Dreams About Whirlwind: An Interpretation of the Whirlwind Dream

What Does the Whirlwind Dream Mean?

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Since the beginning of life, individuals have wished to understand the message of their dreams.This dream isn’t any different from several other varieties of dreams.

Many of us have the Whirlwind dream and wish to determine just what it means.

Followed below you’ll find the most popular meaning of this Whirlwind dream. Though it is only 1 approach to interpret this particular dream, it could give you a good quality start to knowing the reason you could be dreaming about Whirlwind.

Which means with out further ado, here’s the regular Whirlwind psychological significance:

To dream that you are in the path of a whirlwind, signifies changes which may lead to loss, chaos and scandal. You are being pulled unwillingly into a facing your repressed thoughts.

It can be vital that you can keep in mind that you’re not the only human being who dreams about Whirlwind. You’ll find many people like you, so you could possibly discover individuals online who share equivalent dreams. This could be particularly important for those who dream about Whirlwind routinely.

We invite you to reveal your specific Whirlwind dream tale down below inside the comments field. This could allow people to read situation of your dream and see how it corelates to their dream about Whirlwind.

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We hope this was an enlightening interpretation of your Whirlwind Dream

4 Responses to “Dreams About Whirlwind: An Interpretation of the Whirlwind Dream”

  • emily:

    I dreamt of a whirlwind with debris targeting me specifically from all the other people who were behind me. The only person who helped me was my mother who then prayed. When she prayed, it stopped and then transformed into a black plastic bag and when it was just about to reveal itself i woke up

  • Keith:

    I dreamed I was walking down the street pushing a shopping cart. I don’t know if anything was in it. A man I passed warned me of whirlwinds and I still kept walking. The sky was cloudy and dark. It seemed like twilight. I was in an open area with
    a house to my right. I saw many small whirlwinds all around me, as if no where to escape. They were maybe as tall as telephone poles and very slender. I was in the path of one moving at me faster than I thought. I moved for the house to escape its path but it followed me and I was caught up in it. I remember going up and being afraid when I fell again.

  • brook:

    My dream took place on a playground with children I recently worked with. As the children were playing in the autumn leaves a whirlwind began to catch the leaves up in its vertical wind. The tower of leaves grew tall and the children were delighted to see this phenomena. The whirlwind traveled to the other side of the border fence then separated into 6 or 7 whirlwind of leaves in a evenly spaced row. Blue and white lightening began to flash around them. Children from the other side of the fence came toward the series of whirlwinds and I feared for their safety but my main concern was the children that were in my care.

  • ojay:

    In my dream i was being chased by a whirlwind but later had face it, catch it and smash it against the wall. When it was smashed something in form of a ball flew out of it and flew away. That’s all.