Dreams About Virgin Mary: An Interpretation of the Virgin Mary Dream

What Does the Virgin Mary Dream Mean?

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For 100’s of years, people have desired to understand the message of their dreams.The Virgin Mary dream isn’t unique from many other varieties of dreams.

Many individuals have the Virgin Mary dream and desire to understand exactly what it means.

Beneath you’ll find the normal interpretation belonging to the Virgin Mary dream. Even though it is one path to read this specific dream, it might grant you a good start to understanding exactly why you could possibly be dreaming about Virgin Mary.

Therefore with no further ado, here’s a regular Virgin Mary interpretation:

To see the Virgin Mary in your dream, signifies spiritual harmony and/or ideal motherhood. Alternatively, the Virgin Mary represents a repressed fear of sexuality or difficulties in relationships.

It will be significant that you should keep in mind that you’re not the only man or women who dreams about Virgin Mary. You can find other people like you, and you just might locate individuals on the web who reveal related dreams. This could be especially important if you dream about Virgin Mary frequently.

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We hope this was an enlightening interpretation of your Virgin Mary Dream

7 Responses to “Dreams About Virgin Mary: An Interpretation of the Virgin Mary Dream”

  • jessica:

    I have had many dreams about the virgin mary. Ever sense I was very young I have felt a strong faith and connection with the virgin mary. I even felt so strongly close to her I thought about becoming a nun. I can’t really explain it. I had a dream I was running away from something horrible and there was this beautiful bird flying over me and protecting me helping me and giving me the strength I needed to get home. Once I was home I found my mother but I was not afraid. I knew the virgin mary was the bird and she had guided me where I needed to be and keep me safe. Iwas so moved by my dream I had googled signs of mary and that very same bird in my dream was what I had found online. Amazing. Also another very bizarr dream was when I was very young and I had dreamt I was leaving church and went to bless myself and as I was leaving a statue of mary waas crying blood. I went up to her statue. Wiped her bloody tears and on my wrist had wrote a cross and told mary not to cry.that it would be ok. I Have since than pulled away from my faith and no longer dream of the virgin mary. I don’t know if these dreams were of some meaning or if I was truelly blessed to feel the presence of mary and they are signs of some sort.

  • susan:

    I dreamed that the virgin Mary said in the dream that it was okay to
    pray to her. My daughter just had her baby and I had this dream.

  • Ang:

    I recently had a dream about the virgin mary. In my dream it was dark outside. As I was walking I saw a figuer that looked like the virgin mary but I couldnt see her face I only saw her figuer standing in front of me. Can someone please tell me what this dream means.

  • Toni St. John:

    I had a dream I was walking down the aisle of a church. The Virgin Mary was waiting at the alter. As I approached it, sh e turned showing her back to me. Is she upset with me? I only had this dream once, but it sticks with me.

  • Anthony:

    went in my daughter’s room and god spoke to me and told me evrything will be all right as i left my daughter’s room i was walking in the hallway and the virgin mary appeared walking toward’s me with a smile and held both my hand.

  • Sue w:

    Had a dream I saw the Virgin Mary in my Hallway and I was made to bow down to her. I woke up feeling that it was real and couldn’t move for several seconds. I was not allowed to look at her and saw her from a sideways profile in robes.

  • bellaliz:

    2 years ago I had a daughter she passed away a month later…its been really hard for me and my husband especially for me. We fight mostly because I have trouble excepting the fact she is gone this week is going to be st. Patricks day and that my baby girls birthday she would of been 2 I keep asking god to let me kno she’s okk or just let me see her again so I went to sleep and had a dream of sitting in my living room looking out of my balcony and seeing a light I get closer and I see my daughter Bella in the arms of a woman I get closer and I see its the virgin Mary she looks at me and tells me not to worry she’s taken care of my daughter she’s fine and healthy:))! I woke up and remembered what she told me touched my heart and tears running down my cheek.