Dreams About Neighborhood: An Interpretation of the Neighborhood Dream

What Does the Neighborhood Dream Mean?

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Since the starting of time, individuals have needed to know the explanation with their dreams.This dream isn’t unique from many other varieties of dreams.

Lots of people have the Neighborhood dream and desire to understand what it implies.

Down below you’ll discover a regular meaning on the Neighborhood dream. Even though this really is only one approach to translate this specific dream, it should ensure that you get a quality start to learning how come you may be dreaming about Neighborhood.

And so with no further ado, here’s the normal Neighborhood interpretation:

To dream about your neighborhood, represents a sense of community and the need to be more active. You are expressing a need to develop new friends and new ties. Consider your waking feelings toward your neighbors.

It’s important that you should keep in mind you are not the only human being who dreams about Neighborhood. You’ll find other people such as you, so you might be able to find men and women over the internet who talk about the same dreams. This could be particularly significant if you dream about Neighborhood continually.

We invite you to share your unique Neighborhood dream account down the page in the comments field. This will allow others to look over situation of the dream and look at the way it relates to their dream concerning Neighborhood.

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We hope this was an enlightening interpretation of your Neighborhood Dream

One Response to “Dreams About Neighborhood: An Interpretation of the Neighborhood Dream”

  • Shane:

    Before I begin, I just want to say that everythime I dream of something or some place I’ve seen in real life, Its never quite the same. For example, I’ll dream about being in the cafeteria at school and it looks nothing like what it does in real life but I still knew where I was and thought of it as the school I go to. Im sure this is very common but this is important for later.

    Also, this whole dream was lucid.

    Anyway, so I’m in the McDonalds in my town and being lucid I decided to fly around inside freaking people out that I’m flying. Then I decided to leave and I fly onto the roof of a nearby gas station where I can see the house of my best friend so I fly to it. When I got to her window which is on the top story, she was standing there looking out and she gave a gasp, but it didnt seem like a scared that I appeared out of nowhere gasp, more like she gasped because my presence literally shocked her whole body and I swore at that moment she felt something in real life. Then I entered the window (it wasnt open, my body just went through it)and her whole room was exactly how it is in real life (remember what I said at the beginnning). So we were hangin out and what not for a little bit but then I could feel myself waking up. When I woke up, I was laying down sleeping exactly where I just was before I woke up. I was still lucid so I knew I was still dreaming but now it seemed more real than any dream ever has. It felt like real life. I even said that to my friend. Usually dreams have this erie foggyness but now it was so clear. I then asked her If she was also sleeping in real life and she said no (which turned out to be true). I then asked her what she was doing in real life and she said “Umm..” and then I woke up for real.

    Just the feeling of the whole thing seemed like it effected real life but I don’t know. If someone could tell me if it means anything, and if so, what, that would be amazing. I’m male by the way if that matters.