Dreams About Orca: An Interpretation of the Orca Dream

What Does the Orca Dream Mean?

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So long as humanity has been around, individuals have wanted to comprehend the explanation with their dreams.This dream isn’t different from several other types of dreams.

Most individuals have the Orca dream and wish to know precisely just what this means.

Below you’ll find the common meaning on the Orca dream. Though this really is only one approach to translate this sort of dream, it could grant you a good start to learning the reason why you might be dreaming about Orca.

Which means with out further ado, here’s the normal Orca meaning:

To see an orca in your dream, signifies distrust and suspicious motives.

It will be significant for you to consider you are not the only man or women who dreams about Orca. You’ll find other people similar to you, and you may be able to find folks on the internet who talk about comparable dreams. This can be particularly crucial when you dream about Orca regularly.

We invite you to reveal your individual Orca dream story down the page inside the comments area. This can allow people to look over the story of the dream and see how it relates to their dream about Orca.

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We hope this was an enlightening interpretation of your Orca Dream

5 Responses to “Dreams About Orca: An Interpretation of the Orca Dream”

  • Thom:

    I dreamt of seeing an orca swimming in the canal, (canals in Scotland are quite narrow), I recall in my dream of being surprised to see it there, it was rising to the surface the disappearing under in to the dirty canal water turning and swimming back round in circles, rising beside me each time, I was safe on the shore foot path,.( safe ! – I think !!)
    interesting to note:
    I had only that day visited a lawyer whom it turns out I really mistrust, and NOW definitely going to check what he says, smarmy sod.

    so I think I know my interpretation guys…LOL…
    Thom. Scotland.

  • tess:

    i live by the sea in souhteast England and in my dream I was actually walking along our sea wall , everything was exactly the same , i looked down by the sea wall and I saw black figures gliding in the water very gracefully , I then stopped walking and got really close to the sea wall edge and I could see that actually there was 3 killler whales swimming so gracefully , there was a mother and a smaller one to the side must be her calf and then a slighly bigger one following her really close at the back and they were following the sea wall walk then they just went deeper and disappeared

    I would love to know the meaning of this dream



    THE DREAM WAS VERY PEACEFUL AND BEAUTIFUL. I was visiting somewhere and knew there was the ocean close by, so I went to see it and there was an island and I left the busy center of it to go to the beach. There was a bridge over the turquoise color ocean, it was made of slat 4-6 inches wide and connected by rope or something and floating on the ocean gently.I was sitting on it enjoying the view and tranquility when I suddenly felt a nudge from the left side and that made me loose my balance a little and the right leg fell in water and I thought to move it back & forth to prevent the orca from touching it. But none of that happened! The whale came out of the water head up and was rather playful, I lost any fear of her and I started to pet her on the head. She would do that often and she seemed to have love for me and wanted me to pet her. I did that with love and felt a connection with her and had joy. She would follow me as if she was my pet. When I would return to that place, she was there again and doing the same thing. The ocean was peaceful, rocking gently, color turquoise and the sun shine. I really enjoy that dream! The interesting thing is when I woke up, I was thinking that my Nellie, a female dog that I lost 2 years ago was in the house. She was a 15 y.o. mini Schnauzer black and white! Thank you!

  • Jordan Vespender:

    It all started when I was in a big house and behind the hose was a really big pool and I was walking on this slippery floor and then I fell in the pool and I here this orca call in the pool then I got scared and I wake up and I want back to sleep and I was still in the pool and it came to me and I started to pet it ride on it it was so cool and when I wake up again I felt this gun shot went in me and then I wake up and that’s then end.

    And I also wish I can dream about orcas ever night.
    Thank you for reading my store.

  • Madeline:

    I dreamt I was a college with some friends from my childhood. The college had a huge swimming pool. After class there was a party there and I stripped down and got in the water. Someone handed me a pair of flippers that turned me into an orca in the pool. It was actually quite serene even with all the party-goers in the water. It felt so natural. I heard a scream and surfaced to investigate. There was a girl dying in the water so I carried her to the edge on my head. I tried to save her but couldn’t. I haven’t figured out the meaning to it.
    Madeline, Michigan