Dreams About Lover: An Interpretation of the Lover Dream

What Does the Lover Dream Mean?

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Since the starting of time, individuals have wished to comprehend the significance with their dreams.This dream is not any unique from several other sorts of dreams.

Many of us have the Lover dream and express a desire to realize precisely what it implies.

Down the page you’ll find the common meaning for this Lover dream. Though this really is just one method to interpret this particular dream, it should give you a great start to comprehending the reason why you could be dreaming about Lover.

Therefore with no further ado, this is a regular Lover meaning:

To see a lover in your dream, symbolizes acceptance, self-worth, and acknowledgement of your true inner value. It may also indicate integration of masculine and feminine traits into yourself. You are feeling complete or whole.

To dream of an old or former lover, signifies unfinished/unresolved issues related to that specific relationship. Your current relationship may be awakening some of those same issues.

It is necessary that you take into account that you’re not the only individual who dreams about Lover. You’ll find other people like you, and you could possibly locate folks over the internet who share the same dreams. This can be particularly significant when you dream about Lover frequently.

We invite you to share your individual Lover dream account down the page inside the comments field. This can allow people to go through the story of your dream and see the way it relates to their dream in relation to Lover.

All you need to do is insert your first name or an made up name should you decide to and e mail plus your report down the page. Your own contact info won’t be posted if you don’t decide to discuss it as part of your Lover dream outline.

We hope this was an enlightening interpretation of your Lover Dream

39 Responses to “Dreams About Lover: An Interpretation of the Lover Dream”

  • well the guy i like waz going to tell me something but he sead he waz going to tell me after school nd he send me a kiss nd a sead im going to tell alicia but in real life i alweis tellher evrething about us

  • samantha:

    i keep having the same dream about my ex-boyfriend from high school…my first love, my first everything – this dream has been going on for years….i meet up with friends of mine and he is there…he smiles and says hello to me, kisses me and we immediately return to the way things were when we were together back then….then the dream is over

  • Tate':

    i always have a dream about a boy i like in my grade, but he doesn’t like me we have nicknames for each other like gayer or gaylin or something like that. But i really like him and now he just stares at me in class. My dream is that he keeps trying to kiss me or say he wants to be my girlfriend and that kind of stuff. Then i hear my alarm clock beeping and the dream is over. I keep having this dream every night since i slept at his house ( His sister is my friend). What does my dream mean?

  • Ashley:

    Well I am in a relationship with some guy that I like, but for some odd reason I don’t feel the emotions that I should have in a relationship. I had a long history of a guy that liked me and I then started in like him. He would sit by me in class and not say anything to me and I wouldn’t say anything to him. Then I got myself into a relationship with someone else after two years. Now I am having the dreams of being in a marriage and having children with the guy that I have had a two years of long history with him. I know that I still like that guy that I had long history with. I don’t wanna break up with my boyfriend that I have now. I just don’t feel any emotions with the guy that I am with now. The guy that I am with now his mother doesn’t like the idea of us being in a relationship because he is a couple years younger than I am. So I don’t know what to do.

  • i use to like someone named demere. he liked me and i liked him so we concluded that we were boyfriend and girlfriend.later on in the so-called relationship,we had an argurment and broke up and we just never spoke to each other again.

  • Kayla:

    I keep on dreaming about meeting this mystery guy but I can’t see his face. I dream about us slowly falling in lovebut that doesn’t happen in real life. We always meet by bumping into each other then becoming friends then becoming boyfriend ad girlfriend and I alway see us going to prom together. I don’t understand why I’m dreaming this because no one I know resembles his appearence. It strange because I hadn’t even thought about getting a boyfriend until I dreamed this. And I’m not desperate or anything.

  • Baylee:

    I have this dream that reoccurs differently. They are all different in some ways. It is set like a bunch of Taylor Swift videos mixing together. First its like we meet at a restraunt like in ‘Mine’. Then we part for a while and I start singing ‘Tim McGraw’ and i see him again. Then he leaves me again and the last thing that happens is we see each other at a ball and start dancing and he proposes like in ‘Love Story’. I have no idea what it means. I’m sooooooo sad because I don’t think he likes me back………

  • lovley:

    i was at my desk at high school and my crush atands up ( doesnt know im there) and he says im incredably hot! =] what does tht mean does he like me or do i like him? i didnt know i could confuze myself this much

  • Jade:

    the guy i’ve known forever because our moms are best friends was in my dream it started out like a normal day when i go over to their house to spend the night but when it was late we were watching a movie and we were fight playing but when he was holding me down we were looking straight into each others eyes and he started to lean in (in real life we did this for real but i got up and walk into the living room) but in my dream when he leaned in i let him kiss me and i kissed back and thats all we did (no sex) and i woke up in his arms it was like heaven but then we heard his mom coming in so we looked at each other and separated he got a blanked and went on the floor and she came in and told us that she had to go into town and we were like okay (they live 15 mins from town) so then we just put in a movie i was just laying in the bed and he came up behind me and put his arms around me(like i love) and just layed their watching the movie but time to time he would kiss my ear, neck or tell me he loved me… then at school the next day (still in the dream)(ima freshman and hes a jr.) after lunch we went to the spill way where nobody could see us and he started to kiss my neck and he told me he loved me but we didnt know what to do because our parents would go crazy… then im sis woke me up

  • michael:

    i have a dream every now and then, including last night, of my idea of the perfect woman

    i flatter her and win her over but my horny friends take her away from me and i chase them down and get her back but ive hurt her some how emotionally and shes crying because i made a stupid joke and she took it to mean she wasnt worth my time, i think back to how i messed up things with my last girlfriend( real life friend who i never dated but was head over heals for for a long time) by saying something out of embarassment and ended up losing her…she tells me i have the curse of words(dream girl does)

    so i start telling her im so sorry and she says to say it louder and louder till everyone turns and looks at me (now were on a double decker bus for some reason)

    then were in a car pulled over and i protect her from a street robbery

    the dream ends with me back at my home scrambling to remember her name and look her up on facebook so i can call her and make sure shes ok and not still hurt and not with someone else but i cant remember her name for the life of me and im overcome with grief

    so….any ideas? =(

  • Alejandra:

    i keep having the dream with my first love …….. i never told him how i felt and now I’m in love with someone else and i think that it means the same issues i had before of expressing or telling my feelings haven’t changed and are affecting my Relationship or future relationship now

  • harrison:

    i had this dream about some unknown girl… but i loved her like ive loved nothing ever before… now all i want is to see her again even if it is only in a dream…

  • Blue:

    I was in love with someone i met over the internet (wolfquest.org) and we met each other in real life. We were running away from some guy who was shooting at us. I got shot many times and said “I’m strong and wont get hurt easily” . When we were running away we were wolves. Then at the end of my dream he smiled at me (with his human face not his wolf face lol ) and i smiled back and i had ‘butterflies in my stomach’ . Then i woke up.. What could my dream mean?

  • Joscelyne:

    i had a dream that my crush (who likes me back) at the dance kissed me.
    then i started floating….that’s right..FLOATING!

  • abby:

    I drempt of a decent guy laying on a bed with me next to him, with him staring in to my eyes like he is in love and im looking at him in the same way and i place my hand on his cheak. thats when i woke up and realised i had something in my mind and remembered the dream. I am relly confused as i hardily rememeber my dreams.

  • in my dream last night, i was in a grocery store. (though this isn’t where it first began, since i can’t remember all of the dream.) sharks suspended in thin air were lurking around the corner, as well as other thug-like men. they all threatened to hurt the passersby. other times, i was in a disneyworld like place, with basically the same thing happening. anyway, i was part of an elite crime team to sabotage these wrong-doings, and my one faithful partner always stuck by my side, and visa versa. he had dark hair, and was pleasantly mysterious. we were a good match. slowly, throughout the dream, our friendship deepened, and by the time the dream was ending, we were full-fledgedly in love. i remember wanting to be by his side, to finally kiss him and declare our love. only, when i set off to find him, for once he wasn’t there. he had been kidnapped. i desperately tried to seek him out, to no avail. soon after, i woke up. i loved that dream, but i was broken-hearted at failing to find him. it was the most beautiful, bittersweet dream i ever had. what does it mean…?

  • Toan:

    I keep having this dream were I am in this desert or forest and then I see the girl and she says come with me and it all hose black and I see my self with her like an every day life thing then I wake up in the middle of the night thinking that she’s with me

  • Lindsey:

    I had a dream that me and my best guy friend were sitting on a bench and he put his hand on my thigh and gave me his jacket when it got cold. Then he put his arm around me. Does this mean that I like him or he likes me? I’m so confused because he is a great friend..

  • Gubgub645:

    My dream last night: I was waking throughout a carnival with a guy that I know from school. We were walking to the car and once we got there we both got in. Him sitting in the drivers seat, another girl in the passenger, and me in the back. They began making out, and I had seen it all. Then after that I met up with him at his house for a party and asked why he did that with her. His response was that he is not a one girl guy he has numerous girlfriends at a time. I then left. Later the next day he texted me and said he wanted to be with me. Remembering what he told me I said no. Later I walked up behind him and his friends hearing that I broke his heart… I left and and waited until he got to his house. I then snuck into his bathroom through a window and talked to him. I told him that I was sorry and that I hated to admit it but I was jealous of the kiss that he shared with that girl. We both said I
    Love you and he said that I was the only girl he wanted. We then shared a kiss that was the most magical!!! It even made the room spin in circles, kinda like you see in movies with the hearts and everything. We the became a couple! I am confused about this because I used to like this guy in real life and after a while. What does this mean????

  • Racheal:

    So, i had this dream about this guy i had a “thing” with a couple months back. Hes graduated now but i still cant really get over him. But last night, i had a dream that i was cleaning out my locker and removing all the posters i had hung up, wierd thing is, my locker took up an entire wall. His locker was right next to mine. it was the first time we had actually been alone together since we had our “thing.” and for some reason he was shirtless. (i didnt really mind that since he has an awesome body ;D ) but he was cleaning out his locker and then he turned me around and kissed me and said that hes waited so long to do this. and after that, we just went back to not even talking as if we didnt even know each other.
    im confused on what that means.

  • Marie:

    I’m currently secretly going out with someone. and lately a girl has been flirting with him and i think she likes him. In my dream him that girl and 4 of my other friends went camping but didn’t invite me.
    the next morning i’m walking through a trail in the woods and I come across their camping spot. My four other friends are outside talking so i sit down with them and we were all talking and laughing when He and the girl come out of the same tent holding hands. He just looks at me and says “I pick her”. and then i woke up.

  • Triple B:

    I had a dream where I was singing this song Jetlag with a boy and at the end of the song we fell on a couch and i closed my eyes then he lifted my face and we kissed. I dont know what the dream means and i want to know!

  • Maria:

    Ever since I was 13 I had a major crush on a guy at my Church, He’s perfect in every way and i always could imagine myself marrying him someday, but it never just felt like a crush it was different. I’m usually very open when i like guys and will tell them straight up but, ive never told him. So ive continued to have several different relationships, and now at 17 I’m in another relationship and it’s a serious one but for the past two weeks I have NOT dreamed about my boyfriend but the guy at my church, and in my dreams we were either on a date, or just talking about liking each other.. and in reality I don’t think he likes me in that way.. im not really sure, he’s hard to crack. But what does that mean?? I thought I loved my boyfriend but now I’m questioning my love, I’m thinking my real love is for the other guy.

  • william:

    about 10 years ago i met this girl. she’s less than a year younger than me and her parents hated me. when i first met her and she smiled at me i felt the butterflies. we were both 14 and had lots of fun together. we never got serious because i was too afraid to tell her how i felt, i didn’t want it to change our friendship. then a year or two after we became good friends she told me her parents were moving and she was going with. it was then i decided to tell her how i felt. when i did she got quiet and i never really got a response. and that was basically the last time i spoke with her.

    5 years later…
    im 19 maybe 20 and im starting to have these dreams about her.. it starts with me being somewhere and i run into her. we start talking about how were doing and whats been going on in each others lives. then i ask her about her reaction when i told her i loved her. she tells me that shes always had feelings for me but wasn’t able to be with me on account of her parents. so i tell her i still love her and have never stopped. she starts to tear up and grabs me and we hug. she tells me she wants to be with me and i start to feel my heart pounding like when i first met her. in my dream we are together for a little bit before she either breaks up with me for something i did or dumps me as if it were some sort of prank. and i wake up feeling horribly sad and depressed.

  • anonymous:

    so my dream was about an old guy friend of mine who i have fallen in love with. he was my 1st crush, and we were friends for about 3 years, and then i had to move to another state, and we got cut off from each other. When i had got my 1st real boyfriend, i dumped him because i missed the other boy. when i kissed him i thought of him.

    anyway! onto the dream!

    Me and carlos (boyfriend) were kissing on this bench, and all of a sudden, brandon (the guy i wanted, but never persued) rode by on his
    bike, and looked at us with a sad look. I let go of carlos, and ran after brandon, screaming crying for him to come back, i love him, etc. When i went back to carlos, he did not want me anymore either. What does it mean?

  • Wyatt:

    I was walking in the hall at my school after 3rd hour and the girl I love, I haven’t seen her in three years, walks up to me asks me out and kisses me.

  • JuneBugg82:

    Okay so me and my ex boyfriend are at a park (I have a boyfriend right now so this confuses me) and we’re together instead of who I’m with now. Anyway, we are holding hands and laughing and talking and then it changes into like a slideshow where it shows us kissing and then the other “slides” are us making out. I’m so confused by this, does this mean I want to be with my ex?? HELP?

  • Amanda:

    I had a dream about a year ago, about a my very first love. i just dreamt of seeing myself looking at my him. and him seeing me. but i then looked and saw myself arguing with his mother(that hates me.) Then myself falling backwards (kinda like sora in Kingdom Hearts.) and falling through the sky and everything went black. i woke up sweating and crying

  • jenn:

    i have been having dreams for the past two weeks about the boy i first loved, he is now in a relationship and we ended very poorly. in the dream he has been breaking up with his girlfriend and coming back to me and telling me he loves me and wants me to be there forever with me, in the middle of the dream he always goes back to his girlfriend. and then comes back to me again we kiss and the dream ends. it has been driving me crazy because i still love him and having dreams about him make me think of him all day when thats the last thing i need to be thinking about.

  • Miriam:

    i keep having a dream of me and this guy together…i can feel the love and that we were meant for each other but the thing is, i dont know who this guy is. I can’t really see his face and i have no idea what it means.

  • i was in my house when there was a guy that i liked and we talked a little bit than i was sitting on his lap and then i started to cry and i hugged him than i was gonna tell him i will always love him but before i told him i woke up so it was a really big bummer

  • Laura:

    I dream almost everyday of my old love. I can’t really know how we were apart until now so as she I guess. I am now in a realtionship with another guy and its serious, but i can forget my old love and my dreams of him are so passionate and lovely and as soon as i wake up i feel that i realy miss him and needing him ?! What do that mean ?

  • Laura:

    I dream almost everyday of my old love. I can’t really know how we were apart until now so as he I guess. I am now in a realtionship with another guy and its serious, but i can forget my old love and my dreams of him are so passionate and lovely and as soon as i wake up i feel that i realy miss him and needing him ?! What do that mean ?

  • Becky:

    I keep having this dream where I see my ex-boyfriend at school and he asks me out in the hall by my locker. I say yes. Then we go to lunch, (now we are in my backyard, before we took the swingset down.) and he kisses me on the lips. Then i pull away and kiss him back. Then (In real life, not the dream) I wake up. I have had this dream twice. I know I still have a crush on him, and I can’t get him out of my mind. I have had this dream 2 times. Can someone please explain it to me?

  • merce:

    I’ve never met him yet he takes me away. When I wake up his taste is still in my mouth a taste that’s familiar but I dnt know who he is. He taunts me saying ” ain’t It funny that when I’m awake I remember him but while sleep I think nothing of my husband until he mentions him and I wake up wit a feeling I cnt explain and guilt because Of my husband.

  • natalie:

    i had this dream where i was at a track try outs and a guy i never met before was there waiting for me, and we liked each other. when i finished i went running to him and he gave me a long hug, then my mom called me and to hesatated to let go but he did and then i sat down and he was with his mom and he said he was siiting in my row, then i looked over there and it was a lady that i knowfrom my church, she said hi to me and then me and him left together holding hands, and i woke up

  • shelby:

    In real life there’s a boy that tells me he loves me every day at school.He likes me but I don’t like him the same way.In the dream he shows up at my house and I’m suprised. I ask why he’s here he says he loves me and grabs me by my hips and kisses me.In my dream my house is by our school and our school catches on fire and he picks me up and carries me to his house.As he carries me I see my house burn.When we get to his house he takes me to his I tell him I want to leave but he says he has somthing important to tell me.He tells me he set a match to the school to he with me and we start kissing end of story.I wake up thinking of him.

  • amanda:

    well i dream that i kissed a boy that is cute but don’t now who he is i always have it plz tell me what it means

  • Well i like this kid named Jordan but he doesnt like me back. The first day of school i fell in love with him and then we beecame like best friends. we would always talk in school because i had him mostly for all my clases and we would also talk in facebook then one day i told him that i liked him and he answered back with a badword . i thought we were playing around so i replied with the same thing and he told me to never talk to him again so i was like ok . then we came back from christmas vacations and i was really embarassed cause he was there but he just kept on smiling at me so i would ust turn around. then now they changed his classes and now hes in my best friends class. She always tells me that hes always talking about me. one day i was bored in my house so I started writing him a letter and telling him how i felt about we not talking no more but i didnt put my name because he hated me so much that if he figured out it was me he was going to hate me more. the next day i put the letter in his history binder. Karla then told me that he had read it and that he got my binder and compared the handwriting and figured out it was from me. Then he ripped it in half. Then karla had made me a little paper that said Ashley Loves Jordan and i had forgotten it in a book in class. Then a guy i used to like last year which his name was Robert found it and gave it to Jordan. MY day had started out Awesome until my friend Brittany came and gave it to me ripped and told me that jordan had told her to give it to me . i felt so bad that i went running to the restroom and started crying. Now Im forgetting about him but hes starting to like me so i dont know what to do. I always have dreams and hes always in them like today i woke up and i had dreamed that i was in my house and i went upstairs and saw him with my uncle thats 18 years old playing x-box and that i had asked what was he doing here and he had said nothing that my sister had invited him to play x-box with my uncle so yepp that smy story 🙂