Dreams About Outer Space: An Interpretation of the Outer Space Dream

What Does the Outer Space Dream Mean?

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As long as man has existed, humans have wished to recognize the message with their dreams.This dream is no unique from many other forms of dreams.

A lot of people have the Outer Space dream and wish to know precisely what it indicates.

Followed below you will see the normal meaning on the Outer Space dream. Despite the fact that it is just one way to read this particular dream, it could give you a great start to understanding why you could be dreaming about Outer Space.

As a result with out further ado, this is a regular Outer Space significance:

To dream of outer space, represents your creativity. It may also indicate that something or someone has just came out of nowhere.

It is important that you can keep in mind that you’re not the only person who dreams about Outer Space. You’ll find many people just like you, and you just might locate people on the internet who reveal similar dreams. This can be particularly significant when you dream about Outer Space frequently.

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We hope this was an enlightening interpretation of your Outer Space Dream

3 Responses to “Dreams About Outer Space: An Interpretation of the Outer Space Dream”

  • Andrew:

    I begin my dream lying down, opening my eyes, and seeing that i am on the road right next to a local transit center and a huge skyscraper. I get up to a standing position and i feel the cracks of the warm, stone tiled ground beneath me. I see a flight of stone stairs leading up to a wide grassland. My family appears next to me as I ascend the stairs, and once I reach the grassland, i look out to the sun and the sky before me. I let a moment pass as I admire the beautiful scenery before me, before something happens. Suddenly, the beautiful sun seems to radiate gorgeous halo rainbows around it. The sun gradually appears to get larger, or closer to me, but it does not burn me or my family. I look behind me and I see almost complete darkness, then the crescent moon appears suddenly, out of nowhere. It grows or gets closer, similarly to the sun, until the sun and moon are equa-distant to me. I see an amazing scene, like something out of a beautiful painting. I dont know how, but it seems like I get 360 degree vision, because i can see both the sun and the moon and the distance between them perfectly. Between the sun and moon is a very…”grey” area in which there is no defining point between dark and light, day and night. IT IS BEAUTIFUL. Around this time i begin to lie down, and when i do, suddenly i feel a certain floating…weightlessness, unlike anything i have ever felt before, it almost feels like im going to fall off the face of the earth, but i stay put. It feels like im on my own little world holding just me and my immediate family. When i finally soak in what is happening and and embrace the weightlessness, my dad says to me in a somber voice, looking down, “Andrew, It is the Evanescence.”

    -And thats where the dream ends. keep in mind that i have never done any illicit drugs in my life, so this is pure thought and dream material, not drug-induced.
    -By the way, “evanescence” means fading slowly or vanishing.

  • Ally:

    I had a dream the world was ending and I was at a convention with a lady who had spent many years researching in space. So many her eyes were just completely turned black. And then, I saw on the TV that the bombs were hitting, and the United States was slowly burning up. My town was the only left, and as I was crying I saw walls of fire coming in around me, and then as I died, I woke up.

  • Starfinder:

    I dreamt I was propelled into the inky black sky and then encountered a wall from which I could see brightness shining through and behind that wall was another universe that if I could break through the wall it was lit by starlight and an undiscovered place.

    What does this mean?