Dreams About Owl: An Interpretation of the Owl Dream

What Does the Owl Dream Mean?

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For 100’s of years, folks have wanted to know the explanation with their dreams.This dream isn’t different from several other forms of dreams.

Most individuals have the Owl dream and desire to realize what it indicates.

Beneath you will find more common interpretation for this Owl dream. Whilst this is only 1 method to interpret this sort of dream, it might ensure that you get a quality start to recognizing the key reason why you could possibly be dreaming about Owl.

And so with no further ado, this is the common Owl interpretation:

To see an owl in your dream, symbolizes wisdom, insight and virtue. The owl is also synonymous with death and darkness.

To hear the hoot of an owl, denotes disappointments and forewarns that death creeps closely in the wake of joy and health.

To see a dead owl, signifies a narrow escape from desperate illness and death. Death in this sense may also represent a symbolic death, as in an important transition in life.

It is necessary for you to remember you are not the only human being who dreams about Owl. You will discover some people like you, so you could possibly discover men and women online who reveal equivalent dreams. This can be particularly important if you dream about Owl frequently.

We request you to talk about your unique Owl dream tale below in the comments area. This could allow others to go through situation of your dream and see how it applies to their dream about Owl.

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We hope this was an enlightening interpretation of your Owl Dream

10 Responses to “Dreams About Owl: An Interpretation of the Owl Dream”

  • I had a dream, i was carring the owl as my pet and once i put it down it became a cat. Though it still flew like an owl. HELP!

  • Kim:

    This dream of an owl was vivid and lingers in my thoughts. It was strange and had a deep silent solitary quality. In the dream I stood in darkness at my Grandmother cottage. She died a few years ago, and sometimes I dream about the cottage so I was pretty sure I was standing there for a moment, and then slowly this unexpected owl emerged from the deep drapery of the night. It appeared as if floating, the wings slowly flying. The strange thing was it was not really frightening or creepy, it just seemed like a message or a sign that I was supposed to understand.

  • John:

    I had a dream where I was walking through a forest, when 2 owls came flying to me. I think from behind and I think they were brown. I don’t remember being afraid and I think I remember they landed on my shoulders or arms. thx

  • iris:

    I dreamt that I was looking at a rooftop whenan owl landed
    On it and watched me another landed a moment and did the same.
    My cousins have just had an owl impression
    Left on both their windows last week tho they live
    On different sides of town, their dad has just died a week before that.
    I am a bit worried what this means. I have never dreamt
    Of an owl…. iris x

  • Nimmy:

    I had a dream about a owl stting in my mums front living room staring at me. My mum passed away a few weeks back prior to my dream and my dog wanted to chase after it.

  • strange dreamer:

    Strange dream, I was walking thru a fence into a back yard of a house. As I walked into the back yard there was a old red painted barn. I walked around this barn and as I did, I saw an old oak tree that did not have any leaves but a few large limbs. as I looked up I saw 4 white owls 3 sitting on the limb while 1 was in a hole. However all 4 owls watched me as I walked through the back yard. I was not afraid in this dream, however this dream was very clear and detailed. I could clearly see the bark on the tree as well as the red clay the tree grew from.

  • sb:

    i had a dream that i am eating something from my plate and when i look at it it was a live owl staring at me
    Really got scared. What does it mean?

  • Ian:

    my lil 2 year old girl is having dreams of an owl….she is scared said the owl is out side and it keeps crying…..trying 2 get her i do not no wut this mean but she is really scared now since this happen

  • Tumkur Swamy Arun:

    I saw owl in my dreams as it was playing well in our garage and i enjoyed in the dreams and while flying it flew grasing on my left shoulder. Owl was turning the head winking eyes nicely

    I would like to know its interpretations.


  • Paul:

    My 3 y old is scared of owl although he has never seen one. He doesn’t want to sleep by himself because he says they came from the window. Now he’s saying that when he sleeps he dreams with owls and they hurt him, they have very sharp teeth. I told him owls are small and can’t hurt him, he says the pink ones are nice but the black ones are evil. Every night 🙁