my family. The dream didn’t surprise me my grandmother never really cared about me nor my sister. She always catered to her 5 foster children and my other cousin. When my sister and I look just like her children which is my father, and aunts. What a dream.

  • I had a dream that i was playing with my girlfriend. she told me to stop because the house would get jealous. then we started running away from it and it was chasing us. she told me she forgot something in it so i ran in and got it out. i come out with a white envelop and give it to her. the house stopped chasing us and we sat across the street holding hands.

  • Lynne:

    We parted company with a very negative and aggressive renter a couple months ago. The past week or so, I’ve been dreaming that he and my ex-husband (who was an violent man) were attacking me. They sneak up on me, corner me, and just grab my arm or leg or neck as I realize they are there. I scream and lash out in my defense. I vocalize and thrash to point that I wake myself, and often my current husband. If I fall back to sleep right away, I fall back into another variation on this scenario.

  • Cynthia:

    I dreamt that my husband x girlfriend died thru the hands of her crrent – I woke up feeling like I needed to contact her and warn her. The funny is I do not like this woman at all and she does notlike me – I know nothing about her current situation either.

  • Eric:

    I just dreamed that i was discussing a present situation with a coworker wile going to meet a new client and suddenly i had found myself in a old house similar to my grand parents and death although he was uncovered was slicing peoples neck ( but the view was like looking at a movie) suddenly he was running after me. I got out, tried to call the police couldn’t reach them by voice but i managed to send them a message and started to fight death under a stair under the rain. When we fought i succeeded to take death’s weapon and inflicted him some wounds and at that precise moment the police arrived to come help me and they said i was okay and the rain stop

  • I have been fighting with one individual in general who was/is a great friend to me, I dreamed that I went back home to where I lived in the beginning, I met my Older brother (who was younger at the time ) that the current me was playing tag with him back in our neighbors house, which was next to my old one, and the garage my neighbor had. ( which at the time I was sure the door was closed.) my brother couldnt find me so he returned back home laughing. Then the post office man came over and said he had mail for somone, I told him to leave it on the fence and looked back at my old house and saw my mom come out (younger self) she looked at me and said…come home, ( I refused cause at first I didnt recognize her) and then she said…I have a name…at first she said my sisters name, which then wasnt it, then she said, oh I got a name and disappeared back into our house. At that time the door to the neighbors garage opened and light was comming out of it..really evil music came out and all of a sudden, I saw a clone of myself which for some reason I was reading his thoughts..At that moment I became weak and he began beating on me and just attacking me like he wanted my life…I tried to run from him but I couldnt get away. He was saying that I couldnt beat him….I was defending against him for what seemed like hours…and finally he was landing punches after kicks and I was too weak to fight him back anymore…He was attacking me with blinding speed more and more….and I finally woke up. Paralyzed with fear when I woke up.

  • carol:

    i dreamed i was beatign my bestfriend sister up who i love dearly in real ife and i wouldnt stop punching and then my best frined jumped in. what deos this mean ?

  • Brewster:

    I always have dreams where i get into a fight with someone. It may be one of my friends, or just someone random. and always in a different place. I fight as a sport so i do actually know how to fight. Yet in my dreams my punches and kicks are weak no matter how hard i try. These dreams happened before i actually started training though.

  • Maranda:

    I just had a dream that I went to a weird place to pick something up and all these guys kept starring at me. This one guy stood out to me because he kept being mean and telling me I was using the wrong door. Once I walked out the door, I could tell he was following me out to my car. I walked faster and faster until he finally caught up to me and tried to grab me. In the meantime, two other guys were trying to beat each other up and I was yelling at them for help. I tried to distract the guy who was trying to grab me by saying, “Oh my god, they have a knife!” Once he turned, I jumped in my car and booked it out of there. As soon as I thought I was good, I ran inside when I got home only to see he was downstairs waiting. I yelled for my mom to get him out but she wasn’t any help. I began beating him up and trying to knock him out but nothing was helping. My mom and sister were just standing there. My mom turns to the guy as I’m trying to kick him and says, “Honey, have you had breakfast yet?” and then I wake up…

  • ayanna parson:

    hello! my dream was like a final destination movie but the people who were dying were my family. ( me,6&7 yrs old sisters, mommy) We were in my moms room and then channels started to turn suddenly. Then, a cartoon came on with death and a person got his head cut off. and someone was behind my 6 yrs old sister. then, i woke up crying to my mother

  • pete:

    hi i dreamed a dream

  • pete:

    i’m tieed and tiered like a tier that been rooling around al night long
    all ways fighting in my dreams in the karate style may be I watch to maney steavn segal movies? I don’t know…. most of the dreams are about survival… (kill to thre death or be killed) most of the time i come ot on top %90 I happly walkup the other>>>>

  • GiGi:

    My first dream was about a week ago. I had a dream that I was in a bar talking to someone and a fight broke out and came my way. I tried to jump out the way but It came at me too fast. Then this morning I have had two dreams. The first one was I was out eating at a restaurant. As I was sitting at the table, I saw a fight break out across the street. Several guys were beating up on one guy. After a while one guy took over and tried to do the victim in. They were on top of a parking deck and he put the victim in a figure-4 leg lock.I started screaming no don’t do it. He then did flipped the guy off the top deck. But as they were falling the victim got free and when the guy landed he broke his ankle and the victim was ok. The second dream I had this morning was me out and about having fun. Somehow conflict showed up. People wanted to jump on me. I fled and ran into a group of people waiting to protect me. Then some of my family members and friends came to warn me that I was about to be attacked. We all armed ourselves and when the fight begin I was attacked 2 of the people on my side by mistake. Then one guy stood out and somehow we got face to face. He wanted to kill me. We started pushing and shoving and somehow a gun was in my hand. As we were back and forth the gun went off wounding him in the shoulder. I told him I could kill him because he didn’t know me or why he was fighting me. Then all of a sudden another group of men showed up to kill him. I ran for cover and heard massive gun shots. I hid on the side of a bed and laid still as if I was dead. The I heard kids voices and got up. Next thing I remember was myself and the people helping me pulling up in front of the guy I was fighting house to tell his mother and I woke up. What does this mean?

  • Alexia:

    I had this dream that I woke up one morning and looked out the window and my mom threw out some old stuff that we didn’t need anymore, but for some reason she threw them on the neighbor’s front yard and she also threw away two old cars (even though in real life we don’t own those cars) and even our family car. I was really upset because I really like that car, but mostly I was really nervous because I have really nasty neighbors and I knew that they’d be really mad, so I quickly got out of bed and went downstairs and outside. The neighbors called must’ve called the police, because there was a police officer poking around out stuff and then the neighbor and police man saw me and they came after me and they surrounded me and the neighbor kicked me really hard and I went flying like ten feet in the air and landed on my face and got knocked unconcious. And then when I woke up all the stuff was gone and so were the cars and at the last moment I was the police man driving the family car down the street and he was laughing at me like,”Ha ha! I stole your car!” and he took off down the street. I was really mad, but I didn’t know what to do and the I woke up.

  • Sandra:

    I had this dream that I had to fight this really, really fat guy.

  • i awoke from a weird dream last night: i was driving my car,with my two younger children and a baby that i was baby sitting??? this is a baby who i used to baby sit for about 10 years ago and is still a baby. when i approached a car that was stopped in the middle of the street i reconized some girls and was slowing down to check on them when i realized they were fighting and trying to pull another girl from the back seat as they pulled the girl out of the car a group of peaple were coming closer to my car and then the girl who got pulled out of the car was being dragged off she looked right at me as if she wanted or needed my help but didnt say anything i realized she was my own daughter i became hystericle and got out of my car to help but i couldnt see what was happening because the group of people surrounded her and i still had to keep the younger children safe i was fumbling for my phone to call the police and then i awoke and realized it was a dream but couldnt get back to sleep later that morning i called my daughter,even tho shes 21 my dream was so bizarre i had to check on her.as we were talking she asked me if i remembered andrea which really struck me because that was one of the girls in my dream !she said they were talking about about being roomates together! please interpret

  • My principal mom (who is mean to my class & she also hates us) started screaming at me mean things at me,so I guess I got mad and we started fighting and my math teacher came and gave me a refurel and that’s when I woke up.what does it mean?

  • I had a dream that my principal ‘s mom who hates me,started screaming very bad things to me,so then she slapped me and slapped her back,so then we started fighting and still she was telling me bad things,then I woke up.What does this mean?