Dreams About Pregnant: An Interpretation of the Pregnant Dream

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As long as humanity has been around, humans have wanted to understand the meaning of their dreams.This dream isn’t any different from other varieties of dreams.

Most individuals have [keyword id=’pregnancy’] and want to comprehend just what exactly it indicates.

Down below you will see that more common interpretation of this Pregnant dream. Though this is only 1 approach to read this type of dream, it ought to grant you an excellent start to knowing why you may be dreaming about Pregnant.

Therefore with no further ado, this is the normal Pregnant interpretation:


To dream that you are pregnant, symbolizes an aspect of yourself or some aspect of your personal life that is growing and developing. You may not be ready to talk about it or act on it. This may also represent the birth of a new idea, direction, project or goal.

To dream that you are pregnant with the baby dying inside of you suggests that a project you had put a lot of effort into is falling apart and slowly deteriorating. Nothing works out the way you want it to.

If you are pregnant and having this dream, then it represents your anxieties about the pregnancy. In the first trimester, your dreams usually consists of tiny creatures, fuzzy animals, flowers, fruit and water. In the second trimester, your dreams will reflect your anxiety about being a good mother and concerns about possible complications with the birth. Dreams of giving birth to a non-human baby are also common during this period of the pregnancy. Finally, in the third trimester, you will tend to dream about your own mother.

For a man to dream that he got a girl pregnant, forewarns that his indiscriminate sexual activities may come back to haunt him.

*Please see also Birth or Belly. See The Meaning In Action: “Pregnant Mother”

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29 Responses to “Dreams About Pregnant: An Interpretation of the Pregnant Dream”

  • i am under age 14 and i had a dream i was 18 and i was pregnant with twins. it didnt involve s3x or anything lyk tht it just happened. i had a dream lyk this before. they r rly weird and i dont get it.
    help me.

  • well i have been haveing these dreams where im running through a forest and im about 9 months pregnant and i come up on this house and these ladies take me in and there poking and porbbing me and then i have a conration and befor the baby is born i wake up…. I have been having these dreams about this for 3 nights now and im am trying to fuigure out what it means my friend has told me that if you dream of new life that some one clost me or some one i know will die well my previous neghibor just passes away the other day and a few months befor my greal uncle passed so if there is any one that can help or give some advice please help…

  • Elena Murillo:

    Well i had this dream a couple days ago and i was pregnant but i saw the birth from two different views one as me and the other as a friend. So when the baby came out it was just the baby’s head, and the kid belonged tp my ex-boyfriend. I woke up basically crying and now i can’t get it out of my head.

  • Last night I had dreamed that I was running what does this mean?see because i seem never to be gettin any clsoer.To my dastna

  • This dream happen a while ago but i had a dream that i was runing down my grandmas street and i was sceaming.haaaaaaaaaaaaa. help me

  • Adam:

    From what I have gathered, it could mean that there is a change in your life right now, a possible transition to a new phase even and it may not be something you are entirely comfortable with. You may be developing on a certain personal level and it is/will take a lot of effort. As far as the unfortunate deaths I feel that those are unrelated in this circumstance. These are just my opinions based on information gathered, hope it helped. -Adam

  • Britney:

    I am 5 months pregnant with a baby boy and for the last week or so I have been having the same dream where I can take the baby out of my belly and hold him and then put him back in my belly. When he comes out, the umbilical cord is still attached and everything but he is cleaned up. Just wondering what that might mean??

  • I had this dream after talking to my boyfriend about how im on birth control so i cant get pregnant. So in the dream, im at the health department getting my 3 month Depo shot and the nurse keeps trying to give me the shot but i keep crying i dont want it so she gives up and then she finally leaves me in there alone with the empty syringe and the fluid that goes in it im guessing. and then appears my boyfriend who is trying to show me how to give myself the shot. i dont remember much else, but i was very upset in the dream, crying hysterically. I dont get it?

  • Sophie:

    I dreamt that my nan went to a care home which was in a car park and i drove her there and my car kept crashing but nothing happened to it or us and then after i went to town with my friends and i went to my car to go home and i saw my nan in her car which was her care home, i wanted to take her home so i went in her car to drive her home and she tried to stop me and i drove home- it was night and my nan was being really spooky and so i said “I think you should stay with us for a while” and she snapped “NO” so for some reason i was driving up to my house and she really scared me so I ran out of the car and ran as fast as i could and then i heard her give a evil laugh and she was chasing me. I was really scared and then I ran into my garage and locked the door…then i heard her coming…then i woke up!!!
    This really freaked me out and I really wanna know what it meant.

  • alicia riehle:

    well last night i had a very weird dream. In my dream it starts out at a house (i believe its supposed to be my boyfriends mothers) and were doing some kind of work (but cant remember what it was supposed to be) but someone suggests to use some kind of gas, so my boyfriend does and he catches on fire and then dies. afterwards, im mourning and crying hysterically for the whole entire rest of my dream but now at this point, im also pregnant. im supposed to be about 3months in the dream but i can feel and see the baby moving from one side of my belly to the other. im with my boyfriends friends and family the whole dream but i seem to be the only one who is is upset and crying the whole time. the dream has been stuck with me and bothering me all morning. can you tell me what this might mean?

  • Lynn:

    Well for the passed few days i’ve been dreaming im pregnant or just had a baby. My first dream was that I was going to the hospital in so much pain and had a baby girl. I saw what she looked like and everything. Then the next few dreams was of me being pregnant with twins and telling all my family and friends. I don’t know what this means. I just keep having dreams about being pregnant with twins now. Some of my friends tell me that it means i’m pregnant but I don’t know.

    What does this mean? If you know please help me understand my dreams.

  • Erika:

    Well im only 15 & last night i just had a dream about me being in the hospital giving birth but before that i received the news about my dad that has passed away’ me & my dad dont get along at all we had problems so he left my life alonne & from there all the suddlen i been having these dreams about me being pregnant & being in labor.i need to understand why am i having these dreams? hope you can help’?

  • rachelle:

    My sister has two boys one is 4 and the other is 5 months. About a year and 4 months ago my niece passed away. Im vet close with my sister and her kids. I had a dream that my oldest nephew died and I couldn’t save him. I had another dream that he was kidnapped but nobody would help. Lastnight I had a dream that my freshman year of highschool I agreed to get pregnant and have a child for my sister so I did in the dream it was my nephew who was my biological son. Im 20 now and she wanted me to have another child for her I did and my youngest nephew was born it show me on the delivery table the dream was very detailed but I couldn’t give him up I was crying begging her to understand how hard it was but she wouldn’t listen. These drew,s are weird. They feel very real. Can you explain why im having these types of dreams?

  • Amanda:

    Ive been with my boyfriend for almost a year now and ive just now started to dream it 3 nights. i am really scared that im dreaming this and im thinking to myself that maybe i am….But we havent done anything i just kinda dream about it.

  • katie:

    Okay.. I just had te craziest dream. I was with my mom and she told me I was pregnant. I didn’t even know I was pregnant but then we went and were buying baby stuff with my boyfriend when I lifted up my shirt and I had a tiny penis under my belly above my pant line, like the baby was growing on the outside of me. Anyway, Me and my mom freaked so she rushed me to the hospital. I asked her how she knew I was pregnant and she said that my boyfriend mentioned something about pirates and she knew. But the weirdest thing was that I was wearing the same thing that I fell asleep in… can you tell me what my dream ment?

  • sammi:

    last night i had a dream that started off with me playing with my best friends 3 year old nephew. and upstairs i heard my friend crying so i went up to see what was wrong and she told me she thinks shes pregnant. so i asked her if she is can i record her through the 9 months of pregnancy? she said i guess so later we went to the hospital to find out and i recorded the doctor telling her shes pregnant then i asked her what shes gonna do: abortion, adoption, or keep it. she said she wants to give it to me.
    and btw both of us are only 15 and virgins. so i just want to know what this means or if it means anything at all.

  • Janae:

    I Dream That Im Pregnant By A Boy That I Am Very Close To He Lives Abot 1 Building Away & We Have Sexual Intercourse & Next Thing I Know Im Pregnant , We Ended Getting Married , So I Really Dnt Know What This Really Means ? Help / advice

  • stephanie:

    i had this dream that i was pregnant and i was with my best friend hector and we just laid down on the grass and we were looking up at the sky it was so weird

  • Karrie:

    My name is Karrie, an I have been having a dream about me being pregnant and loosing it over the last 4 mouths, but each dream is different sometimes its replication of other times developing almost it to a story. then I have happy dream were I pick out a home and I’m married and I settle down with one of my best friends that we lately have been dating and we almost had a scare thinking I was pregnant a couple mouths ago but. Then other dreams he leaves me in the forest all bloody and really tragic and takes off with my baby leaving me to die some are really scary and they involve dark shadows and snakes that come wake me in my sleep in my dream and I wake up very scared. Plz help me. I am a cancer an I read that cancer are the moon child and the moon is seen as the mother figure of the space world does this have to do with my zodiac?

  • Sarah:

    I’ve had this dream that I was getting married to this guy I barely know and then he was helping me with a fundraiser.

  • Rachael:

    I had a dream that I was pregnant with twin girls and there was a bomb that I had to difused in my bathroom then my husband came home and I started fighting with him and told him all I needed him for was to help me make the twins. what does this mean?

  • Okay I’ve been with my boyfriend for a while now & I had a dream about having a baby with someone else, & this someone else was one of his really good friends. What do
    I do? What does this mean?

  • Michelle:

    i had this dream where i had gotten raped and had the baby but i didnt kno i had gotten raped or had the baby until someone came to my house and gave me the baby with a note. the baby was a new born but it had been couple years since i had had it. the note said the baby was mine and explained what had happened. i cant stop thinking about this dream it is drivin me crazy someone plzz tell me wht it means

  • I keep dreaming that im pregnant and that I want some kind of injection that will make the baby come faster. Im not seeing anyone I just want to be single. I wouldn’t mind being pregnant . these are rescuing dreams I keep dreaming about being some way shape or form. of being pregnant . please tell me what this means…

  • Cari:

    i had a dream i was at my own baby shower and everyone was having fun and bringing me gifts and telling me how excited they were for my baby to be born. i didnt look pregnant in my dream. i didnt even think i was pregnant in my dream and i kept telling my grandma that i was going to feel bad if i wasnt actually pregnant. but she was so convinced that she made me just go along with it. i was pregnant with a boy. i woke up in hopes of having a new dream when i went back to sleep and when i went back to sleep, the dream picked up exactly where it left off. what does this mean?

  • caz:

    i have had this dream maybe 5 or 6times now, many months apart, but im pregnant n i no its a boy n im on a hospital ward with lots of women holding there healthy new borns and im in premature labour in the middle of the ward just cryin its too soon its too soon. i always wake up before the baby is delivered. any idea what this could mean???

  • Charlie:

    Every month or so, I have a dream about pregnancy, whether it be me or a friend, and have never thought anything of it. However, the last two which I have had have led me here, and they have happened within 2 weeks of each other after I got married. The first being I was at my grandfathers house (he passed away over 4 years ago), and I am with my husband, and we are outside, and all of a sudden I have this belly on me, and my husband is placing his hand on it. We go into my grandfathers house, and in there is my husbands father, sister, and his sisters daughter, and here my husband tells them I am pregnant, and that I am 5 months along. His family is a bit disappointed that we haven’t told them earlier. Then I woke up. I want to know firstly, why is his family in my grandparents house? My husband never met my grandfather. And of course, what does this dream mean?
    The second dream I am in a clinic (not a hospital), it’s more like a reception room with a hospital bed in there, and I am in labour. I am panicking, and I am really scared about giving birth as I am telling the nurses “I can’t do this”. Next thing I know, I am on the bed, and I have just given birth to a baby boy. I am holding him, and he is the most adorable little boy in the world, I can feel myself smiling. I look over, and my mum and my father in law are in the room, but with their backs turned. I am telling them to ring my husband, and tell him what has happened because he is out at bush (he is in the army), and I am asking them to ask him what he wants to call the baby. He tells them Boyd. Their backs are turned the entire time. And then I wake up. This one means more to me than the first one. If someone could tell me what this means, it would be greatly appreciated!

  • Layla:

    I am 14 years old and i had a dream that i was pregnant. At 14 years of age. I have never had s*x, but i was still pregnant in my dream, and i was really scared of my parents finding out, and in my dream i was trying to figure out what i was going to say to them, and how to explain it. I don’t understand what it means?

  • Lizbeth:

    he had i dream i told him i was pregnant what does it mean ? please help i have had dreams of being pregnant witjh twins prior what does it mean help me