Dreams About Jaguar: An Interpretation of the Jaguar Dream

What Does the Jaguar Dream Mean?

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Since the beginning of time, individuals have desired to understand the explanation of their dreams.The Jaguar dream isn’t unique from many other kinds of dreams.

Lots of people have the Jaguar dream and express a desire to know precisely exactly what it means.

Below you’ll find the normal interpretation of the Jaguar dream. Though it is just one path to interpret this specific dream, it could provide you with a great start to understanding for what reason you could possibly be dreaming about Jaguar.

Therefore with out further ado, here’s the normal Jaguar explanation:

To see a jaguar in your dream, represents speed, agility, and power.

It will be important that you bear in mind that you are not the only person who dreams about Jaguar. There are others such as you, so you might be able to locate folks on the net who write about comparable dreams. This may be especially important in the event you dream about Jaguar continually.

We invite you to share your individual Jaguar dream story down below inside the comments field. This will allow other people to look over the story of this dream and observe the way it pertain to their dream pertaining to Jaguar.

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We hope this was an enlightening interpretation of your Jaguar Dream

8 Responses to “Dreams About Jaguar: An Interpretation of the Jaguar Dream”

  • E.D.:

    Well, it started off normal, me walking down a sidewalk. Suddenly I’m approached by an unknown man (he looked very much like a younger version of Michael Douglas) but, he was aggressive and demanded that I stepped into some kind of cellphone company store. This is where it gets weird. Everything in my body is telling me to not enter this store, don’t know why, don’t understand why or anything, but this opposing force (unknown man) will not let me escape, he points at the store and it feels like some kind of outter force makes me go in. Suddenly, he turns into this huge beast-like black jaguar and I’m terrified, I knew in the dream he was going to kill me. At some point I realized that if he can turn himself into this creature, then why couldn’t I? (And I’m aware that that’s a tad bit of lucid dreaming kicking in). But, the fear that I had in that moment, maybe thats what caused it, I changed too. I forced myself to change to an equally sized beast/jaguar just like him, the only difference was that I was a white one. And yes at some point this did feel like some odd good vs. evil battle, but I don’t know. The weird thing was too, that I felt every bit of my body structure change (it also felt like something/someone was helping me change). My hands turned into huge paws, my back bent in a funny way, I felt my teeth get longer and sharper, my clothes were ripping and just felt this incredible energy throughout my body. I was shaking though (not sure if it was the dream or waking life) violently and I was cold. But I was muscular too and strong and ready to defeat my opponent.

    So I don’t remember much after that, nor what happened in the fight, there was never an actual attack on either end. I just remember thinking that this resembled the ying-yang symbol way too much, like I was fighting myself in my dream or something. So I guess I’m just a little curious about it because, if all it was was an extra step of lucid dreaming then that’s cool, but if it has some kind of significance, I’d love to know. Just can’t quite take my mind off it.

    Also if mentioning specific activities I was doing before I fell asleep helps, I did just finish working out and did have a bad conversation (very light argument) with a former girlfriend that day.

    So thanks a lot to whoever takes the time to read and interpret. I truly appreciate it.


  • Robert Bleazard:

    It started off in the jungle with me chilling at my little secluded hut then i was running from a tiger that was chasing me after about 5 minutes of running i stopped for a breather then i was attacked by a jaguar it tried to pounce on me but it missed i then grabbed a branch. while the jaguar was on its side on the ground i impaled it right where i though its heart was it let out a scream so i stabbed it again this time i hit my mark after that remembering that a tiger was still after me i ran off then i told my brother about this in the dream and he said he didn’t believe me. so then to prove my story i had to go get a piece of the jaguar. but this time instead of the jungle it was in a cave i was afraid of the cave knowing that the tiger was still in there the dream ended with me reaching the jaguar cutting off its ear tor prove my story and then i woke up.

  • Jaguar Dreamer:

    I am a 52 year old male USA/WASP divorce who lives alone, with few good friends. I seldom remember my dreams but have had many vivid dreams, of late.
    I do not recall ever dreaming of large cats, before.

    My dream takes place inside a large, somewhat cluttered, old, 2-story house, with old furniture and books, some on shelves and some in stacks.

    The Jaguar was a pet … looked more like a very large Bobcat, but I undrstood it to be a jaguar. It was a good and very frindly pet who loved to be touched and played with. I was in an old wicker rocking chair, sort of petting him roughly and scratching his head and neck whilst he played at chewing on my hand but he loved it.

    I remember thinking that he was getting larger and more agressive, no longer a kitten and I feared that some guest, who did not know how to play with him, might rile him and get bitten (in rougher play). He was a real cutie but I knew that he was almost an adult and that I would need to find him a more appropriate home, where he might play with other cats and where people would not provoke his instincts. Even I was starting to have to be much more careful not to get him too “worked up”, for fear he might bite or scratch me (more seriously). He was as big as a large dog and getting bigger.

    My last thought, was the word “Jaguar”, spelled out, in my mind. “Important”.

    That’s all … fade to jibberish.

  • Nuni:

    I was walking through a deserted neighborhood when I saw a gray cat next to a black truck. Before in the dream, I was asking my friends about adopting a dog and seeing that cat made me think of adopting a cat. I go up to it and pet it, and it seems really happy but I notice that it’s not gray but blue. Then it walks away and I don’t know why. Then I realized I was my leg was on a slug so I was grossed out. While I stare into the direction the little cat was going, a Jaguar walks up to me out of no where. My first instinct is to run but I knew it would catch me so I just stayed still. It starts sniffing my right arm and then leaps up and takes a chunk out of it! I freak out and start running to the closest house, the jaguar running with me of course and I get to a house with only a screen door and a long hallway but no one inside. Then the jaguar bites at the same place in my arm again and I wake up.

  • chalina clemons:

    I dreamed about seeing a jaguar in the direction to where I wated to travel but I quickly started to run before he saw me . When I turned in my other direction it was anothe jaugar but he was olaying with dogs soo I turn to run in s different direction to run. Ifound myself in an area where there was house

  • Bob:

    i was at a kind of zoo where there was people everywhere and animals of all kinds walking About uncaged yet I was unafraid and everything seemed normal, then I saw this spotted jaguar walking through the crowd and I became horribly afraid for my youngest boy who was there also, it seemed the jaguar was stalking him so I ran Round to find my boy in a panic, that’s all I remember of the dream except the power and grace of the spotted jaguar, it was different from all the other animals at the zoo.

  • Fred Fredly:

    My dream of a jaguar was intense but fun. I and my friend were at my grandmother’s house, who has been dead for 15 years, and I tell him to come outside, and we peek out through some old garage, which had thick, black plastic covering it, and see two huge tires, those that go on an earthmover, stacked on top of one another; out from these tires jumps an orange and black spotted jaguar/tiger and moseys over to the back of the yard, and we both go “whoa” and I say, “isnt that cool.” But my friend is a bit nervous, so we go inside again.

  • CB8:

    Visited family and they were having Some kinda party to worship snakes (boa constrictors) I find it boring and left the room. Outside there was a boy who kept annoying me. Out of nothing came a jaguar and killed the boy. Totally freaked about this dream. What does it mean?