Dreams About Crush: An Interpretation of the Crush Dream

What Does the Crush Dream Mean?

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Since the begining of time, humans have wanted to recognize the meaning of their dreams.The Crush dream isn’t different from many other types of dreams.

Many individuals have the Crush dream and want to realize just what it means.

Down below you’ll find a regular meaning for this Crush dream. Despite the fact that this really is one way to translate this specific dream, it might grant you a great start to understanding how come you could possibly be dreaming about Crush.

And so with no further ado, here’s the normal Crush significance:

To dream that you are crushing something, denotes that you are under tremendous stress over a decision that you need to make.

To dream that you have a crush on somebody, is a literal reflection of your attraction and fascination for that person. To see your crush in your dream, represents your current infatuation with him or her. If you find yourself thinking about him during the day, then it is understandable that his image will appear in your dream during the night. If your dream that your crush rejects you, refers to not knowing how he or she really feels about you and whether he likes you or not.

If you dream that somebody has a crush on you, then it represent you own sense of worthiness and esteem.

To dream about a former crush, refers to that particular period in your life and what you were feeling. The former crush represents a point in time when you first had the crush on that person.

To dream that your crush rejects you or stood you up, represents your feelings of insecurities and anxieties. The idea of not knowing how your crush feels about you is driving you nuts. Assuming that he or she will reject you before you actually know, saves your from getting hurt. You are afraid to find out how he or she feels about you.

It is necessary that you consider that you are not the only individual who dreams about Crush. You’ll find others like you, so you could possibly discover people using the web who write about similar dreams. This may be particularly important if you dream about Crush often.

We request you to talk about your specific Crush dream tale down below in the comments area. This can allow people to go through the story of your dream and discover how it relates to their dream about Crush.

All you need to do is insert your name or an anonymous name if you decide to and e-mail plus your story below. Your individual contact data will not be put up unless you elect to reveal it in your Crush dream outline.

We hope this was an enlightening interpretation of your Crush Dream

30 Responses to “Dreams About Crush: An Interpretation of the Crush Dream”

  • Lexi:

    Well,it start as a weird alien fight,idk why.So after the fight,this blue blob(it kind of look like BOB from Monster Vs Alien)fell in the earth then to someone backyard. I came in with a pj dress,and carried it to the other side of the backyard(by the way,it grew eyes)to hide it from the police(i guess),then a police guy came and toke it and toke this random pink blob(with no eyes) to this shack with a vaccum thing on it. The vaccum thing suck the blue and pink blob,but then the shack exploded. The pink blob disappear, and the blue blob was chasing us.Out of nowhere,my closest cousin was running with us.We ran down some stairs,like going to a subtrain,but I tripped and fell.I screamed,but when I look up,it was my current crush.I don’t know why,but he was about to sit my face.He got me up and i was holding his hand.I saw a blonde girl (that kind of look like his ex)walk by and then i woke up.

  • leena:

    me and my crush were at this middle school… me, him and both of our best friends were there. and we were eating lunch. in my dream i really loved him and it seemed like he loved me back. and our friends they couldn’t tell that we really loved each other. so i got up to get something and i saw the guy i use to have a crush on, staring at us like if he knew… it was weird because my crush and my former crush are best friends. after i looked at my former crush, i woke up…

  • Linda:

    There was ome time I had a dream about this boy I like. It takes place in one of the hallways in my school. We were talking and then he asked me to come to his house up to 9 pm. In my dream, I was feeling worried and scared. The boy smiled at me and walked away. After that I just woke up…

  • Marissa:

    I was at fencing club and we were doing footwork when I fell and broke my ankle. I cried and a senior offered to carry me when my crush ran over pushed him down and said he would do it and he picked me up and carried me to a car. I was so happy that I actually passed out I woke up in a the backseat of a car leaning on his chest. He was holding my hand and he kissed my forehead. He carried me into the hospital and refused to put me down until the doctor yelled at him to so he could see my ankle. He bandaged it and again my crush picked me up and carried me. I felt like he just would never put me down. He promised that since I couldn’t go to fencing club anymore that he would always visit me since he doesn’t go to my school. Be showed up every thursday and he kissed my forehead and be loved to pick me up and walk around with me in his arms. I dont know what this dream could mean at all because I never talk to my crush.

  • Kaylee:

    I wake up in a bedroom ive never seen before, and im always wearing this white gown dress, and my hair is curled. I always open the bedroom door and find myself in a field, but its filled with snow, and i cant feel it even though im barefoot, there is always this little boy in oldish day clothes and hes always crying and holding out his hand for mine, then a big tall man appears, i cant see his face it pitch black and the little boy runs away from him and then the little boy stops and points a finger at me and then im always grabbed by the man, and then i wake up.

  • Brien:

    It starts off with me walking toward a house the i open the door and i see a tree so im wondering where i am then im walking around with the girl i like and i ask her about the tree she said that its beautiful in the spring then we got on a branch and kissed for like 1 minute.

  • Alyssa:

    I had a dream one night about me and my crush running away together holding hands. For some reason, I could ‘feel’ what it would be like to hold his hand. We were just running and running, but we didn’t stop. I only could remember that because that was the only thing that I dreamed about that night…
    I wonder if it means anything..

  • alyssa:

    i had a dream last night..a ghost. He had a crush on me and i had a crush on him too..what the heck does that mean??:))

  • preston:

    Me and my crush were at a mall then all of a sudden these security guards were chasing us so we hid in a close rack. there she said she loved me and kissed me but then she was pulled away and i was left there. i tried to find her but i couldn’t so i was starting to get depressed so i went looking for her. when i found her she was killed so i went on a building and jumped and said i love you morgan before i hit the ground.

  • angie:

    i had a dream that i was having a party at my house and my crush was there. but then all of a sudden we got stuk in my bathroom

  • Clara:

    I had a dream that I was hugging and leaning on a guy friend that I don’t like but wish I’d gotten along with better. I also told him, in my dream, about guys that I used to like.

    ALSO I really need help with this one: I dreamt that I got a baby parakeet and it kept biting my finger and I kept telling it that my finger wasn’t going anywhere, and then I scratched its head, and it liked that, and then I gave it a bath and it got smaller and smaller and melted into a pile of fat. I couldn’t tell if that was what it looked like wet (in my dream) or if I had killed it.

  • onya:

    my dream was about were,well u now those twilight films i was in them

  • toni:

    my dream started when my crush and i were talking with each other about the woman meters away from us then we got stopped talking so i went to my bed and suddenly he was beside me.we were laughing together in the bed then we got up and went outside. he took a paper while i was holding a red pen then he suddenly grabbed the pen and wrote on the paper. by the time he gave me the letter i woke up.

  • we were in the lunch room at school & it was this girl sitting in between us & then she got up & walked away & we was writing something, but when she got up he moved down next to me & put his arm around my waste & said what i can’t hold my girl now… then i woke up



  • Mara:

    I was twirling with my crush in a blurry seen in what seemed a meadow full of flowers.Then i raised up my hand and told my crush “Do you swear you love me”.Then my crush put his hand with mine and said”I swear”.We twilled for a few seconds then my crush pushed me against him{as he pushed me against him a felt a good feeling inside me}and then he kissed me.After the kiss he starred at me for a few seconds ,and then began twirling again,then i woke up.

  • Britt:

    Okay, so this dream started as Prom, and some person I don’t reconize forces me to go to Prom with him or he will hurt someone I know. Then my crush saw me crying and approached me, and hugged me.. I told him to stop, and asked him what was he doing as I slowly put his arms down and reach for his hand to show that I appreciate the compassion, but I don’t do that…

  • I had a few dreams about my crush. Once I dreamt that I was on the bus and I had a phone (really small, like the size of your pointer finger) and I took pictures of myself first, then I saw my crush with his phone. I took pictures of him, but I deleted them…, then he would nod his head no while smiling…And then I had another short dream–i was in school (i think) and I saw my crush, again, and I hugged him twice. But he wasn’t hugging me back, he sort of just stood there..

  • Catie:

    My dream was about this guy i really like but im not sure if he likes me and so he smiles at me and stares at me ive known him since August this year so i had the one dream he held my hand and looked down at me then i woke up then i had anouther one the next day butvafter that they went aeayvfor away untill yesterday i had a dream that i asked him to dance with me at the girl ask guy to dance and he said no so i left him upset… then i went to the dance with my best friend and he was with his guy friends and a few snotty girls i absolutely hate. I saw him stare at me then they all parted and my best friend went somewhere and i sat down near him but no one was near me and i was lonely. Then the two of the snotty girls came up to me and put me in some empty room with one of these other weird girls and then i woke up… it was one of the most depressing dreams i have ever had in my life!

  • kaybe:

    i had this dream where i was getting sent off to the army (idk y ) and i was crying an he comes an takes me to his house an we sit in this big chair an he just holds me an tells me everythings gonna be ok an then i guess i fall alsleep in his arms because when i wake up hes not there an then i go an live my days out till im being sent off
    p.s. i woke up crying my eyes out :,/

  • Annabeth:

    That’s some dream, Marissa.

  • One night I go to sleep and in my dream I wake up on a hard,smooth wood floor and I look over and I see my crush lying on the bed next to me i get up and got in the bed with him we flirt and start makeingout and start taking our clothes off and you know… 3hours later I get up and put on a pink night dress with red roses and walked outside next thaing know a knife goes flying by my head and I saw were it came from…My ex bf

  • Popo:

    Last night, I had this dream where my crush’s best friend was sitting during lunch next to me, and we were alone at that table (believe me, I don’t even talk to him nor my crush). Idk why this kind of thing would happen. Then, I asked him something, and he wouldn’t tell me the answer, so I stood up and asked his classmates. Then I saw my crush, sitting on the other table. I asked him, and blah blah blah. He wouldn’t even look at me in the eye. Then idk what happened next.

  • Meg:

    i had a dream that the person i like got attacked by a porrcupine. WUT. what does this mean?

  • Cora:

    I’ve had several dreams where my first crush has appeared. For the last week they have occured where i am walking down a street and he walks past me, he dosent notice me but i stop and stare at him. Another was him looking and finding me in a hide and seek game. and the last was in a former classroom of ours (elementery) and i was in my pajamas and he ended up sitting next to me, we crossed our legs over the other like my leg over his, and at frist we didn’t talk but after a while i told him i missed him. i don’t know what his response was because i woke up after that.

  • Sabrina:

    i had a dream that this guy that goes to my school and he came over to my house ….and i didnt know at the time……and i heard my dad call me into his bedroom and there was the guy, which i didnt like at the time, and my dad told me that he wanted to know if i was allowed to go out with him. My dad also gave me a speach about dating. So we started to date and he was the same height a me , which was weird cuz he is like a foot shorter than me, and we were walking around and we walked into my bf and her boyfriend and we told them then he was saying all these nice things about me. then we kissed <3… it was the sweetest dream i have ever had and now, a year later, i like him and i think he likes me ..So im happy!! <3

  • shevn:

    last night i dreamed about my crush and in my dream he is rejecting me and saying something/words that it really hurts then after that i found myself walking away and crying….then suddenly i was drowning in a muddy water then my crush was there saving me and giving me CPR,,,what is the meaning of that?

  • Deanna:

    Today I woke up at about 6am and fell back asleep. Well during that time to about 7am I dream with this guy that I’m not even sure if I have a crush on him. Or if I should have a crush on him because we both know that that is a forbidden relationship. Well anyways I dream that we got really close. That we kissed and hugged. That we were just laying on his bed. I guess we both wanted more, but that was impossible since his little sister was there. I have had more dreams about him, but never in such situation. The funny thing is that this guy I’m dreaming with doesn’t really talk to me anymore. We were extremely close, but then something between us happened and everything changed. What can this possibly mean?!?

  • Carrie:

    Well my dream is when I was sitting and watching Tv somewhere and my crush just walked in the house and sits with me and asked can I have a hug? And I’m like why? And then he started to hug me and I was like wtf and yeah it was pretty like haunting me :O and then I woke up it was a short dream
    And another dream was when my other used to be crush was following me and my best friend and then my friend and I turned around and was like why are you following us and then my used to be crush said Cause I like you…and then I woke up but i still don’t know if he was saying it to me or my best friend.
    And the other dream was when we were in class my used to be crush,me,and my best friend was sitting and he was just talking to me and my best friend then my friend had to leave and my crush was just talking to me and suddenly he said I like you and he gave me his phone number and his email and yeah I was freaking inside…
    And I need to ask you guys something…my crush keeps on looking at me when I randomly look at him and my friend thinks he likes me but I’m like uhhhh idk..so what do you guys think?