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  • Sun, 12 Aug 2012 05:10:47 +0000: Comment on Dreams About Triangle: An Interpretation of the Triangle Dream by Anna - Comments for What Does My Dream Mean?
    This is my second dream about the star constellation, but this time I specifically saw the Winter Triangle constellation. I was looking above me and saw the Winter triangle bright and luminous. I tried reaching for it, but knew it was impossible. Everything else after that seemed irrelevant (random chaos)
  • Wed, 16 May 2012 10:40:14 +0000: Comment on Dreams About Princess: An Interpretation of the Princess Dream by titania - Comments for What Does My Dream Mean?
    i was dreaming that i was in our school having a regular classes., when the classes ends me(sweet) and my friends (carla,rose ann,roselyn,gemaima)go to the exit gate and wait for our our friends; when a group of 4 boys head towards us and prank us that its their territory; i'm a type of girl that i will do anything just to defend what looks right to me; and so i told them to shut their mouth and to leave us all alone with out a sound or else ill kick their but one by one, but they insist to stay their and show us who's the boss; about a minute ago my 2 best friends have arrived and we hurriedly walk away from them; by the next morning i saw the 4 boys again in the same time, same place but this time the boys was now nice to us especially their leader;lets just call their leader in the name ace; and also this time i now realize that their leader was so handsome;on the next day when i went to the school it was very odd coz all the boys in our school was wearing all white attire and has a sword in their right waist; and ace was there too wearing a white polo and a black slacks goes near to me and claiming that i was the long lost powerful princess that they've searcher for hundreds of centuries; and he was my fiance; i was totally shocked about this; i told him that he was just playing some stupids tricks on me; i hurriedly run towards my class room, all of the people passed by was calling me princess; when i reached to our class room i was totally shocked finding out that our class room was now a beautiful room; i was totally freaked out and run away as fast as i can; when i reached in the exit gate all the guards have blocked it that i cant go through it they told me that i'm not allowed to go out because its too dangerous for me to go out coz somebody wants to kill me;and it was the witch; next day around 4 am i think i woke up because of the noise all around the school , and everybody is alerted especially me, ace hurriedly go tome and take me to a safer place;he told me to not to go out until he told me so; i was crying in that moment he told me not to go out until he says so; i look out to the window secretly i saw all of the guards were lying in their own blood; i hurriedly go out to search for the prince; but he was no where to be found; i go out to the room;disobeying the prince, trying to search for him every where; but once i stepped my one feet out side the door i saw the prince in drowning in his own blood and running out of breath; i was so shocked when i saw him, all of my emotions suddenly go out;i run towards him hurriedly and hug him tightly; he opened his eyes and say to me that he'll come back and look for me and we'll be together forever and also that he loves me; then he died; i was shouting his name and then i wake up...... i started dreaming about this when i was still in grade 4 and up until now i still dream about this but not in the same scene; but the same person.........
  • Mon, 14 May 2012 06:38:48 +0000: Comment on Dreams About Hyena: An Interpretation of the Hyena Dream by Kehina - Comments for What Does My Dream Mean?
    In my dream, I go live back in the house where i grew up. I visit the house, and I'm very enthousiastic to be in that house again..I go upstairs en see that the person who bought this house from us many years ago build 2 huge sleeping rooms extra. I chose one but then I see hyena's everywhere. The owner of the house says he can't do anything about it, that the hyena's keep coming back en that they won't go. Then somebody (i don't remember who it was) just grabs a hyena en throws the animal outside the window. I'm shocked en scared, but then i'm satisfied because i think the hyena is dead. But then, 2 seconds later, the hyena jumps back to the window and waits till we open the window again.
  • Sun, 13 May 2012 01:36:45 +0000: Comment on Dreams About Jupiter: An Interpretation of the Jupiter Dream by João Henrique - Comments for What Does My Dream Mean?
    Hi my name is joão i'm from brazil, last day i dreamed about jupiter. I was in the car driving and i saw in the sky jupiter very big, and in front of it was the moon, and i was like omg, jupiter is very close, but i wasnt scared about it i was like a kind of happy and confortable
  • Sun, 13 May 2012 00:34:41 +0000: Comment on Dreams About Blueberries: An Interpretation of the Blueberries Dream by Paola - Comments for What Does My Dream Mean?
    I was holding a little bag of fruits,and when I openned the bag,in the mittle of the other fruits,there was a beautiful,big blueberry and I eat!It was SO GOOD in my dream...... so sweet...