Dreams About Shark: An Interpretation of the Shark Dream

What Does the Shark Dream Mean?

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So long as mankind has been around, folks have wished to understand the message with their dreams.This dream isn’t unique from other types of dreams.

Most individuals have the Shark dream and desire to determine what it means.

Below you can find more common interpretation for this Shark dream. Despite the fact that it is only 1 method to interpret this dream, it ought to offer you a great start to recognizing the key reason why you might be dreaming about Shark.

As a result without further ado, this is the normal Shark significance:

To see a shark in your dream, represents a person whom you see as greedy and unscrupulous. This person goes after what what he or she wants with no regards to the well-being and sensitivity of others. The shark may also be an aspect of your own personality which exhibit these qualities. Alternatively, you may be going through a difficult, painful, or unpleasant emotional period. The shark symbolizes feelings of anger, hostility, and fierceness. You may be an emotional threat to yourself or to others.

It is necessary for you to consider you are not the only individual who dreams about Shark. You’ll find other people such as you, so you might be able to discover individuals online who share equivalent dreams. This might be particularly crucial for those who dream about Shark regularly.

We request you to talk about your individual Shark dream account below inside the comments field. This can allow other people to read the story of your dream and observe the way it relates to their dream regarding Shark.

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We hope this was an enlightening interpretation of your Shark Dream

3 Responses to “Dreams About Shark: An Interpretation of the Shark Dream”

  • I had a dream that me and my mother and my brother were all back at the townhouse in virginia that I grew up in. and I was trying to fly a kiet inside the house but it wasnt working without any wind so i opened up the front door and stood at the doors threshhold and flew my kite. out of nowhere it starts storming and all of the sudden my house is surrounded by an ocean. it was rough water, and there was a HUGE maple tree growing out of the ocean at the end of the steps going up to my townhouse. My kite got stuck on the lowest branch of the tree and i stood at the doorstep trying to reach for it but i couldnt get it so i called out for my mom “mom can you get my kite for me it got stuck” and my mom was like “sure sweety” and she climbed onto the lowest branch and was about to get my kite to break free when she slipped and fell into the water. Then a great white shark came up behind her and ate her. I could hear her screams of pain but I couldnt do anything about it. I woke up from this dream crying and whimpering.

  • I was on a field trip with my social studies teacher and we were close to a dock, with boats all around us. I was swimming, along with other people i didn’t know, and I saw the pointy hat-like thing on a shark, so I’m just going to call it a hat, and I thought it was just a dolphin. I swam along, and something bit me. I got scared, so I started swimming as fast as I could to the dock, then I saw hundreds of shark hat-things. I saw a dad and a little boy and the dad told the little boy that he had to swim by himself to the dock, and I got angry, so I put the little boy on my back and swam to the shore. Once I was swimming, I ran into a shark straight ahead and it bit me. Once I was on shore, me and two other friends (the boy ran off) Were looking at where we got bit. I got bit by three sharks, to largely spread out dots above my belly-button, and two below my belly button, and one bit scrape towards my hip. Then, Mrs. Stewart was talking about some world record about something found that was the biggest in the ocean, and it was bald. She was so happy.

  • tiffany:

    I had a dream last night that my 4 year old son was eaten by a shark right in front of his father and I. It was very distubing due to the fact that he was in arms length and there was nothing his father nor I could do. We live right next tot eh beach and I am worried now that something may happen bad if I take him back tot eh beach. Should I be concerned?