Dreams About Lions: An Interpretation of the Lions Dream

What Does the Lions Dream Mean?

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Since the begining of time, people have wanted to know the explanation of their dreams.This dream isn’t any different from many other varieties of dreams.

A lot of us have the Lions dream and would like to understand exactly what it implies.

On the next paragraphs you’ll discover a regular meaning of the Lions dream. Though this is one approach to interpret this dream, it could offer you a fantastic start to recognizing precisely why you might be dreaming about Lions.

Therefore without further ado, this is the common Lions psychological significance:

To see a lion in your dream, symbolizes great strength, aggression and power. You will overcome your emotions and/or difficulties. As king of the jungle, the lion also represents royalty, leadership, pride and dominion. You have much influence over others. You may also need to exercise restraint in your own personal and social life.

To dream that you are attacked by a lion, indicates that you have many obstacles to overcome. You must resist the force that is driving you to self-destruction.

It can be crucial for you to keep in mind that you’re not the only human being who dreams about Lions. You’ll find others like you, so you could possibly locate individuals using the web who talk about the same dreams. This could be particularly significant for those who dream about Lions habitually.

We invite you to share your specific Lions dream story below inside the comments field. This could allow people to go through the story of the dream and discover the way it corelates to their dream concerning Lions.

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We hope this was an enlightening interpretation of your Lions Dream

4 Responses to “Dreams About Lions: An Interpretation of the Lions Dream”

  • Starr:

    I dreamed a lion was chasing me through the house. I kept getting away and he kept appearing and steadily continue to pursue me. I finally stopped and started yelling at him and he went away.

  • fifi:

    The Lion is in the house with me , I try to keep my distance and not move alot. I cant wait for him to leave the house , I have a fear he is going to attack me. I feel he is in charge. I dont always remember much more, sometimes it chases me out of the house ,and I keep running away, sometimes more than one. I dream about them every so often.

    Another Dream I have not had in a long time but used to dream very often was I was in a house with alot of rooms and levels, and I would try and find my way thru the house, there was some sort of evil in the house. Its a very scary dream, but dont remember alot when I wake.sometimes, My sister and my mom who passed away sister 28yrs ago mom 15 yrs ago. I wake up crying and talking to one of them and cant believe they are alive again, especially my sister. she was 37 when she died of bone cancer and my mom had alzhimers and died when she was 78

  • Jennifer:

    One week ago I dreamt three lions was in my backyard. Two were baby lions and one that looked spotted (maybe a leopard). In the dream I asked my self how these lions climbed over our wall. I started to chase them and they climbed the wall. What does this mean.

  • G:

    I had a dream about a lion/tiger. The dream was that a lion came into view at a park. I was looking into the park from a distance. With great excitement I proceeded to call my mother and show her how beautiful the lion looks. We sat there fora few minutes and Admired the lions beauty. Then the dream ended.