Dreams About Jesus: An Interpretation of the Jesus Dream

What Does the Jesus Dream Mean?

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Since the begining of history, humans have needed to know the psychological significance with their dreams.The Jesus dream is no different from other kinds of dreams.

Plenty of people have the Jesus dream and express a desire to understand precisely what this means.

On the next paragraphs you will find a regular interpretation for this Jesus dream. Despite the fact that this is one strategy to translate this type of dream, it could give you an excellent start to comprehending for what reason you may be dreaming about Jesus.

Therefore with out further ado, here’s the most popular Jesus meaning:

To see Jesus in your dream, foretells that your greatest desires and goals will be realized. This dream serves to console and strengthen you in your times of adversity, hardship and struggle. You will rise above any situation and circumstance and become victorious.

To dream that Jesus speaks to you or that you are praying with Him, signifies that you will be blessed with true peace of mind, joy and contentment.

It is vital for you to take into account that you’re not the only man or women who dreams about Jesus. There are others similar to you, and you just might locate men and women on the internet who share similar dreams. This could be especially important for those who dream about Jesus often.

We invite you to reveal your individual Jesus dream account down below inside the comments area. It will allow people to go through the story of the dream and see the way it applies to their dream concerning Jesus.

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We hope this was an enlightening interpretation of your Jesus Dream

11 Responses to “Dreams About Jesus: An Interpretation of the Jesus Dream”

  • Dicky Byrd:

    I had a dream about Jesus Christ.
    I was in a church that I was the minister. My choir was singing a song, There is Room at the Cross. (I’m not sure if it is a actual song) My congregation was waiting for me to come out and preach. (I was in a room behind the pulpit) Upon hearing the song I began questioning myself, was I worthy or even going to Heaven. I turned from the pulpit and walked through a white door that had a tan curtain hanging on it. Worried about being worthy enough to go to Heaven, I began to ask for forgiveness with the deepest conviction. My heart was so heavy that it I became concerned for my spiritual life. As I walked into the room I saw Jesus on the Cross. I could not make out his face… but a gentle and inspiring voice began to comfort me as continued to pray harder asking an assortment of questions. I walked up to the cross and bowed my head, with my left hand touching the feet of Jesus and my right hand on my right knee. I woke up startled at what I was dreaming.

  • Myrna:

    I had a dream where I saw Jesus on the cross and the clouds above him was very dark clouds like rain clouds.

  • Jessica:

    Every night I always pray. I pray for myself, my family and the issues I have so Jesus and God can help me with them. Right before I went to sleep I prayed and went straight to sleep. I ended up having a dream that we all had to talk to Jesus because we had to choose to either stay here on earth or leave with him. I called my husband and he didn’t pick up the phone, but then I called my mother and asked this: Mom, my husband isn’t picking up the phone and I need to talk to Jesus next, what should I do? So my mother says: Jessica, just take your husband and kids and go because me your father and brothers are leaving too. So I said okay. Then I went to where Jesus was and it was in a church on the roof, but there was millions of people on line ready to talk to him. In my dream I was next in line. There was a woman in front of me talking to him. He was dressed in a robe and looked like the way he does in pictures. He looked over to me in my eyes and smiled at me. I physically saw his face and looked in his eyes back and smiled, Now, my question is: Does this mean he is trying to tell me everything is going to be okay? What does this mean?

  • candy:

    I dream that he was giving me the eugurist. I was on mt knees praying and he gave it to me.

  • bubu:

    what does it mean a cross with jesus in my neck in my dream. the cross was not mine. i found in a pocket .

  • Celestina:

    In my dream i saw a butterfly, i wanted to hold it but it fly and start speaking, that i should not eat with people. Suddenly a voice came from above saying don’t eat with people, don’t eat with witches and i look up and see Jesus speaking i bow my head down to respect jesus.

  • brenda:


  • Jennifer:

    I had many dreams last night. At one point I recall being in a church; uncertain of the denomination. There was talk of the mesiah being present. I kneeled down next to Jesus. He appeared almost like the icon image we have come to know as Jesus. He spoke softly, asking me about my faith and beliefs. I felt in my heart that he was asking if I believed in him. Before I could answer he was gone.

  • Isaac:

    I was in a room. It seemed the room had a bed or two and I could have been looking after a few toddlers and a very dirty hairy and bearded madman or vagrant quietly came to the door. Fearing for the kids I shouted or sctreamed very loud to turn the man away. Facing into the room through the open door, his face was in a dark shadow. Somehow the man became Jesus Christ. Though never dreamt of Him before, I recognosed Him straight away, very gentle face. While still in my surprise, He, disappeared.

    I still do not understand the meaning of the dream.

  • Ruth:

    I recently discovered Jesus in my life in my belief. I believe that God was always part of my life,in my early childhood I could say I overcame sicknesses and accidents, where i today believe that I had a protection angel, a messenger of God protecting me. Up to now, when I turned 46 years I feel a presence of God and his angels around me.
    Not long ago, I had doubts in Jesus and his mission on earth. But I always wanted to get to the roots of this doubt, it was like itching me and I thought that this doubt was not satisfying at all. I started to search for Jesus and search for his purpose to make my belief in God complete, to gain complete satisfaction in my belief. I started to read the bible, and from there I started to gain knowledge and this knowledge made me more curious and with my curiosity I was like chasing Jesus in the holy bible, searching for Jesus and his most meaningful mission on earth. At any time in my free time, I almost rip off the pages of my bible and read and read and read, through the old testament and the new testament,repeatedly read texts as I am so eager to find Jesus and his purpose coming. I am from Austria, a little country in the heart of Europe, the main religion there is Catholic. This country went through tough times in history. Austria took part in the mass killing of the Jews, which has happened already in the middle ages. Then later in the second world war, Austria took part in the murder of millions of Jews sending them to concentration camps.
    Coming from a post – war generation, I grew up with the perception, that Austrians and Germans, who took part in the killing of Jews were devious and that some of them were passive perpetrators. I developed a deep compassion towards the murdered jews. My mother tongue is German, thats why my English is not very accurate, but I try my best.

    Anyway since I have occupied myself with Jesus and since my faith in Jesus grew and grew, I dream about him. My last dream was yesterday night. I dreamed that he came from heaven and he was all 3 in one. It was him, but it was also God jesus and the holy spirit in one and his appearence was so bright and full of a gleaming white light, shining like a star, blending and at the same time I could see his face. I remember before I saw him, i left the house. People were standing outside the houses as everybody was drawn to him by his appearence. I saw people standing there,staring at his bright glooming feature,which was so big that the whole sky was just him. Everybody was overwhelmed by God/Jesus/spirit, people were in awe. I stood there, very much afraid of him, saw his expression in his face, his face was shining like a beaming star with bright millions of varying lights. When I looked at him, I recognized, that he was angry,and I felt his anger was towards my sins. I fell on the ground and i felt so small and so meaningless, with so much fear, he could reject me. He started to point out at people who gathered around him.He selected the ones who he wanted to take to him, and some who he pointed at,I recognized, he did not want to take to him. Then he pointed at me and i was so much afraid, that i would be send away too. In the moment he pointed at me, I saw anger and disappointment in his eyes.Then this part of the dream stopped. But the dream then continued when i felt relief as I was then all of a sudden was sitting on a bench on the top of an auditorium, sitting together with others. Then I saw people on the bottom of this auditorium who were like mourning and crying, holding each other,as if they had no chances anymore. Then i felt like that I maybe was not one of primarlily chosen ones who God will take immediately to him, but that i had a chance to come to him,but should pass some more lessons, he then would give to me. Then I woke up.

  • Roberta:

    I’ve had more than one dream of Jesus. There’s times I’ve rested my chin on his head and held him in comfort where his hair smelled like flowers. Another time I was in a small boat and he was on the other side of the river and I waved to him excited and looking really childish doing so. Another time I was following him down this long temple-like building filled with jewels and gold, etc. The most recent one I had been praying to God in a pew at some unrecognizable church. I asked for Him to send me a sign. Then I FELT the footsteps of a man coming up to my side. I then FELT his presence more than just in a dream. He sat next to me and I just started rambling showing him the Bible saying how much there is and where do I start etc. He calmly said, One line at a time. Then he got up and said, I love you. I answered but very softly, I love you. Then he looked at me like a parent to a child that look you give when you know what they said you just want them to say it louder. So I said it louder, I love you. The he smiled and walked back up the walkway from the pew. Someone told me maybe by his saying One line at a time was indication I give myself a break and do what I’m doing but don’t get so worried because it’s all under control.