Dreams About Triplets: An Interpretation of the Triplets Dream

What Does the Triplets Dream Mean?

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Since the beginning of time, folks have needed to understand the significance with their dreams.This dream isn’t any unique from many other kinds of dreams.

A lot of us have the Triplets dream and desire to determine just what exactly it implies.

Down below you’ll find the normal interpretation of this Triplets dream. Although this really is only 1 path to translate this type of dream, it could give you a good start to learning the reason why you might be dreaming about Triplets.

Consequently without further ado, here is a regular Triplets meaning:

To see triplets in your dream, signifies that you will be met with success in situations where you assumed failure was expected.

For a man to dream that his lover is having triplets, signifies that a menacing dispute will come to a pleasant and amicable end.

For a woman to dream that she is giving birth to triplets, symbolizes that she will succeed in business and wealth, but fail in love.

To hear or see crying triplets in your dream, signifies a hasty reconciliation to a disagreement.

It is necessary that you should bear in mind that you’re not the only person who dreams about Triplets. You will discover many people such as you, and you might be able to discover men and women using the web who talk about related dreams. This could be especially important when you dream about Triplets continually.

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12 Responses to “Dreams About Triplets: An Interpretation of the Triplets Dream”

  • Laura:

    Well it wasnt exactly MY dream, but my cousin who lives about 350 miles from us called me on a Sunday and said, your not going to believe this, I dreamt you were having triplets! We laughed and joked about it, because at this time I knew I was pregnant but was going in for my first doctor visit the coming up Tuesday. Well when the sonogram was done, suprise …there were 3, all natural/spontaneous/no fertility!! Doesnt even run in either family, so it was super shocking as to where this came from!
    It really is unbelievable but a miracle no doubt, here we are 5 months later and are waiting the arrival of 2 boys and one girl, hopefully sometime in Sept! Guess like they say, dreams really do come true! LITERALLY!

  • Hugebidan:

    i dream about a woman bound in a chair and giving birth to three babies… i even held each of them by their legs and spanked them because i was worried that if babies weren’t crying it means they’re dead…eventually all three were alive…

  • Kelly:

    My “mother-in-law” who is terminally ill called me up to share her dream with me…she dreamed that I was having triplets! What a shock that was considering we have 6 kids among us!

    Meaning please!!

  • Nina:

    I dreamed that I gave birth to triplets, 2 girls & 1 boy. I was going through the hospital and they checked my vitals, got dressed in a hospital gown. I passed by the waiting room & it was packed with me & my husband’s family. I don’t recall the delivery, but remember seeing the triplets. I dreamt previously about having sextuplets. I don’t have any children, my husband has a child from a previous marriage.

  • karina:

    I had a dream that a met a old friend from the past and she had triplets
    & we were just talking.

  • Kristina:

    Last night I had a dream that I was sitting in a chair in a room all by myself. I had two babys one boy and one girl they were not alive, in my dream I threw them away, along with the placentes that I had placed in a bag. while giving birth to them it was like nothing was happening no pain to tears no feeling at all. I enden up being in a crowded room all of a sudden and my stomach started moving my brother said gross and then a foot came through the skin and my mom said its a boy. This dream is haunting me. This also is not the first triplets in it. I need some understanding behind these dreams

  • Dee:

    I dreamt that I was holding triplets in my dream and I had them mixed up and didn’t know which one was witch. Meaning?

  • Jessica:

    So 2 nights ago i dreamt i was in a maternity hospital and my bestfriends cousin , who is male, text me and said come down to room 43, so when i went down he was lying in the bed and he was just after giving birth to triplets? 2 boys and 1 girl! I was congratulating him and trying to convince him to call one of the boys olly! He walked out of the room and left me with the triplets, but he didnt come back?

    Then last night i dreamt i was pregnant fullterm and was using all the tricks in the book to try and induce labour? But i was just standing in a white room rubbing my pregnant belly and on the phone to my mam for most the dream?

    Im 15 and am not pregnant :L

    Any ideas on what they mean?

  • barbara:

    i dremt last night i was pregnant with triplets two boys who were extremely large and a girl who was tiny. I was in agony most of the time when the boys moved around inside me..they would contort my tummy and u could see their hands and faces through my skin but the little girl seemed still and cold but not dead. I woke up b4 they were born but it was a really confusing dream.

  • Beth:

    This morning I had a dream that I delieverd triplets. I didnt know I was pregnant but I but I was in obgyn office and he was telling me to push,My X-H.S. boyfriend was in the room w/me (crazy)I pulled out my lil boy and the dr had the other boy and told me to push again & had a lil girl. I named them Nico & oh i can remember now :/ & the girl Francesca but I was going to change that name cuz I didn’t like it. I took care of them & told my x-h.s. boyfriend that he could be part of their life & that he should stay w/his family. Then 2 days later I went to my H.S. Reunion, I was telling everyone how surpried I was that hadnt look or felt pregnant and had just had triplets. I got home breast fred & changed the boys while the girl slept but then all the sudden they weren’t new borns cuz they were able to stand. Then I went out again to somewhere I got lost but was able to find my way back. I went out again this time w/my x’s mother and this time I couldn’t get home got a lil desperate then I woke up.

  • kayla:

    I had a dream that I had triplets and they were all boys. And in the dream I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to name them. But I was tending to them and that was pretty much my dream. I just couldn’t figure out what I wanted to name my my three newborn boys. Any help would be great in interpreting this dream.

  • Leah Rodriguez:

    i had a dream that started with me packing my things in a big suitcase and i was going to a tropical place with my current boyfriend but my parents didn’t know until i finally called them at the airport. it then went into me in a hospital with a lot of people around me calming me down, even though i was calm. i then saw a doctor telling me to push and i saw 3 babies shoot out of my body with my current boyfriend standing next to me smiling. after they cut the cords and handed us the babies, i saw they were all dark skinned. 2 dark skinned boys and a dark skinned girl. my boyfriend and i are both light skinned so when he asked me if i had cheated on him i told him i didnt at all he said ok and wanted to keep them. i then proceeded to remind him that his mom had said if he had another child she would kick him out, and here we are with 3 kids, we had to give them up for adoption. then it ended.

    i know for a fact im not pregnant and i didnt cheat at all on him, i also know we cant afford to go to an island or anything and i’m 20. and ideas on what this means?