Dreams About Ghost: An Interpretation of the Ghost Dream

What Does the Ghost Dream Mean?

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For years, individuals have needed to comprehend the significance of their dreams.This dream is no unique from several other types of dreams.

Lots of people have the Ghost dream and just want to figure out exactly what this means.

Beneath you will see more common meaning of this Ghost dream. Despite the fact that this is just one method to interpret this particular dream, it ought to offer you a fantastic start to understanding precisely why you might be dreaming about Ghost.

And so with out further ado, here is the regular Ghost psychological significance:

In general, ghosts symbolizes aspects of yourself that you fear. This may involve a painful memory, guilt, or some repressed thoughts. You may be afraid of death and dying. Alternatively, ghosts are representative of something that is no longer obtainable or within reach. It indicates a feeling of disconnection from life and society. This dream may be a calling for you to move on and abandon your outdated modes of thinking and behavior.

To dream that you reach out to touch a ghost, but it disappears, indicates that you are taking steps to acknowledging some painful or repressed thoughts even though you are not ready to fully confront them.

To see the ghost of a living relative or friend in your dream, signifies that you are in danger of malice acts by that person.

To see the ghost of a dead friend/relative in your dream, suggests guilt and regrets concerning the past relationships with that particular person.

It is important that you keep in mind that you’re not the only human being who dreams about Ghost. You will find other people just like you, so you just might discover people over the internet who share related dreams. This might be especially important if you dream about Ghost often.

We request you to share your specific Ghost dream story below in the comments field. This could allow other people to read situation of this dream and observe how it corelates to their dream pertaining to Ghost.

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We hope this was an enlightening interpretation of your Ghost Dream

82 Responses to “Dreams About Ghost: An Interpretation of the Ghost Dream”

  • lynn:

    I had a dream of my school being haunted. There was a cleaner sweeping the floor and realize that something was moved into the middle of the corridor. She moved the thing away and there was a huge wind that blew. And I was shivering and have difficulty on breathing. Then I woke up. This is not the first time I dreamt of this kind of thing.

    I also dreamt of being in a band room with a drum set. I was with my friends and I was playing the drum set. Then I felt my whole body heavy and shivering. Again I was having difficulty breathing.

    Next, in the past I dreamt of taking the lift. There was no xth floor(I don’t remember which floor). But somehow at xth floor it stopped and there was an old woman. She asked for help bit I realised that it was the xth floor. I quickly pressed the button for the lift to close but it just wouldnt . Then I woke up.


  • Alex:

    I had a dream where i would walk into this house and there was one room that happend to be haunted. I would walk in it and when i turn around i would see different ghost appearing. Then it so happen i was showing some people the house and we came across the room and i told them that there were ghost in that room. As i passed and i look back into the room i see another ghost appear. i was very frighten. As i left that house i look back at the house and on the window there is a little blonde boy looking at me and waving bye bye. I tried to tell someone to look at them but i figured they wont be able to see what i saw.

  • Jill:

    I was sitting in my English class in Kansas. My best friend (who is currently in Colorado) was laying on the desk, dying. Everyone was watching but nobody was helping. Then she took a breath, looked up at me, smiled, and died. A few days passed (in the dream) and then she came back to me as a ghost. I was the only one that could see her. There was one scene in the dream where her and I were sitting in a green field full of pale yellow flowers. There was a forest on my right, an adobe-made village on my left with cobble stone streets, and blue mountains beyond that. A bell toned in the town and her and I got up from the field running to the town. Then, I was standing outside my English room with her and all my other classmates. I was still the only one able to see her. My culinary teacher walked by and said hi to her after which I asked why he could see her and she explained he was dead too. Everyone expected me to be normal after she died. I was crying at dinner with my parents and they just told me to “suck it up.” The weirdest part was that after I woke up, I texted her to make sure she was alright. When she replied, the signature on her text was “I’m Not Dead.” When I questioned her about it, her response was “I felt like I just Had to do it.”

  • prabs:

    In my dream I saw I was walking down the very familiar street – the street I used to walk in my childhood near my parents house. All the sudden, I found myself in a big courtyard which was scary to me and unknown (I have never known this place existed even in the dream). I was wondering how come I came to this place while walking down a familiar street. I tried to ask somebody.. there were two boys (about 10/12 years old). One of them said this is “our place” and “you will also remain here” the other one said “I will show you the way out” he signaled me to run.. I ran and at the same time the other one tried to chase me.. I understood somehow that this is a haunted place or place of dead… I ran through numerous allies mostly dark ones.. the two boys were still behind me while one was telling me the next way to take the other one was clearly trying to catch me. Finally the first boy show me a closed door and said go out of that door.. when I open the door I could see the pathway with full of light and I knew I reached a normal place.

    My dream broke for a while.. it was all blank.. after a while I saw myself in a room with the same door I escaped from as if when I open that door I came to this room. There was an old woman cooking and an old man standing beside her. Somehow I told them that I was hungry.. They shared with me the very little food they had but also said they are cooking it for their son who might come.. I said where is he.. they said may be outside.. so I open the door and found myself at the same last spot I escaped (before opening the door)..and the boy who helped me to escape was sitting there.. He said he was their son….. all the sudden the atmosphere became very scary.. I understood that the boy is also a ghost and the old couple are waiting for him mean either they did not know he is dead or they also are ghosts.. I was confused and very very scare..

    then the dream broke for a while again…. next I was still standing in the same spot but the boy is no longer a boy.. he is a handsome young man.. but I knew he was just a ghost.. yet I held his hand, thanked him for saving me from that place by showing the escape.. I said to him…. “I know you need to leave but I just wish this moment never ceased” then he kissed me so passionately…. and I wish I could make love to him… I thought he also wished the same………then I woke up!

    What does it mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I dreamed that I was telling my mother ( which she pass away 19 yrs ago) some bad news can’t remember but I was conforting her.in same dream also dreamed that my husband grandmother also 1 year ago died. that I was telling her about a son unknown name but in the dream is was her son that had died and also was conforting her. they both hug me and conform me it felt so real and good. these ladies were my mother to me. can’t understand why dream of both at the same time they meant the world to me are very special infact both were good friends. I wish I know what this dream means.

  • rudy:

    i dreamed i was in my dads backyard and ghost appeared and waved at me! i thought wow and they were in black and white while everything around them was in colour. the funny thing is every time i dream i go back to the same place its always crowded and the place is enormous. i really wonder why i keep dreaming of the same place.

  • Felicia:

    So, around the age of 10 I started dreamin about this man. He looks exactly like this dream man that i made up at the age of 7. tall, grey/green eyes with a splash of blue, very handsome and perferably scottish. When i started to dream about him i did not know who he was or what his name was. But in my dreams, it was like we were meant to be! We would laugh and we were obviously in love.! And this feeling I got from being around him in my dreams felt familiar. I felt as though i had seen him before. when I was 10 the dreams would some frequently. One day my sister came home with the movie P.S. I Love You… I realized the actor, Gerard Butler, is the man that i made up when i was 7 and the one i had been dreaming about for the past few months.. I don’t know what this means, but im in desperate need to find out. Please, will you help me?!

  • I have dreams kind of similar to Courtney S’s above.
    It isn’t a specific ghost but it always occurs in my house. I am either in my room or in my back yard and I am usually helpless. Last night I had a dream that I was going on a vacation with my family and I walked back inside to pray that we would have a good trip. I went up to this rosary hanging by my wall (which i don’t really have) and when i was almost done praying a cold wind brushed the beck of my body messing up my hair. I turned to my closet and saw my jacket swaying and a saw myself in my mirror to the left, which also isn’t normally there. My dream self got scared and fled the room. When I told my mother she told me in a sarcastic tone yeah okay it’s fine (She often does this in my dreams while my father helps and understands she often has a tone like “Yeah yeah get over it you’re being dramatic”).. I don’t understand >.< I have dreams like this almost everyday and they all have to do with ghosts and/or demons dragging me places in my home or in hospitals. I sometimes wake up paralyzed in fear.

  • Giovany:

    Wul i was recently in a car accident nd my boyfriend passed away in that accident he was sitting next to me.. Anyways 4 days later i go home i try to sleep nd i dreamed that i was in my room with friends it was realistic because i was injured nd had da same injuries on my dream.. Anyways i told my friends hey il be back ama go get a glass of water and as soon as i get to da kitchen i flipped the switch to turn on the light but it wouldnt turn on so i tried other lights bt none of them worked, da kitchen was already dark bt it got pitch black and then it got cold,den i fealt something or someone trying to reach for me then i saw that it was a black shadow, it got a hold of my shoulders nd i couldnt move i had shivers , i couldnt move,scream or do anything .i tried waking up nd i did wake up but i stil had the shivers even when i was awake i opend ma eyes but they some how closed shut, nd somehow i went back to da dream nd it continued, I was stil In the kitchen but da black shadow had let go nd i started walking back to my room to my friends nd i couldnt walk,i couldnt do anything it fealt like i was pretty much dragging my self but then i was able to wake up and stay awake … Can someone, anyone please tell me what that means.

  • jonathan sanchez:

    i had a dream with alot of ghosts and one of them was an indian african demon

  • Xavier:

    My ghost dream was composed of three separate parts because I kept waking up being totally terrified. Well, first I entered what appeared to be a large house or even a mansion and I walked into the dining area. I’m not sure if I was alone or not, but all of a sudden I looked to the side and there was the ghost of a younger woman or even a teenage girl just looking at me. At this moment I awoke in total shock and fear. I wouldn’t open my eyes but I was awake; I think. I just laid there with my eyes shut and my mouth hanging wide open for fear of my life. I managed to fall back asleep or back into “dream world”, and next I was in what appeared to be a patio, back porch, or even a smoking room. But this time I started out in this room. I just kind of stood there looking around when what appeared to be the same ghost as before popped up beside me, but this time the girl was dressed as a clown. Not a scary clown, but just a clown. I “woke up” and had the same reaction as before. I “fell asleep” again and now I was at the far end of an enclosed alleyway with large wooden crates laying around. This time I was actually fearing that I would encounter another ghost but this time I was actually cringing in the dream to keep from even having a chance at seeing a ghost. I slightly opened my eyes in the dream and in the far right corner of the alleyway appeared to be a small child. A boy I do believe. He wore no clothing and he was sitting in a ball in the corner facing the wall. I kept closing my eyes in fear of what might happen. The boy was a tan boy or maybe he was of central american blood. He seemed to have some reddish substance on him, I’m not sure if it was blood, but that is what it looked like the most. The boy just sat in the corner and never looked my way. At this point I awoke as before and I was in shock and totally terrified. This time the dream was over and I didn’t go back to sleep. I’m still absolutely terrified, as a matter of fact, I’m probably more scared of this dream more than I’ve ever been of anything my entire life.

  • lauren:

    i was being haunted by one

  • stacy c:

    So I had this dream twice now, im in like this place (like a skool) with ppl tht I knew and we wud b walking around and for some reason I wud look down and see this ghost lik person with red eyes black hair and face kinda mess up looking at me, and no one wud see it, there wud b times where it wud come out of the walls bu mainly the floor…. the dream goes on and that ghost slowly starts killing this person it was a friend of mine, but my friends in the dream are not my friends in real life, and I woke up say he can’t breath he needs help, …idk wat this hole dream means but it feels like the dream is real, …

  • Mary:

    My cousin-in-law passed away a few years back. I actually was friends with him before my hubby. I had a dream that we kissed after he had already passed. I never felt like that toward him. what does this mean?

  • Hazel Owers:

    I can’t remember the majority of my dream. Though the bit I do remember is the bit with the ghost in. I’m in a house that isn’t my house. It’s an old house, but doesn’t have the authentic features of a ‘haunted house’ Eg; no cobwebs, flickering lights, peeling paint or old pictures. It was just a pretty plain old house. But I recall it being very big. Not far off being a mansion, but it wasn’t quite there. There weren’t any carpets. I’m…pretty sure that the floor was wooden slats, and occasionally there’d be a dulled red carpet. There were lit lamps instead of lights. So I definately got the sense of ‘old’ straight away. I don’t remember passing any windows. So I’m not sure if there were any. I can’t remember what. But something draws my attention and I’m suddenly looking around frantically, as if in antiscipation of something. Except I felt very scared and wary of something being there. At first there was some kind of whispy pale blue-white mist behind me. I saw the dream, not from my own view, and not watching down on myself, just watching toward myself. So that’s how I saw the whispy what’cha ma calls it. Of course it faded as soon as I saw it. I was scared so ran. I can’t remember what I ran past or where I met the ghost. But a little boy suddenly appeared to me and told me to come with him. He was dressed like most ghosts would be expected to dress. He was wearing old browny clothes that looked like they were made from a sack. Ha. I’m not sure how I knew he was a ghost. I just knew he wasn’t human, even though he looked human. I don’t know if he was the whispy ghost i’d been afraid of, or if he was actually helping me. But for some reason I had complete trust in the little ghost boy. He didn’t look like anyone I know so he was a complete stranger. I followed him through something (of which I can’t remember) and I found myself in a completely different scene. It was very vivid and made no sense. I can’t remember much. But from what features I can remember, it looked like a little boy’s dream world. Everything was made of the old style lego or something fairly boyish. Bits of lego were floating and all of a sudden my family where coming through to this wierd world with me. I trusted the boy, but I wasn’t convinced this wierd world was safe. So I was a little dubious as to why I and my family trusted him so much. Though he assured me that it was safe, and my family didn’t seem worried, so I’d dismissed the likelyness of any danger (not entirely). I just presumed that if my family were happy, it was ok. The boy called his world ‘the perfect world’ or his ‘dream world’. He said it was a place where everything he could ever dream of was. I can’t remember what sort of monster suddenly drew my attention, and everyone else seemed to be entirely oblivious to the danger of the creature that was destroying the little boy’s lego buildings. The little boy said the monster was always there though, and it was too far away to hurt anyone. He started telling me about something, which I can’t remember…then lead me up some thin lego stairs and into part of a ruined lego building that didn’t look quite built properly. The sky was very crystaly blue, and the clouds were rediculously white and plumed. There were bits of pinks and purple in the sky to, creating a perfect sky scenery above me. All of a sudden, I felt uncomfortable and clostrofobic (which im not). Although I was effectively in a big open space, I felt restricted and trapped. A fairly large gap in the wall was enough for me to see the giant creatures face (which i cant remember) as it crashed its head through the ruined building and tried to eat us. The little boy seemed genuinley quite worried about me and my family. I got the strange impression of affectionate feelings from him to me. But he hadn’t done anything, I only felt like I to could feel his affection. Difficult to comprehend or explain. He leads me and my family hurridly back to the place we came through and I tell my family we should hurry out of the ‘dream world’. The boy feels very sad. But only I can feel how he’s feeling. I’m a girl by the way. I also feel very sad for the boy, and like I’ve known him before this encounter. But I’ve never met him in my dreams or my life before. I remember feeling too scared to go back on my own, in case the evil ghost is still there. And also too worried about my family to leave them here on their own. For some reason, the presence of the giant monster, outweighs the danger of the evil ghost encounter I’d previously had. (I’m not particularly sure at what point my family were actually with me) Dreams lack definite structure and you always get characters or people thrown into your dream, literally just appearing in one scene, having not been in another. But anyway. They went through the place that took them away from the ‘dream world’ The little boy took both my hands and held them, he felt protective and affectionate over me as the monster approached him. He told me it would be safe for me for now and not to be afraid. I was reluctant to leave him behind, because Id grown particularly fond of him, and found myself, at most parts of my dream that include him, feeling his feelings. So it was very difficult to tell how I felt or if I was feeling what he was feeling. It was like I had some kind of strange empathy that I could only have with the little boy. Because I was feeling the same feelings as him, I didn’t want to leave him, but he let go of my hands and I turned away anyway and stepped back through the wierd place, feeling safe and protected. As I stepped through, I woke up. Can anyone make sense of my dream? After waking up I felt very unnerved and on edge and although I’m aware that the little ghost boy was only a dream. I feel like he’s still around. So I’d much like for someone to be able to tell me what this dream means.

  • emily:

    I’m twelve and i keep having these dreams over and over about my family and i moving to a new home and The house is haunted and the ghost keeps abusing me and carving words into my back and then the dream just ends at that point all the time. Why do i keep having these dreams???Please Tell Me.

  • Patricia:

    I was in bed asleep. I awoke to something crawling into my bed, under the covers. It pulled me out of the bed and pulled me by my hands swinging me about. I awoke suddenly to find my two hands clasped tightly together as if one pulling away from the other. The hold was so strong that I had nail marks in both hands.

  • leo:

    I was being held down by ghosts and my family was slammed up against the wall and i couldnt move…. Thats all i remember

  • Raymond:

    My dream was very strange, I was in my house and I seen my family rocking chair rock on it’s own. In the dream I got scared and jumped up only to see this little boy I don’t even know appear out of no where. In the same dream I seen a little girl in my mothers room. I sooner or later seen them again in that dream and started to talk to them, all there wanted to do was play. When I woke up I completely in shock. I just remembered their were wearing pajamas like if they were staying at my house to sleep over

  • alma:

    I had a dream but was not about me.. I never saw myself there. There was a girl and she met a very handsome guy and she dated him and he was always at her house with her til her parents decided to have a talk with her. She told Cal the guy that she neeeded to speak to them alone. So they spoke and the parents told the girl that Cal wsnt real. They showed her a death certificate and showed her the date and said “this means when you met him he wsnt even in him” meaning the guys real soul. I guess Cal belonged to another body but took over someone else’s dead body. The parents told her that Cal was in love with her but if she tried breaking up with him he could kill them. The girl was afraid now. When they finished talking Cal came back but this time in a new body. He came back this big buff man with tattoos.. and the girl realized that what her parents said was true. So she told Cal that she had class and she would call him later. So when the girl called Cal back he just showed up and the girl walked right through him and Cal realized.. she always walked around him like he was a real person but not this time. So she walked towards the bed where her parents and sibling laid holding on to a toaster and a floor fan and she laid beside them and they electrocuted themselves and Cal just stood there and went to lay next to the girl and exited the man’s body. Then I woke up.. what a tragic story don’t you think?

  • Laura:

    My dream started off at this tall yellow building in this suburban area. My friends and I are outside of it. We run to the side of it were their are some long black stairs that go all the way to the top floor of the building.While up their the building had a small arcade. My friends were excited and all went in. I was a little disappointed so I decide to wonder around and go down stairs all the way to the bottom floor,were their was an abandoned playground(the building was outdoorsy in the center like a hotel). I turn around to find another entrance in the building and walk in. The inside was like a backstage set kind of a look and on the right was a kitchen on a TV set. A lady was sitting at the farside head of the table with her feet up. She greeted me and I said hello back and started walking.Then all of a sudden a chair moves from the table and rams into the side of my leg. I jump in shock.”What the heck just happened?”I asked. “Oh that was on of the ghosts that live here ,you see theirs three of them”. My mind stated to panic. The three ghosts formed be fore me, they were little children. I screamed and started to run to the corner of the room and right when I was about to the ghost children ran through me. While I was running I turned around to see a little ghost boy standing their staring at the wall sad. I stop running away and start walking to the boy. The lady from the table gets up and walks towards us. The boy tuns around and looks at me. He was pale blue with half of a face. My fear suddenly turned into sympathy. I picked up the boy and held him like an infant almost in tears. I look at the lady and ask “Why does this boy have only a half of face?”. She raises her arm and points to the wall were the boy was staring at. The wall had a black and white photo of the boy with his face gruesomely half burnt. I hold him tightly in my arms so sorry for him that it made me wake up.

  • Annabeth:

    Watermelon Boy, I hate to say it, but it’s most likley that’s the day you’re going to die.

  • Annabeth:

    Kaleigh, was his name Nico?

  • ira:

    my dream was a kid ghost but i dont know if im scared or not and she is a girl.

  • Nikki:

    Let me preface this dream by letting you know where I am in my life. I am in my late twenties, I am working a job that I love, but I am still trying to figure out if I want to go to grad school and get my PhD. I have never had a serious boyfriend; all of my friends are in significant relationships right now, and I live alone. I have been very down lately about being single and alone.
    So my dream:
    I was dead, a ghost (no explanation to how I died was given, but the implication was an accident, not suicide). As a ghost I was able to see all of my friends, being in relationships, having fun, getting married, having babies, and buying houses. I could see all of these things, and I was so sad, viscerally upset, jealous, envious, but above all else, sad and helpless. I didn’t haunt people, but someone (no idea who, female my age, I think) could see me and hear me crying. She was not afraid of my apparition and she asked me why I was so sad. I said because ‘no one ever loved me, and I never accomplished anything. I wanted to get my PhD and get married, have kids, and buy a house and I never got to do any of it.’ I saw a lot of blue and gray tones in the dream.
    It felt so real, that I was very happy when I actually woke up the next morning. I felt like I had died.
    Any help in interpreting would be helpful. I am worried that I am going to suddenly die and that this dream was foreshadowing. I am terrified to leave my house.

  • Ashleigh:

    It was so weird I was with my best friend, my sister, my cousin and my enemy but the enemy wanted us to see this ghost she had in her room. It was pitch black apart from a lamp in the corner and I got on my camera and filmed near the light to see if I saw anything. The camera started to pixelate and mess up and a eye came into the shot at some point and it was really creepy. We all freaked out and I tried to open her door but the bed was in the way, eventually we got it open and ran all the way to my house.
    I showed my parents the film and a picture I had found of my enemy in her a room, she had a little white orb near her face. So my dad decided to ring someone for help when we heard someone playing twinkle twinkle little star and a keyboard and they were giggling, it was the ghost playing it even though we left it in my enemy’s house which was a while away! I am so confused as to what this could mean.

  • Johnny:

    In my dream, i see a picture of a famu who use to live in this haunted house, but died. So, i’m called to go in there and find out if the story is true, if there spirits are truly in there. But for some reason, i’m afraid of going in. This nice family who lives next door to that haunted house tell me that God will take care of me from everything evil in that house, so a wife of that sweet family gives me a hat to wear to calm me down. (the hat she gives me is the hat Dawn from the pokemon cartoons wears when she was very young kindergarden. I have a very strong attachment to Dawn, i love her she’s my wife 🙂 my friends tease me on that, because i loge my Dawn…. ever since my ex my true love….. led me on.) so the lady give me the hat and i walk in. Once i walk in, on the couch the blanket was moving up as if someone was under it, i left them up and the ghost of the child from that family in the picture was there. I could of touch him but i didn’t want to. So i walked up stares and i started to hear evil sounds coming from all around me. Then i woke up….. what could this mean?

  • DeShawn:

    Me and my little brother are in a place we never been before. I just woke up from a nap and everything seems silent, but I can hear a tv off in the distance. I look everywhere until I hear my little brother call me to the bathroom. When I slowly answered him where everyone went he immediately told me to bless the house because he feels something in the place. So I rush to the kitchen if the house and begin to bless it, my brother is now in the living room sitting on the couch and I hear him start saying my name in freight. I rush to the living room and as my little brother points to a corner in the living room a ghost of a little girl Ina whit dress appears and skips away to the bedroom door. Then, I wake up in freight myself breathing heavily.

  • Crazy:

    i dreamed about this ghost in my cousins room
    trying to kill me & I just entered my room
    & the ghost couldn’t pass the room in that same
    dream it was there for a long time staring at me

  • clare:

    my dream was very unnerving i was in some sort of large building and i went to the bathroom there were a lot of large pipes in this very large bathroom i walked in and shut the door i turned towards the pipes and i could see a little boy hiding behind the pipes he crawled out from behind the pipes and he was talking about his mummy that he missed her and she would be coming to him soon (he seemed familiar to me in the dream) i talked with him some more and i left i went to find my friend (didnt recognise the person) and took her to show her the little boy when he crawled out he was a baby and i knew who he was (in dream and reality) it was my eldest son (6yrs) my friend was saying to me dont you see dont you see its lewis its his ghost hes come for you (my son is alive and well) i left the room again and came back in he came out as a 6yr old and i was crying (he didnt recognise me as his mummy) he was asking me why was i crying but i had an overwhelming feeling that i couldnt tell him who i was that i shold not tell so i am sat on the floor of the bathroom crying and he is saying it will be ok not long now not long now!!! as you can guess this dream being so specific i woke in the early hours unnerved and panicked i checked on my son who was sleeping safe and sound i however was not 🙁

  • stephanie:

    Well i had a dream thatching had died that i wuz married to this crazy Guy that wanted to kill me so he did he put a bomb in car n i died but for some reason my car kept driving n i saw this people calling me names n all the way up front i saw a spirit of a little boy he wuz light skin he looked Hispanic n he wuz laying down in the concreate he look scared n he wuz hurt i think i ran him over in my dream but it wuz only spirit i got him to get on top of my car n he asked me to give him a rock so i did n then i woke up i being having this dream 2 times already but this is the first time that i c that little boys spirit can someone tell me what does that dream mean please

  • Tanya:

    I dreamed that i was in a room it seemed like a hotel room with a guy that i was dating and we were kissing on a couch and then out of no where I happen to look up and a litte girl and her father were looking therough the window,I screamed and then my friend shut the blinds.We began kissing again and as things got heated that same little girl appeared right next to the couch. I ordered her to get out at first it seemed like she just came through the door… But then she reappered but this time she was at the door an then she vanished and re-appeared by the couch. I screamed for her to leave and she calmy stood there and then she finnally left. So me and my friend got up to leave and as we were rushing out a heavy set black woman appears and she come through the front door and says ” I know yall had sex on my bed” Me and my partner both screamed and when we tried to leave she began to go to the bed and lye down and some how we all ended back by the bed. She then got up and smiled and vanished i guess to show us that she was a ghost, she then re-appeared by the door. we took off running leaving most of our things behind… I was in the hallway when she began throwing water and my friend was still in getting our belongings. While she was throwing the water i would close the door so it would half hit the door…. thats all i can remember this dream really has my mind boggled… If anyone knows what it means please tell me.