Dreams About Killing: An Interpretation of the Killing Dream

What Does the Killing Dream Mean?

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As long as humanity has been around, people have needed to know the psychological significance with their dreams.The Killing dream is not any unique from several other forms of dreams.

Most individuals have the Killing dream and are thinking about determine what it indicates.

On the next paragraphs you will discover the normal meaning of this Killing dream. Although it is just one path to interpret this specific dream, it might grant you a fantastic start to recognizing precisely why you could be dreaming about Killing.

Which means with no further ado, here’s the normal Killing meaning:

To dream that you kill someone, indicates that heavy stress may cause you to lose your temper and self-control. Consider the person you have killed and ask yourself if you feel any rage towards him or her in your waking life. You may very well be expressing some anger or hatred toward this person. Alternatively, you may be trying to kill or put an end to an aspect of yourself that is represented by the person killed. Identify the characteristics of this person and ask yourself how you do not want to be like him or her.

To dream that you have been killed, suggests that your actions are disconnected from your emotions. Alternatively, it refers to drastic changes that are happening in your life.

This dream may also represent a part of you or your life that you wish would leave you alone and stop creating a nuisance. Killing may represent the killing off of old parts of yourself and old habits.

*Please see also Murder.

It will be important that you remember you are not the only person who dreams about Killing. You’ll find some people just like you, and you may be able to discover individuals via the internet who share the same dreams. This could be particularly important if you dream about Killing often.

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36 Responses to “Dreams About Killing: An Interpretation of the Killing Dream”

  • Madi:

    Okay well I had this dream where there were a whole bunch of boys and men except the boy I like, were in this big castle with huge walls… like a pit. and for some reason I had to kill them all. It was really disturbing because I could feel the knife I had ripping through them. And after in my dream I tried asking this boy I like why I had to do that. He just shrugged his shoulders There were so many people that I killed in my dream… what does this mean?

  • Katy Starrett:

    I had a dream that I shot my friend Mike with a shot gun and he didn’t die so I went to a near by stream and drowned him. I’ve also had dream where i chopped people up and put them in garbage bags…

  • Dusty:

    My very good friend was murder in a murder suicide. Since this happened in May of 2008 I have had 3 dreams, all being different but her not really being dead. She was shot in the right side of the head they say it was at point blank range. I need to know what these dreams mean?

  • Lurenda:

    I had a dream that my family attacked me. My brothers tried to poison me and my mother tried to push me out the window. I ranaway from home and took shelter with my friends. They turned agenst me and tried to kill mw. My bff tried to stop them but he ended up getting killed in the process. I ran again, I couldn’t stop. A friendly family invited me in because it started to rain. They told me to stay with them since I’m only 12. They took me to a school that my “little neither went to”. Then he want to kill me so I’m running around the school scared as hell. I run into my parents and they try to kill me. I look myself I’m a class that is still in session. I tell the teacher wants been going on. He tells me not to leave the class. Then he gets the same look that the others had in their eyes, the whole class does. They torture me in unspeakable ways and i die.All of them have a smile.

  • Lisa Marie:

    Okay, so I had a dream that I was with two people. I do not know who they are an have never seen them. While in the dream, I was getting plastic containers foe me to put the bodies in…i just remember that we almost got caught by I man that came asking for milk, but I had to kill anyone who entered the house..so I drugged him.

  • Jayme:

    i have a repetitive dream that im shopping with my mum at the supermarket and theres a gang of 4 men and they come and tourch all the cars. Later on in the dream i have a dream im at a house party and the same four men come and torture everyone but me! but they make me watch it! Ive no idea what this means.

  • dogncatluver21:

    In my dream, i was running around a very detailed place, full of buildings and plants and people and stuff. It was a complicated setting. I was running from someone but i didnt know who. I stopped and crouched down to hide behind the wall, and then a shadow came over me. They dropped a knife down onto me to try and kill me. I moved so it missed. Then they tried dropping a bag of rocks. It hit me right on the skull, but it didn´t hurt. I looked up to see who was trying to kill me, because somehow I knew that they were trying to (I could see myself through their eyes at the same time that i was me), and I saw my dad. He was trying to kill me.
    What the hell does this mean?

  • dogncatluver21:

    In my dream, i was running around a very detailed place, full of buildings and plants and people and stuff. It was a complicated setting. I was running from someone but i didnt know who. I stopped and crouched down to hide behind the wall, and then a shadow came over me. They dropped a knife down onto me to try and kill me. I moved so it missed. Then they tried dropping a bag of rocks. It hit me right on the skull, but it didn´t hurt. I looked up to see who was trying to kill me, because somehow I knew that they were trying to (I could see myself through their eyes at the same time that i was me), and I saw my dad. He was trying to kill me.
    What the hell does this mean?

  • julie:

    i kill random people in my dreams

  • Maria:

    my dream was confusing but i sort of remember what happen it all started with my neighbor where i used to live rececntly i had gotten down with her but in my dream she starts talking bad things to me so i start talking back to her as well so i dont know how it started but both of us were fighting and next thing you know i killed her and i broke her body in half people were around looking at the fight, so i decided to hide the body so no one could find it not even her kids. the next day on my dream the cops were investigation on what had happen and they had some clues and came to me to see what had happen, so i turned my self in and i went to jail. I literally thought that i was in jail i felt that i was there even though i had never gone to one everyone in jail was mean to me and were picking on me i felt lost and thats when i woke up to go to school.

  • Corinne:

    Last night I had this dream about one of my friends who was fighting with her mom about going into this lake. Well, she couldn’t swim, so when she took another step, she fell of the sandbar. My other friend saved her and yeah. Then there was this man. He started killing off a lot of my friends. I was praying the whole time. When he got around to me, I tried to stall then my little brother was holding this spear. When the guy started to murder me, the knife went right through me, although there were painful scars. I noticed later that my hands, feet and head were bleeding. I woke up.

  • Carlys:

    i had this dream where me and my sister were in a tent and it was so cold and there was this tiger. the tiger was beautiful and i was playing with it and petting it. I luved it. My sister called it over to her and it layed down on her lap. I was just watching. Then she pulled out a knife and sliced the tiger opened. I was crying. Her head was down but her eyes were looking at me. Then she said, “You have to keep an open mind, carlys.” then it was over. 🙁

  • Megan Leclair:

    Once I had a dream that I was in a car with some guy I didn’t know. He was drinking and I told him if he kept it up he was going to die. All of a sudden there is a tapping from the back of the car. I turn to look and start screaming because it’s the guy from scream and he has a bowie knife. He goes up to the drivers seat and pulls the boy out of the car while he screams kill her kill her! I turn into the boy as scream guy says coward and stabs me in the stomach. The last thing I remember is thinking that it didn’t hurt like I thought it would.

  • michcaz:

    its a dream of me killing and killing wile enjoying it even went as far ask me sitting on a large oak chair surrounded by bodies in and open field even the chair was on a person not dead but dying and next to me was a lone glass of wine a antique luger and an old record player, the sky filled with balls of fire raining down

  • Kirsten:

    I had this dream that i lived in a beautifull house. I dont know why these details were so important but i had a olympic swimming pool and another pool with a jacuzzi. My mom was either going out with or married to this man in my dream? But the man tied her up in the closet then had a butcher knife and was slowly chanting the same thing.. waiting to get ahold of me. I dont know what this has to do with this either, but inside this house it was pitch black and outsie was a beautifull day. My friend emely was asking me to go swwimming with her so i said hold on im going to change. Its like i forgot what was waiting for me inside. So finally i come back outside and ask her to come inside with me and some other friends and TRY to stop this guy. So we unleashed our dogs and he just shrugged his shoulders. Afetr that i started dreaming about a completely different subject.

  • Joveria "JoJo":

    Either I’m Crazy or I’m Crazy but this is what happened in MY DREAM.
    Well it started with my Friend Having a Conversation with My French Teacher,Mr Codron,I was At A Far Distance Watching with NO Emotion as Mr Codron was turning away and walking I Ran Up to Him and Stabbed him TO DEATH. There Was BLOOD EVERYWHERE.
    I Have NO IDEA Why I did This,Because I was actually starting to like him,Because in the past we really hated eachother,he always shouted at me and sent me out of Class and stuff, i dont think i was TOO much trouble its not like i was too much trouble in primary so why should high school be any different? So After i Thought he was okay Why Did I Suddenly Have A Dream That I Stabbed Him TO DEATH!

  • Either I’m Crazy or I’m Crazy but is WhatCodron, I was watching them at a far distance Happened in MY DREAM.My friend was having a conversation with my French Teacher,Mr with NO EMOTION. As he finished the conversation and he was walking away I ran Up to Him and STABBED him TO DEATH. There was BLOOD EVERYWHERE!
    Apparently, I was always “TOO MUCH TROUBLE FOR HIM”, he always use to shout at me and sent me out of class and stuff(over the littlest things). But after a while things sorta clamed down and i was actually starting to think he was okay You know? I mean i Wasn’t too much trouble in Primary school so Why Would High School be any different?
    I mean as i was starting to like Him as a teacher, I Suddenly Want to stab Him to DEATH??? Was i really that angry at him? (maybe a few months ago i would have been pleased with this, but it’s kinda of freaky)

  • Sierra:

    Okay, i had a dream that i was at a family party and some people iv never seen before were there and one of them kept following me every where i went. it(i could not tell which one it was.. thats kinda sad.) took me to the attic of the old house and it tried to kill me then i revursed it and killed it. Then later i was on vacation very detailed place plants sun tile pretty setting and it(the person) somehow reapeared and had two friends and they were all chasing me even when i left that house. They each had a weapon a wooden pole(fishing stake)a knife and a iron thing that looked like a hammer. i got stabbed in the lip with the wood thing and killed the other two guys then the last guy standing was the guy from the attic that had the wooden stake. Then when i woke up my lip was bleeding.

  • Robert:

    So I was in college, these too boys grabbed my needle nose pliers. And went to the 4th floor. For some reason it felt like I was in the room with them. I remember the boys went to this room und was messing with the other boy. I was standing there watching. They pushed in his eyes with there thumbs und pulled biz face skin off. Then over biz mouth area. He had like a thin bones interlocking like fish bones in fillets. But there were lots of em und interlocking. They took my pliers und broke all those bones und crushed them. Then they peeled his skull off und I saw hiz brain. Then they had some bug in my pliers und they was gonna put it in his brain I wanted to throw up. I felt my stomach twist und then I woke up

  • Madi:

    In my dream, I was running around my house, scared out of my mind. I was crying and running away from 2 girls that I didn’t know. The meaner one was trying to sufficate me with my beanie hat. I finally ran into my room and hid under a blanket with a lighter and my cell phone. The nicer of the girls was trying to help me by staying outside of my room. The mean girl barged inti the room and found me under the blanket. She tried to stab me and it didn’t work so she tried to sufficate me again with my beanie hat, but I flipped the lighter behind her and almost set her on fire. I ran into my mom’s room and hid all of the beanie hats and stood there scared. She came in and tried to make me watch a scary video that I have already seen and then it ended.

  • Sue:

    I Had A Dream Last Night That I Was In The Top Floor Of A Building & I Was Looking Out The Window. It Was Fall Time & On The Sidewalk On The Other Side Of The Street Was A Boy. For Some Reason I Wanted To Go Outside With Him. But In The Room With Me Was This Other Boy That Was Being Mean To Me.. So I Shot Him With A Pistol. But He Didn’t Die, He Came At Me Instead! But He Was Crawling Obviously Because He Was Shot. But Anyway I Sat On Him With A Chair & He Was Getting Puncture Wounds All Over But He Wouldn’t Die! What Does This Mean?

  • Olivia:

    I had a dream that i was Mrs Lovett and i was chopping an unknown guy up and putting him in my bathroom drawer. I was happy and singing in this dream. Does it mean I’ve watched too much Sweeney Todd or does it have underlying messages.

  • marco:

    in my dream i get invited into to this old woman’s house i go in she offers me food i eat it then i get knocked out when i wake up i am in a room with a boy and a girl a man walk in with a mask on and holding a knife first he kills the girl then the boy and tries to kill me but i get the knife kill him and escape

  • courtney:

    I had a dream that my best guy friend called me asking which window my brother’s room is (in real life,he doesn’t know my brother, or where he lives). And not thinking anything of it, I tell him, then him and my other guy friend go and kill my brother by beating him up.

  • Lyla:

    I always have random dreams I kill people I dont know. One time I was a zombie and liked killing and ripping apart people. But that was the only time I liked it. The other times I would kill people because I was either defending other people, or myself. I would tend to overkill and be merciless in the killing and wouldn’t get caught ever. The kill itself would be usually quick violent and gorey. But in reality I would not ever in my life want to to attempt or kill someone. Is something wrong with me?

  • Carmello:

    I have very different dreams but most of them are pretty gruesome and disgusting.my most recent one I killed 20to30 people that just looked at me wrong. The dream take place with me walking in a crowded area lookin for someone to look at me wrong when they did I snatched them up put them in a bag and everyone around doesn’t mind me doin this either so I drag the person to my house where I tie them in a chair and slowly cut and stab them till there’s no blood left I then cut them into pieces and throw them out like there trash go inside and smoke a blunt and go back and do it all over again any thoughts

  • kate:

    i dreamed that it was halloween and i was passing out candy, then this boy came up and smashed my sisters pumpikin with a bat and she started to cry. so i took the bat and chased him down the street then beat him to death. also i had a dream where my their were a bunch of vampires came and tryed to kill me but i maneged to kill all of them at one point one had jumped me when i stood up i had fangs! and went all phyco killer.

  • Larissa:

    I dream I kill my family with a knife, the police took me to gail and I couldn’t explain why I did’t.

  • Alek:

    I had a messed up dream My grand father who is like my dad died i went crazy sceaming if you think people can save you god cant even save you from me i went on a raging killing spree after a man shot me killing anything and everyone that tried to stop me some how i was on fire but felt like i was freezing cutting and chopping my way into people i dont know faces that cloud my head after i killed everyone a white light that i think was my passed ex slowed me and said it will be ok everything is going to be fine

  • Ronnie:

    I dreamed that i bought a samurai sword and started walking thru a building maybe even a mall and it was crowded and i just start chopping people in half and laughing as i did it then after i kill around 20 random people i kill myself but i dont die!!

  • Ashleigh:

    I didn’t kill anyone but witnessed a murder. Basically my family was going to visit our other family and my dad decided to go a bit earlier than us so he was there first, as we pull up on a street i’m very familiar with I see my dad and my grandparents looking upset walking into a house I didn’t know. As I walk in the are sat on the floor, my dad is in tears and he tells me that in the field behind the house he witnessed someone get stabbed. I freaked out so I went to go lock the door as I was scared, Now my dad was in the living room and myself was in the hall and everyone else was behind me on the stairs. As I open the door to close it properly the murderer slams the door open and the door is stopped by the wall so we are stuck on one side but this guy is going after my dad. I try to look through the glass but it’s too blurry and all i can make out is he was wearing a white and multi-coloured jacket. I try to close the door and ask for help but when I turn around everyone is just staring at me not doing anything, in the other room I can hear my dad screaming and this guy trying to stab him and shouting at him saying, you want me dead before my funeral! The guy then runs away and all I see it white, I have no idea if my dad was killed but I remember the screams were so realistic that I woke up early hours in the morning crying and I couldn’t sleep afterwards! What does this mean?

  • Jennifer:

    I Had A Dream Last Night Were I Was At My House In My Room.. & Then I Brushed My Teeth & Chanted A Ritual Or Prayer Thing.. I Dont Remember What I Said Then I Left My House & I Ran All The Way To My Friends House She Only Lives Like 5 to 10 Minutes Away From Me & I Ran Up To Her House And Her Family Had Just Got Home But When I Entered Her House & Looked Out It Went From Being Her House To My Parents Outside Getting Grocieries And Bringing Them Inside. Then I walked Into The House And It Was Suddnely Arranged Diffrent And The House Was Wooden.. We All Stood By The Table And I Saw Death. It Was Like On Family Guy Or Usually Hiw People Portray Death Looks Like. My Vision Blurred & I Dont Remember What Happened.. Then All Of A Sudden It Wasnt My Parents In The House With Me Anymore. It Was My Friend And Her Family. Death Came Up To My Friend And Choked Her. I Couldnt See Death Nor Could He Kill Me Because I Worked For The Devil. I Ran Upstrairs and Looked Down And My Friends Getting Killed. I Somehow Got Outside Without Going Downstairs & Once I Gott Outside We Werent In Her Neighborhood. We Were In The Town Next To Us Called Salem. I Dont Know Were Exactly But I Remember Getting In This Car With Someone And He Had To Bomb His Rivals House. Thenn We Chanted A Ritual & Death Came And Killed Everyone.

    Then I Dont Remember Anything.

  • diana kelley:

    well i woke up @3 am from a bad dream i was actually crying, i cant understand y i would do what i did in this dream!!!!!! I dreamed that me,brandi & sherry was staying with these elderly people and we killed them and the 4&5 year old kids that were there to. WE took garden spades and shoved it into their stomach’s, and beat them in the head with something. The next thing i knew my aunt brena called the police and we were takin to jail, they had us in the station and next thing we came out with life jackets on, and got onto a speed boat, i remember i was drinking a miller highlife on the boat the sheriff came out and told me i couldnt have it but said i was going down for life anyhow so enjoy it. It was like way weird tho the authorities were very nice like unbelievably nice, we were taking off in the boat and i started crying the lady sheriff asked how old i was and sherrry said 33 i turned and said no im 37 and sherry said well u knw how i am in these situations so i see that ur 33, wtf…. Brandi looked over at me and said y r u crying i said dont u get it brittany is having her baby, and i woke up crying…………… i knw this is a weird but awful dream but it was so real that i could feel that spade go into their flesh, y would i dream such a horrible thing?????

  • Tiffany:

    I had a dream that I was walking with my friends. back to my school and my real dad was in a black truck. and he pointed a gun at me and said get in the F*** car. I told him no you wouldn’t shoot me I’m your daughter. but he shot me in the leg. and I screamed and started crying. he said it again so I climbed in his truck and shut the door. I guess the inside of the truck was sound proof? and you couldn’t hear anything from the outside. he told me sorry I was never there. and pulled out this shot gun and blew his head off. right there in front of me. I saw everything. I was crying and then I opened the door. that was all. I also had another dream similar but I was walking home and I just opened my front door and my step dad was on the ground and there was blood everywhere. my real dad said the same thing but he was sitting on the table waiting for me to get home so he can shoot himself.

  • David A:

    I had a dream this morning that really shook me up. I saw my wife was really in a strange way and acting wierd. She mumbled something like. ” I love you but, —-” I coulnd’t make is out but felt that it was (I want a divorce, can’t live like this anymore, don’t want you etc…) so i persisted to tell me what she had said. We ended up in our car and she was sitting in the back seat on the center arm rest for some wierd reason. I kept asking her, what, what did you say? just say it. Well I am on a side street and I pull into a drive way to do a k turn and when I am in the street turned around and put the car in drive she grabs the seat belt from around me and put it over my mouth. head pulled tight against the headrest and i couldn’t get it off. i drift into a park car and can feel me sufficating and then just as i feel like the lights are going out i wake up in bed with her beside me. very very strange but very real. really got me upset. Never dreamed something like this and especially not my wife.

  • K:

    In my dream I was aware that I was dreaming, yet unable to change the course of my dream or wake up. I did not have any visual indications of where I was, but I felt that I was in China. I was in an empty water canal which had cages lined on both sides with Caucasian men, women, and children inside them. Not one single person had a face. I was gruesomely cutting with knives and other sharp edges, crushing with hammers and bats, and tearing them apart with my own two hands. Briefly before I woke up, I remember seeing the canal filled with blood and littered with the mangled corpses; and seeing my own face drenched with their blood.