Dreams About Shit: An Interpretation of the Shit Dream

What Does the Shit Dream Mean?

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Since the starting of history, people have needed to know the explanation of their dreams.The Shit dream isn’t different from other types of dreams.

A lot of people have the Shit dream and express a desire to figure out precisely what it indicates.

Below you will see the regular meaning of this Shit dream. Though this really is only one path to read this specific dream, it ought to grant you a great start to comprehending exactly why you may be dreaming about Shit.

Consequently without further ado, here’s the common Shit meaning:

*Please see also Feces or Defecate.

It is vital that you can consider that you’re not the only human being who dreams about Shit. There are other people just like you, so you just might discover folks on the web who talk about the same dreams. This could be particularly important if you dream about Shit continually.

We request you to talk about your individual Shit dream story down the page inside the comments field. It will allow people to look over situation of your dream and look at the way it relates to their dream in relation to Shit.

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We hope this was an enlightening interpretation of your Shit Dream

4 Responses to “Dreams About Shit: An Interpretation of the Shit Dream”

  • sheryll:

    my dream is about a child having shit for several times. he is a boy and once he shit, after maybe a few minutes he tells me again he want to shit and he does it may times on the ground with me looking at him…

  • AJ:

    my dream is that i saw dog shit on the floor…

  • felicia:

    i a dream that i was pooping, and it had poop from an animal and me on the floor. i was so mad and i used a broom and dust pan to clean it up. big peacock feather in dream and i saw newspaper with my face as queen.

  • felicia:

    i pooped on the floor. try toclean it up i was so mad.