Dreams About Woods: An Interpretation of the Woods Dream

What Does the Woods Dream Mean?

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Since the starting of life as we know it, people have wished to understand the meaning with their dreams.This dream isn’t any unique from several other types of dreams.

Most individuals have the Woods dream and need to figure out just what it indicates.

Below you will find the common interpretation belonging to the Woods dream. Whilst it is just one path to interpret this sort of dream, it should ensure that you get an excellent start to learning for what reason you could be dreaming about Woods.

Therefore with out further ado, this is a regular Woods explanation:

To see the woods in your dream, represents life, fertility, rejuvenation, and spring. Alternatively, it symbolizes the unknown and unconscious. You need to be more open-minded to discovering your potential and instinctual nature.

To dream that you are walking through the woods, signifies your return to an aspect of yourself that is innocent and spiritual.

To dream that you are lost in the woods, indicates that you are starting a new phase in your life. You are expressing some anxiety about leaving behind the familiar and what you know.

To see dried up, dying woods in your dream, suggests that there is a situation in your life that has not yet been resolved. You may also be overwhelmed with a problem or issue.

It is vital that you keep in mind that you are not the only human being who dreams about Woods. You can find many people similar to you, so you could possibly find men and women on the web who talk about related dreams. This may be especially important if you dream about Woods frequently.

We request you to write about your personal Woods dream tale down below in the comments area. This can allow others to look over situation of this dream and look at the way it pertain to their dream about Woods.

All you need to do is insert your first name or an incognito name if you choose to and e mail in addition your tale down the page. Your individual contact details will not be put up unless you choose to reveal it as part of your Woods dream description.

We hope this was an enlightening interpretation of your Woods Dream

3 Responses to “Dreams About Woods: An Interpretation of the Woods Dream”

  • Chloe:

    I was walking, i didnt know where i was going. I didnt walk for long then i was in a dark place with tree’s, i had been for a walk there before, but hadent been in a while. As i turn past a rope-swing, i find many (around 5-10) dead badgers. I felt shocked. Then i woke up. I cant seem to get this dream out of my head. Does it have a meaning?

  • Chloe:

    I was lying in my bed and i start to hear a noise, then a witch and her pet comes out of my wardrobe, they make me do things (nothing rude) and i dont want to do it. Then the witch goes and i wake up. I used to have this dream every night but now it has stopped.

  • megan abbott:

    i had two dreams last night that have me confused, two different locations and people but the same thing happened. i was trapped inside the house, held hostage and was seeing people die. i planned a way to get out and each time i get out in the woods i almost get away and im running then i wake up.
    To go into depth with the dreams is to say i was at my dads house with these people ive seen from a tv show (i know its weird) i was seeing them all kill each other. one guy Terry was in the kitchen and i had gave him a knife and told him to kill Sam which was in the bathroom fighting with Jason. When Terry got up to walk down the hall he went into a unknown room and closed the door. i walked out the front door and went across the road to the woods and started running. (then in my mind i realized it was a dream and was thinking of ways to resolve the whole problem and wake up) i woke myself up. when i fell back to sleep i had a similar dream at my grandmas house with some other tv people and was trapped again. i walking to the bathroom to call the cops to save me and when i dialed the number i woke up. i dont understand them so i was hoping someone could help me 🙂