Dreams About Witchcraft: An Interpretation of the Witchcraft Dream

What Does the Witchcraft Dream Mean?

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Since the beginning of life, individuals have wanted to comprehend the message of their dreams.The Witchcraft dream isn’t different from many other kinds of dreams.

Lots of individuals have the Witchcraft dream and are thinking about figure out just what exactly it implies.

Down the page you will discover the normal meaning on the Witchcraft dream. Even though it is one strategy to interpret this specific dream, it ought to provide you with a good start to learning precisely why you might be dreaming about Witchcraft.

Consequently with out further ado, here’s the most popular Witchcraft explanation:

To dream about witchcraft, suggests that something or someone is manipulating you and your surroundings.

It can be crucial that you should keep in mind that you are not the only human being who dreams about Witchcraft. You’ll find some people similar to you, and you may be able to discover individuals on the net who talk about the same dreams. This may be particularly crucial if you dream about Witchcraft continually.

We invite you to write about your individual Witchcraft dream story below in the comments area. This will allow people to look over the story of this dream and observe how it pertain to their dream pertaining to Witchcraft.

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We hope this was an enlightening interpretation of your Witchcraft Dream

2 Responses to “Dreams About Witchcraft: An Interpretation of the Witchcraft Dream”

  • Jenn:

    Last night I had a super vivid dream about witchcraft and then some… I was in an older setting… Wood floors, Victorian dresses, and extremely dated fashion of the house. In my dream I was part of a household that practiced Wicca… It was strange because in the dream I was performing white magic tasks, however.. There were other women in the household that were performing black magic.. In attempting to avoid it, they were trying to convince me to turn my practice to dark magic… I had refused and the women disappeared. I saw a design on the floor in red blood circled in black ash..I remember thinking I knew it was dark magic. While attempting to leave I was stabbed in the lower part of my rib cage by a young girl that suddenly appeared.. I saw actual blood and remembered having the thought that if I don’t cover this and tighten the wound I’d die… I grabbed a piece of cloth and tied it tight around my waist to stop the bleeding but the young girl was following me while I tried to get out of the house.. When I got to the door almost outside a man stopped my path and instinct told me to hide… I woke up after that. Strangest dream I’ve ever had by far!!

  • Janeen:

    i work in target as food service. Usually there is an old woman always wanting to get free food which i explain to her i cant do over and over. Last night i dreamed that she put a curso on me and so many events happend and in the end somehow i ended up killing her. As her blood was spreading a whisper of her voice said “remember this image and if u see it then your child wil have a part of me” as i looked on the floor an image of a crowed scared and happy appearead drawn from her blood.but i have no idea what it all means…..by the way the blood color was not red but a light multi-colored