Dreams About Stairs: An Interpretation of the Stairs Dream

What Does the Stairs Dream Mean?

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Since the begining of time, humans have wished to know the psychological significance of their dreams.The Stairs dream is no different from other forms of dreams.

Many of us have the Stairs dream and just want to understand just what exactly this means.

Beneath you will see that the most popular interpretation on the Stairs dream. Whilst it is only 1 strategy to read this sort of dream, it might offer you a fantastic start to knowing the key reason why you might be dreaming about Stairs.

Which means with no further ado, here’s the common Stairs meaning:

To dream that you are walking up a flight of stairs, indicates that you are achieving a higher level of understanding. You are making progress into your spiritual/emotional/material journey. It also represents material and thoughts that are coming to the surface.

To dream that you are walking down a flight of stairs, represents your repressed thoughts. It suggests that you are going into your unconscious. It also refers to setbacks that you will experience in your life. If you are afraid of going down the stairs, then it suggests that you are afraid to confront your repressed emotions and thoughts. Is there something from your past that you are not acknowledging.

To see spiral or winding stairs, signify growth and/or rebirth.

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It will be significant that you can keep in mind you are not the only man or women who dreams about Stairs. There are others similar to you, so you could possibly find folks on the web who share equivalent dreams. This might be especially important for those who dream about Stairs on a regular basis.

We invite you to write about your specific Stairs dream story below in the comments field. It will allow people to go through the story of the dream and discover how it applies to their dream about Stairs.

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We hope this was an enlightening interpretation of your Stairs Dream

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