Dreams About Voodoo: An Interpretation of the Voodoo Dream

What Does the Voodoo Dream Mean?

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For 100’s of years, individuals have wished to know the message with their dreams.The Voodoo dream is not any different from many other varieties of dreams.

Lots of people have the Voodoo dream and want to figure out just what this means.

On the next paragraphs you’ll find the regular meaning belonging to the Voodoo dream. Although it is only one way to translate this particular dream, it could offer you a good quality start to learning precisely why you could possibly be dreaming about Voodoo.

Which means without further ado, here’s the most popular Voodoo significance:

To dream that you are practicing voodoo, suggests that you are unconsciously trying ward off surrounding negative energy.

To see a voodoo doll in your dream, represents a primitive and shadowy aspect of yourself.

It can be crucial that you can keep in mind you are not the only man or women who dreams about Voodoo. You’ll find other people such as you, so you might be able to find men and women on the internet who reveal related dreams. This could be especially important in the event you dream about Voodoo habitually.

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We hope this was an enlightening interpretation of your Voodoo Dream

5 Responses to “Dreams About Voodoo: An Interpretation of the Voodoo Dream”

  • thea:

    I am a women in the middle of my 20`s. I had a girlfriend of mine who wanted to meet me after a happenig to years ago that I fellt unconfortable whith but she foound me 5 monts ago on facebook and wanted to be friends whith me again. I met her and forgave her for what she did to me. I told her that I forgave her and I wabteed o to meet her. Then i told her that I was going to a vacation. We where friends again. But loong time after coming back from vacation she never called me again. So I called her and anted o keep in touch again. She never recieved my calls, nevee called me back. Then once I saw that she had erased me from facebook and I called her and confronted her. Unfortanely she got mad at me. And she told me that I recived her alot og NEGATIVE energy. I got mad at her to for just do it like that after me meeting her for giving her forgivness and start blank.

    After that I dont wanted to think about her aganin.

    Then recently I had a dream about me havind a voodu doll of her. And she owned the doll of her self but I tok it. She wanted back, but I said taht I did`nt have it. Then I was so hapy having the doll and I starting to hurt it, slaping it in it`s face. Wanted to distroy it but little by little. And then I saw her, the real person getting hurt to.

  • Vshun:

    I had a dream last night that i was walking from a friend in my dreams house. We decided to take a short cut through the high straw like grasses, and on the way a bear began running off away from us. I was 5 of us total we stumbled across a voodoo praying sight. Everybody began picking up these wooden logs in fear of the bear, then thats when one by one people began carving faces and imagines in their log. I was a little scared to do so, so i took a step back and thats when one person told me that i was standing on a wooden voodoo stick i jumped off. suddenly it start getting very dim outside, and i start hearing a buzzing noise get louder and louder. That’s when some people start walking from behind the high grasses faces painted chanting looking very scary to me. Then the lady came with a huge healthy strong lion on her side. Out of no where she start talking to my mother who just became one of the people with me, my mother had this calm scared face on her. She grabbed me by the wrist and we start walking backward til we were out of their mind and turned around and start walking away. My mother told me don’t turn around and keep walking, but I took a glance back and saw everyone there were being attacked by bees they were scaring and the voodoo people start chanting getting closer to them and turn back around. And thats when I woke my self up
    What does this dream have to do with anything

  • LEA pierre:

    two lady refusing me to get a man that they clam that his for me they told me i have fight for him that thee only way i’ll get him so i fought them and i won



  • Yarri:

    I had a dream about me coming home to a dark house and candles everywhere when I go into the back room there was a line with white powder in front of the.door with a doll in a figure of a older women then after wards.a white horse appeared and thats when I woke up what does it mean can someone help me?